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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: House plant (Whiteley) - House plant
Offer: Orchid (Whiteley) Gifted - House plant
Offer: Orchid plant (Whiteley) Gifted - House plant
Offer: Cheese and Biscuits (Whiteley) Gifted - Cheese and biscuit set
Offer: Garden Strimmer (Whiteley) Gifted - Garden Strimmer
Offer: Brown riding gloves (Whiteley) Gifted - Decathlon adult size xl
Offer: Engine oil (Whiteley) Gifted - 5w 30 engine oil, about a 1/3 left.
Offer: Assorted ice lollies (Whiteley) Gifted - Assorted ice lollies
Offer: Silica gel (Whiteley) - 2 packets of silica gel
Offer: Assorted plates and bowls (Whiteley) Gifted - Assorted plates and bowls
Offer: Vegetable peeler (Whiteley) - 1x veg peeler
Offer: Violife Cheese Slices (Whiteley) Gifted - 2 packets, expiry date Jan 20.
Offer: PC tower case (Whiteley) - PC tower case
Offer: Silica gel (Whiteley) - 2 X bags silica gel
Offer: Cat collar (Whiteley) Gifted - Cat collar
Offer: Washing machine hose (Whiteley) - Washing machine hose
Offer: Plates and bowls (Whiteley) - Assorted plates and bowls
Offer: Bowls and plates (Whiteley) - Assorted bowls and plates.
Offer: Washing machine (Whiteley) Gifted - Zanussi washing machine - the drum bearing is worn so excessively noisy in spin cycle. For spares or repair, must be collected by early Saturday.
Offer: PC monitor (Whiteley) Gifted - PC monitor
Offer: Carbon monoxide detector (Whiteley) Gifted - Carbon monoxide detector
Offer: Blank DVDs (Whiteley) Gifted - Blank DVDs
Offer: Face guard (Whiteley) Gifted - Face guard
Offer: Balance ball (Whiteley) Gifted - Balance ball
Offer: Weight lifting bar (Whiteley) Gifted - Weight lifting bar Offer: Radio alarm clock (Whiteley) Gifted - Radio alarm clock video
Offer: Assorted allen keys (Whiteley) Gifted - Assorted allen keys
Offer: Wicker chair set (Whiteley) Gifted - Wicker chair set with table and cushions
Offer: Guardian bird feeder (Whiteley) Gifted - Bird feeder
Offer: Computer odds and ends (Whiteley) Gifted - Computer odds and ends