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Offer: Old black bookcases (Wells BA5) - Useful ONLY for a shed! These are dirty and old and made of black coated chipboard. There are 8 in all but you can take what you want to save them from the dump. They are about 1.2m tall but I had them stacked on top of each other to make tall units. Don't expect them to be fantastic but then they are Free! Collection from near Wells. Offer: Polystyrene packing. (Wells BA5) - I have lots of polystyrene packing in all shapes and sizes from flat pack cupboards that I bought. Some in thin sheets. Collect from near Wells. Take just what you want and need and save it from being burnt. Offer: 8 Black metal racking uprights (Wells BA5) - From some old metal racking. Right angled metal uprights. Gloss black. 4 tall and 4 short. Of use to anyone? Offer: Pile of Beach Wind Breaks (Wells BA5) - Collected post Glastonbury Fesival I have a pile of Beach Wind Breaks and spare posts. Probably about 8 in all. To go as one lot please and give away what you don't need. Collection from Wells. Offer: 7x old chipboard bookcases (Wells BA5) - These came out of a damp garage and are not brilliant but have dried out in my new barn. Not suitable for the home but garage or shed would be ok. 7 in total. Approx 4 foot high. Collection from BA5 3LB near Wells. Offer: 2x tall storage units. (Wells BA5) - 2 units. 13 metal shelves 116 x 36cm. Units are big and heavy and will need a large trailer or large van and 2 people to man handle them to it. Height of unit is 218cm so BIG! Came from a garage so they are dirty.
Offer: 8x short black metal shelves (Wells BA5) - From old shelving units. 30cm x 77cm. Collection from Wells.
Offer: 2x Ikea tall white bookcases (Wells BA5) - Taken out of a garage so they are dirty and suitable only for garage or shed or workshop but still lots of life in them. Collection from BA5 3LB near Wells. Tall so need a trailer or van to collect.
Offer: Mixed pile of hosepipes and hoses (Wells) Gifted - Some old and some is fairly new. Collector takes the whole pile. Collection from BA5 3EL.
Offer: 2 x Qualcast electric lawnmowers (Wells) Gifted - XR25 and XR30 with edge cutting attachment. These haven’t beenused for years and have just come out of a barn. I’ve no idea if they work. At the very least there are a couple of good electric cables to be had. Collection from BA5 3EL.
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Offer: 4m x 20cm brown sheet metal (Wells) Gifted - I have 3 edging strips from an agricultural building where the length is about 4 metres and the width is approx. 20cm on each side as it is right angled. Painted gloss brown on the outer face. Thin metal sheet but should be useful for something. Collection from BA5 3EL. Offer: Old blankets and groundsheets (Wells) - I've got a few old dirty blankets that have been in a shed and various bits of groundsheets and tarpaulins. Blankets are no good for bedding any more but maybe good for weed suppressing or wrapping. Offer: Rolls of barbed wire - Wells (Wells) - Several rolls of hand wound barbed wire of different lengths. Collection from BA5 3EL near Wells. Offer: 6 Traffic cones - Wells (Wells) - Found in a barn I have 6 or 7 orange and white traffic cones. Some with heavy bases. Others are lighter. Collection from BA5 3EL near Wells. Offer: 3 x 4m metal edging strips (Wells) Gifted - These are right angles of brown metal of the sort used in modern agricultural barn construction. They are approx 4 m long and approx 20cm wide on each side of the right angle. Made from coated steel I guess as it doesn't seem to be rusting. Collection will need a long vehicle or trailer or you can cut to lengths. Offer: Lots of Gazebo Covers (Wells) Gifted - I have lots of pop up gazebo covers to give away that have been collected from Glastonbury Festival over the years. Different colours but mainly green and red. You could cut these up for the waterproof material that they are made from. Just take what you need and can use.