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Offer: Ikea Wdrb, Table, Highchair (bowie) - Due to a no-show, I have the following up for grabs: a blue Ikea Malm wardrobe or tv or game cabinet (great for a kid's room), a 1920s blue enamel table, and a 1950s red and chrome highchair. First come first serve, as it's been waiting on the (covered) porch for a week for the previous person to pick it up! Many thanks, Jill Request: MODERATOR: pls contact me (bowie) - Sorry, kids, don't know who else to contact! If there is a (Bowie) moderator, could you please contact me? I need to report an abusive member. Thanks,. Jill Offer: 1920s Table, 50s Chrome Furn (bowie) - Vintage furniture up for grabs in Bowie 20715, Kids! 1920s enamel Deco table with drop down leaves, 50s red and chrome highchair, 50s painted green dresser, and a super cool Ikea Malm armoire/tv cabinet/games cabinet(doors taken off but we have all shelves and hardware). Whee!
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Offer: Ikea wardrobe and 4 office organizers on wheels Gifted - Hey kids! Up for grabs I have several quite good pieces of furniture, a blue (malm?) Ikea child's wardrobe, great for stashing a tv and video games in. Also, two pairs of Ikea wheeled office organizers, 2 are black and two are grey/silver, these all hold lots of stuff and have both drawers and file holders, very very useful. Also have a 1950s all wood child's bureau, painted forest green, and two handmade long tables with storage underneath. These are about6 ft x 2ft and would make good workbenches or garage tables, and are painted with a nice distressed finish in green and white. Can also perhaps help with delivery in Bowie area.Cheers n happy New Year! JillSent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device Offer: Rocker Glider w Ottoman - Hey kids! Got a new sofa yesterday, so our favorite chair now has no place to live! It's a light brown microfiber reclining glider rocker with ottoman, sturdy as the dickens and supercrazybeans comfortable and adjustable. Could use a quick vaccuum o' crumbs but no rips or stains that I saw. It's currently curbside at 12906 Cheswood Lane, Bowie 20715. Great for rocking baby- or yourself- to sleep! Cheers, Jilly Offer: Bookcases, Malm Wardrobe, Queen Bed, Frame, Mattress & Box, MORE - Hey Kids! Got some great stuff to give away! 3 short Ikea Billy bookcases, painted blue, a great Ikea Malm wardrobe- I love this, it looks like a cartoon, and is SUPER for kids' video games, toys, etc! (already partly disassembled for you); a Queen size four poster (short posts) in nicely finished wood with both its head and footboard and metal frame, a queen boxspring and mattress (well used but you can have it if you want the bed or I'll toss it), a child's dresser painted green (GREAT for kids' clothes), a 1950s style red, white and chrome dinette set (VERY retro, needs some screws for backrests but sound), and a 1940s Art Deco small side table. Also a 1940s comfy small chair upholstered in Waverly Ivy, and tons of books! A note about the books: if you want any, you MUST take them by the boxful- no cherrypicking, just take the whole box; I have at least 5 boxes but I won't make you take all the boxes, that would be mean! Pickup is in the S section, 20715; tomorrow before 6 would be most appreciated but I understand if you need a day or two (specially the furniture), Many thanks, Jill Request: Working Elec Dryer - So, kids... we move (from S section to C section) and the dryer immediately decides to emit an earsplitting screeching noise that means either 'I Am Dying' or "I'm About to Catch on Fire'. I do not wish to find out which it is! Anyone out there have a working electric dryer they are replacing? I have a van, and can pick up at your convenience! Many thanks! Jill Offer: White Fridge, Orig Bowie Medicine Cabinet, Sofa - Hey Kids! Remodelling & we have up on offer a white fridge (Sears? Kenmore? I forget) which works perfectly fine but has missing shelf thingies for the door. Can probably get them online; even without them it's a good garage fridge, pretty big with a large freezer on top. MUST be given a thorough cleaning, we (oops) unplugged it by accident for a few days. (but it's on now, running fine, and it's been emptied out.) Also