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Request: Sheets of black plastic (Ithaca, West Hill) - We are hoping to reseed an area of our lawn that's weed-choked. First, we need to get rid of the weeds. Request: Black plastic Sheeting (Ithaca, West Hill) - I'm looking for large sheets of black plastic to place on our "lawn". What was once grass is now 95% weeds: dandelions, crabgrass and many other types. With thanks Offer: Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder (Ithaca, West Hill) - A wooden (presumably cedar) squirrel-proof birdfeeder. It's been outside for several years so it shows some wear and tear but is clean. I can send a picture if you'd like. Offer: Iron: Ferrous Gluconate (Ithaca, West Hill) - I bought the wrong type. This bottle of iron has almost 300 tabs. Brand is Spring Valley. I can drop off at Green Star. Offer: Dog Bone, large (Ithaca, West Hill) - I purchased a large dog bone for my corgi from Petsmart for $12. He loved it! Unfortunately, he immediately became possessive of this bone and growled at my second dog. So I need to find a new home for this bone. It's pretty big, probably suitable for a 40+ lb. dog, and is barely chewed on. Offer: Liliko'i Butter (Ithaca, West Hill) - New and unopened. Made by Dip into Paradise. Offer: Mango Butter (Ithaca, West Hill) - A relative from Hawaii just sent us a jar of Mango Butter, made by Dip into Paradise. I'm not interested in eating this. It's a full, unopened jar. Request: Soap-Making Products (Ithaca, West Hill) - Soap base, color, add-ins, etc. All would be appreciated. Thanks!! Offer: Wegman's Gravy (Ithaca, West Hill) - I have a 24 oz. container of Wegman's "home-style gravy". It came with a Thanksgiving dinner I purchased from Wegman's a year or two ago. I put it in the freezer. I'm sure it's fine, has never been opened and still has the plastic seal covering it. I could drop off at Greenstar. Offer: Playpen (Ithaca, West Hill) - I've adopted a 6-year-old cocker spaniel, a former breeder from an Amish puppy mill. She did not come potty trained, and she cannot be crated. I'd like to borrow a pet playpen in the hopes it will help in potty training her. Offer: Bottle of Calcium Carbonate (Ithaca, West Hill) - A 2 oz. bottle of Calcium Carbonate. I think it's used in making beer, and other things, too. Offer: Brother Sewing Machine (Ithaca, West Hill) - I have a white Brother sewing machine product code: 885-V67. I purchased it as a "factory remanufactured" 2 years ago. It hasn't been used much and looks new. But now there's a problem and I don't know how to fix it . The bobbin thread gets tangled while trying to sew. If you want it it's yours. It has a lot of bells and whistles I never used. Offer: Lawn Grass Shoes (Ithaca, West Hill) - I have a pair of lawn-grass shoes, the ones with nails on the bottom, for aerating your lawn. Probably best used on a small lawn. They're a little tricky to get used to, and you can only use them when the earth is soft. Offer: Velvet Plant (Ithaca, West Hill) - A wonderful plant, best admired for its fuzzy, purple foliage. Flowers are insignificant, small and yellow. Request: Icecream Maker (Ithaca, West Hill) - Even thought it's fall, I'd like to try making icecream. Offer: Large Dog Crate (Ithaca, West Hill) - In good condition- Request: Dog Clippers (Ithaca, West Hill) - In need of dog clippers, with accessory clip-on pieces. And thanks! Request: Rock Tumbler (Ithaca, West Hill) - In need of a rock tumble, thank you! Offer: Tomato Starts (Ithaca) - I have a lot of little tomato plants about 2" tall. It's a little later in the season, but these should have plenty of time to bear fruit. There are 2 types and both are heirloom varieties. Offer: Deck Wood (Ithaca) Gifted - We have disassembled our deck and have a lot of wood to give away. The wood is in good shape and could be transformed into a new deck. It has been chemically treated for longevity so I wouldn't suggest using it to make raised beds for eatable plants. The wood is painted gray on the top side, but it's peeling and with a pressure wash could probably be cleaned off. The pieces are long. There's also a railing. Contact me for details and pics. Request: Orchid Food (Ithaca) - I have my first orchid and would like to get some orchid fertilizer for it. Thank you! Offer: Decorative White Rock (Ithaca) - I have about 1/3 of a wheelbarrow of medium-sized white decorative rock. Needs to be rinsed. Request: Bat House and Pole (Ithaca) - A bat house with Pole We have a serious mosquito problem! Request: Flexible Fencing (Ithaca) - I want to surround 4 tree trunks with some kind of fencing or netting. Offer: Liliko'i Butter (Ithaca) - I have a 7.5 oz jar of Liliko'i Butter from Hawaii. Given to us 1 year ago, never opened. Offer: Stevia (Ithaca, West Hill, close to Hospital) - I have a full bottle of Trader Joe's stevia, also, I have a product called Truvia sweetener, which contains stevia, but comes in little bags. There are 39 packets. Offer: "DenTek Triple Clean Floss Picks" (Ithaca, West Hill, close to Hospital) - An almost full bag of things. Request: Dog coat, small or medium (Ithaca, West Hill, close to Hospital) - The coat would be for a 25 lb. dog. Offer: Stevia (Ithaca, West Hill, close to Hospital) - 10 oz. bottle from Trader Joe's. Bottle is opened and a tiny bit was used; do not like it. Request: Soapmaking Supplies (Ithaca, West Hill, close to Hospital) - I'd like to try making soap using the melt & pour method. I need a base, dye and silicone mold(s). Thanks!