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Offer: 2 unframed mirrors (Des Peres, a mile west of 270) Gifted - These are remants of bathroom remodels. Habitat for Humanity does not accept unframed mirrors, so hoping someone on this group can use them. One mirror is 42" x 42" with a very small chip on one corner (not even on the mirrored surface), and the other mirror is 36" x 42". Both are in very good condition (other than the chip) - no scratches or flaking of reflective surface. If interested, please indicate the time-frame you'd be able to pick them up. I live a mile west of 270 between Dougherty Ferry and Barrett Station Roads. Thanks. Offer: 2 metal shelf units (Des Peres, a mile west of 270) Gifted - Gun metal gray shelves, heavy duty - 85" tall, 36" wide, 12" deep with seven shelves each. These are heavy duty shelves - corners are essentially angle iron so the shelfs can be repositioned by removing screws and then reinserting after moving shelves. I've had these in my garage for many years, so they are somewhat grimy and dirty (I will wipe down, but not scrub :) ). There is some minor surface rust on the corners and on a shelf or two - incidental at most. I had to bolt them to the wall, as they are not real stable given the dimensions and weight. These are solid, functional shelves, but not the most attractive - shed, garage, etc. is best use, in my opinion. If interested, let me know when you could pick up, but it will take me until Saturday to have them cleared and ready to go. Offer: Christmas lights (Des Peres, a mile west of 270) Expired - I have 20 strands of multi-color mini-bulb incandescent Christmas lights (green wiring). These are all used and working; if you are familiar with these types of lights, you know "work" is a relative term. They worked when I tested them last week, but who knows what happens the next time! That is why I switched primarily to LED bulbs this year. As usual, there are a few burned out bulbs (just a few, not a 50% strand), so these strands work well on bushes where the random burned out bulb does not show. I would much prefer these go to someone for decorating, not recycling (I could do that myself). If interested, let me know when you could pick up.