up for grabs due to a no-show is a super-rare, original, blazingly retro Levitt glass n chrome medicine cabinet- this is on the porch at 12319 Stafford, just come n get it and email me when you do so I can post a taken. Lastly, we have a three-seater sofa that is like sitting on a cloud but is so stained you'll deny owning it. Perfect for those with a basement room, little kids who like to eat spaghetti while watching cartoons, a dog or two who slobbers, and a door to the basement to shut all your troubles away while you go upstairs to watch 'The Dark Crystal' with a glass of wine. Trust me, more stains will only make this brown and tan microfiber sofa look like it has a pattern. Matter of fact, connect the dots on it and you'll have an art piece. Cheers from the House Du Junque! Jilly Request: Tile trowel and rubber float - Hey kids! Renovations underway and I could sure use a rubber tile float and serrated tile trowel thingie!Many thanks! JillSent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device Offer: Original Bowie Medicine Cabinet - Hey kids! From a Cape Cod upstairs bathroom, retro like nobodys biz, its an original Levitt medicine cabinet! Pickup in S section.Cheers! JillSent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device Offer: (CURBSIDE Stafford la) Blue Countertop, Ikea, Wallpaper Books - Hey Kids! Up for grabs now curbside at 12319 Stafford is a very long length & a shorter length of blue (speckly granitelike) countertop, along with 3 Ikea legs to turn it into a superduper built-in desk (also two L shaped undersupports painted blue) WITH all the screws for it in a plastic bag! This fit beautifully in our Cape Cod back bedroom, along the far wall, turning it into a spiffy office! Please pick it up as trash day is Tomorrow! Also waiting for a new home curbside are several large books of wallpaper samples- some quite fancy! Take em all! Jilly Offer: Freesale after the yardsale, Stafford Lane NOW - Hey kids! Some leftovers curbside include 2 Tiffany lamps, furniture, linens, etc! Have fun and don't make a mess! 12319 Stafford. Jilly & the Junquers Offer: Free Stuff for FCers at Stafford La Yardsale April 6! 9-12 - Freecyclers! Free stuff for you (mention FC and get a free softcover book and also rummage around in our Free Department!) AND- Big Moving & Yard Sale, Bowie 20715 12319 Stafford Lane, Bowie Md 20715 on Saturday, April 6th from 9am to 12 noon Books Books, Books, as well as clothes, china and glasswares, wood Ikea shelves, two matching cabinets, antique furniture, office chair, barstools, a set of red and white 1950s style dinette with table and four chairs, camping equipment, dollhouse with furniture, good storage bins with drawers, breadmaker, vintage oddments and more! And the books- something for everyone! Many cookbooks, hard science, modern fiction, and sci fi books, as well as kids' books, comics and reference books. Everything cheap as chips, too- and PLEASE, we're begging you-no early birds, 9am is the crack of dawn for us as it is! Cheeridoodles, Jilly and the Jubilee Junquers Scotty & Toby! Offer: 3 panes textured glass - Hi Kids! Up for grabs are three panes of textured glass once used for kitchen cabinets- VERY expensive once upon a time! Approx 20" x 15" or so. Cheers, Jill Offer: Working White dishwasher & Orig Bowie Medicine Cabinet - Hey Kids! Yes, it's The Great Remodel! Up for grabs I have a working white dishwasher and an original 1960s Levitt Chrome medicine cabinet- can't get more retro! It's in the S section, 20715, can pickup either one at your convenience as they're on the back patio and there's no fence. Cheers n Beers! Jill Request: Plastic Milk Cartons & Grocery totes - Hey kids! Doing a milk carton raised garden bed (lookit Pinterest!) as a surprise for gardening spouse. I need the real deal plastic heavy duty milk cartons- either the rectangular or square ones will do- but not the Office Depot kind as they won't all stack together properly. If you have any from your college days (the de rigeur holders for LPs), I will gladly take em off your hands- I need lots and lots! For the same project, I'm also looking for grocery totes- the nonwoven kind you buy or get for freebies for events, not the thin plastic Giant kind- these are used to hold soil in the cartons