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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Glassware (Wallingford) - Assorted champagne flutes, martini glasses, plus one highball and two port glasses (those aren't in the photos)
Photo of free Glassware (Wallingford)
Photo of free Glassware (Wallingford)
Photo of free Glassware (Wallingford)
Offer: Battery candles (Wallingford) Gifted - Four battery candles, working but only one has good batteries
Photo of free Battery candles (Wallingford)
Offer: Assorted champagne flutes (Wallingford) Withdrawn - Five glasses, three matching and two different
Photo of free Assorted champagne flutes (Wallingford)
Offer: Golf balls (Wallingford) Gifted - Ten used golf balls
Photo of free Golf balls (Wallingford)
Offer: Fluorescent light (Wallingford) Gifted - 24" fixture with bulb
Photo of free Fluorescent light (Wallingford)
Offer: Stainless steel water bottles (Wallingford) - Three small (6 1/2" tall, +/- 12 oz) klean kanteen bottles. Two are a little bulged in the bottom so they don't sit flat. Please let me know in your response when you are available for porch pick up!
Photo of free Stainless steel water bottles (Wallingford)
Offer: Table lamp (Wallingford) Gifted - Ceramic lamp base, 31" to top of shade
Photo of free Table lamp (Wallingford)
Offer: Bike Trainer (Wallingford) Gifted - CycleOps bike trainer
Photo of free Bike Trainer (Wallingford)
Photo of free Bike Trainer (Wallingford)
Offer: Queen comforter set (Wallingford) Gifted - Queen comforter, 2 pillow shams, bed skirt, and 2 throw pillows. Grey/teal stripe, with matte grey reverse.
Photo of free Queen comforter set (Wallingford)
Offer: Messenger bag (Wallingford) Gifted - Timbuk2 messenger style bag. Has some wear inside, very sturdy.
Photo of free Messenger bag (Wallingford)
Offer: Large tarp (Wallingford) Gifted - Huge, maybe 12 x 20 ft? Used to wrap furniture for moving, has one small hole mended with shipping tape. Offer: Queen sheet set (Wallingford) Gifted - Fitted, flat & 2 pillowcases, coral/muted peach color with a subtle stripe. Offer: Golf clubs & head covers (Wallingford) Gifted - Six assorted golf clubs and two head covers
Photo of free Golf clubs & head covers (Wallingford)
Photo of free Golf clubs & head covers (Wallingford)
Offer: Tennis balls (Wallingford) Gifted - Bag of 15 tennis balls, used to play tennis but still look new. Offer: Halloween mask (Wallingford) Gifted - Large clown mask, hasn't been worn in years
Photo of free Halloween mask (Wallingford)
Offer: Hot plate (Wallingford) Gifted - Elite Cuisine single burner electric hot plate. Slight scrape & dent, but seems to work fine.
Photo of free Hot plate (Wallingford)
Offer: Patio table (Wallingford) Gifted - 40" wide, needs s good scrubbing.
Photo of free Patio table (Wallingford)
Offer: Kitchen fire extinguishers (Wallingford) Gifted - Two small Halon fire extinguishers, never used & never tried so I'm assuming they work! Offer: Chihuly Planner (Wallingford) Withdrawn - 2018 planner, still sealed. Great photos for an art project! Offer: Elbow/knee pads and wrist guards (Wallingford) Gifted - Razor brand youth (size M) multisport elbow & knee pads, and wrist guards. Plus, another set of wrist guards and a size small set of wrist protector and elbow pads. Offer: water shoes (Wallingford) Withdrawn - Women's size 7 "Sand & Sun" water shoes. Worn one summer at camp, then sat in a box for years! Offer: 3 oz travel tubes (Wallingford) Gifted - Two 3-oz silicone travel tubes, for taking liquids on planes. Offer: Cell phone car mount (Wallingford) Gifted - Wizgear Magnetic Car Mount - a thin metal plate goes inside your phone case, or attaches with adhesive, and the magnetic mount goes in your air vent. My phone case was too thick, so it didn't work for me. Offer: smoked tuna (Wallingford) Gifted - Four cans (6 oz) Tuna Guys Smoked Albacore Tuna. They do the best tuna, but turns out I don't like the smoked flavor. Offer: Sonicare brush head (Wallingford) Gifted - e series (screw on) brush head, never used! Offer: twin duvet insert (Wallingford) Gifted - Ikea "Grusbald" comforter/duvet insert, twin size Offer: Mattress pad, XL twin (Wallingford) Gifted - Extra long twin fitted mattress pad, for dorm size bed Offer: Opera ticket (Wallingford) Gifted - One ticket to "Eugene Onegin", Saturday evening at Seattle Opera, includes a free parking voucher Offer: Decks of cards (Wallingford) Expired - 8 full size and one half size decks of cards, all verified complete. In your response, let me know how many you can use! Offer: Emoticon earrings (Wallingford) Gifted - 36 pairs of emoticon earrings, never worn.
Photo of free Emoticon earrings (Wallingford)