but they're permeable so the plants don't drown. Again, I need many of these and condition/holes/dirt does not matter, as I am cutting them to fit. Thanks to all and keep on Freewheelin', Freecyclers! Jilly Queene of Junque Request: Queen Boxspring - Hey, Kids! Need a boxspring for our new (to us) queen Ikea bed and schmancy new foam mattress- or, barring that, an Ikea slat set for queen beds. Can pickup in Bowie! Cheeridoodles and many thanks in advance! Jilly of the Junque Palace Offer: GOT IT: Shampoos, etc for Baltimore Bags - Hey, thank you to the many kind FCers who contributed soaps, shampoos, etc for my 'Balty Bags'! Many have gone out already! Cheers, Jill Offer: GOT IT: stuff for Balty bags - Hey, Kids! Several kind FCers have donated soaps, shampoos, etc to my one-woman campaign to gift the homeless of Baltimore (at least the ones who come up to my car at intersections) with small bags of snacks and toiletry items. Many thanks to all, and Happy Holidays! Cheers, Jill Request: Travel size soaps, moisturizer, socks, gloves, see why - Hey kids! I work in Baltimore, and the amount of homeless folk I see everyday on my way to work is downright staggering. I don't give money, (not a good idea for many, many reasons) but last year, feeling like I was turning into a 'why don't these people get jobs?!' kinda jerk, I decided to give out snack bags with granola bars, cheese crackers, etc, instead. It's stuff that can stay in a bag in the car without melting (like chocolate) or going bad (like fresh fruit). And it made me feel more like a human being rather than pretending the folks with signs aren't there when they walk by my car at intersections. Ya know what I mean. With the weather turning colder, I also try to give out useful sundries along with snacks. I use a brown lunch bag, so I can usually fit in a granola bar, moisturizer, and a pair of socks or gloves. So, here's a short list of what's useful for my 'Balty bags' as we've come to call them: Granola bars, wrapped individually Cheese/crackers wrapped individually wrapped candy, not chocolates, though (yay, a way to get rid of Halloween candy!) lunch-size bags of pretzels, chips, gummies, etc individual applesauce tubs used, clean socks used, clean gloves mufflers, scarves, or even long cut pieces of fleece or blankets used, clean knit hats handwarmers travel soaps, hand sanitizer, shampoos (not conditioner, though), moisturizer, deodorants, individual travel toothpastes with brushes, etc If you have any of these items, I'll put them to good use, and I can pickup here in Bowie 20715. Thanks, Fellow Freewheelin' Freecyclers! Jilly Offer: Working white dishwasher & working white refrigerator 20715 - Hey Kids! Due to a no-show, I have a working white refrigerator and a working white dishwasher up for grabs. No problems with either of them, just remodelled. LOVE to have them gone this week (2 fridges in the kitchen is a mite ridiculous) & I can help you load them. Also have a black office chair at another address. Happy Merry Jolly Whatever! Jill Offer: Working White Fridge in 20715 - Hey, Kids! Up for grabs due to our rehab we have a fully functional white fridge, Chapel Forge section. No pix but it's a standard top freezer, bottom fridge. Up until 20 minutes ago it was the kitchen fridge, but would be excellent as a second fridge or garage fridge- the freezer part is pretty big. Pickup must be this evening or sometime this weekend; bring a dolly and some strong arms, though my son can probably help load. As many folks are already aware, I keep a FC diary and will not gift if you have been a no-show with me before. So, fair warning: this time: due to the largeness and value of this item, if you are a no-show I will report you to the mods. No kidding around here, if you ask for it, you MUST pick it up, I just do not have time for silliness. Sorry to be so gruff about it, but c'mon! It's a free working fridge with no issues at all! Many thanks and happy Freecycling, Jill Offer: Big lot of stuff 20715 - Hey kids! A big assortment of stuff, please, must take all: Some hardware, a really great bathroom five-light wall light with amber glass shades, a folding wire grocery cart, some knitting and doll magazines, a big big box of toiletries, a nice blue makeup case, more! MUST TAKE ALL, I know it's a bunch of stuff but Freecycle what you can't use! Many thanks, Jill Offer: See list! lotsa stuff! 20715 - Hi Kids! Up for grabs today I have: 1. a large box filled with assorted housewares, including curtainrods, part of a Christmas wooden carousel, some craft items, some fabric scraps, a wall clock, and much more! 2. A smaller box with auto stuff, including some plastic bins for organizing (bit dirty) 3. a big bag full of National Geographics! I'm clearing out quite a bit lately, so remember, if you've been a no-show with me in the past or might be one in the future, I keep a FC diary, so please don't ask for stuff if you haven't shown up before! (yes, this means you, Jewelry Box No-Show!) Cheeridoodles, Jill Request: Baby clothes, hoodies - Hi Freewheelin Freecyclers! I need some baby-to-size 3 tops (don't need bottoms, thanks) and kids' or small ladies' sized hoodies, preferably with fuzzy or flannel-like insides (light hoodie jackets are perfect). I need this for a project (making Muppet style puppets for a workshop) so condition isn't an issue. The more the merrier, as I just found out I have double the amount of participants! I could also use small hats, doll-sized props or toys, or Halloween wigs, too! The more the merrier, clean out your closets and I will be forever grateful! I'm in 20715, and can come anytime that's convenient! Many thanks! Cheers, Jill Offer: Mulch, mulch mulch! Much mulch! 20715 - Hey kids! Many of you have dropped by and picked up mulch,and we've used a lot ourselves, but I still have waaaaay too much mulch! No need to email me, just swing by 12906 Cheswood Lane 20715, bring a shovel and some plastic bins, and load up, it's on the driveway! You can't miss it, it's the Mount Fuji of mulch! (And while you're there, say a silent prayer for my son's battered Volvo, also in the driveway. Cross your fingers USAA doesn't call it totalled, he loves that car!) Cheerios, Jill Offer: Palm Pilot, Digital Camera, Rug, Dishwasher, More! 20715 - Hey kids! Fun buncha stuff up for grabs today! Please remember, I keep a FC diary, so if you have been a no-show with me in the past, or plan to be one in the future, please don't ask! Here's the list: 1. white, working dishwasher, purchased from Second Chance in Baltimore, in great shape but now not needed for our rehab (will need a van or truck, and I am afraid I can't help you move it, but it's not all that heavy) 2. Green 3 x5 (or so) foot rug,groovy shag, needs vacuuming 3. a box of miscellaneous household and small gadgets, including a working Palm Pilot, a working digital camera (no cords), another digital organizer, and a wireless mouse 4. 2 modern midcentury armless Scan chairs, one is broken but easily fixed (sorry no photos) 5. a box containing a faux Tiffany jewelry box (this is pretty nice) , a wall clock, a partial Christmas carousel, and a teeny African sculpture (and some other stuff I forget) 6. A very comfy grey desk chair on wheels in good condition- my son loves this and is mad I'm getting rid of it but it's killing the new carpet! Pickup in Bowie 20715, and thanks for Freeeeeeecycling! -Jilly Request: Wheelbarrow- for the mulch - Yeah, this is kind of a connected post with the previous Offer of Mulch post- so I could really use a wheelbarrow now for the aforementioned mulch- be it rusty, battered or tattered, I really need a wheelbarrow now, for obvious reasons if you swing by Cheswood Lane! Many thanks in advance- and for goodness sake, swing by 12906 Cheswood and TAKE SOME MULCH!!! Jilly Offer: Mulch, mulch, mulch at 12906 Cheswood La! Come get it - OMG! I have WAY too much mulch- I was told it was a truckload and they meant it! No need to email me, just swing on by, gasp at the impossible mountain of mulch in my driveway and TAKE ALL YOU WANT!!!! My son is furious at me, he can't park in the driveway!! To misquote the famous comedian Henny Youngman: Take my mulch--- please! Cheers, Jill The Queen Of Too Much Mulch Offer: kitchen cabinets, wood, stove, vent hood. NVM chairs, full set of glassware - 12906 Cheswood Lane, come n get it, all appliances work! Take one or the whole kitchen!Kitchen cabinets, retro chairs, deco front to an antique radio, wall stove, range hood, sink with faucets, full set of glassware in box!