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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Wood shelves (Phoebus) Gifted - These are about 43 inches wide. Painted green. Dusty. Solid. Please let me know when you can pick up if you request. Thanks!
Photo of free Wood shelves (Phoebus)
Offer: Shelves (Phoebus) Gifted - These are almost 6 ft tall. Made of pressboard, but are a little sturdier than the typical pressboard shelves. Please let me know when you can pick up when you reply! If you don't, I won't offer them to you. Sorry, tired of no-shows. Thanks!
Photo of free Shelves (Phoebus)
Offer: Plates and glasses (Phoebus) Gifted - Lots of plates, a few serving plates, glasses, and a drink cooler.
Photo of free Plates and glasses (Phoebus)
Offer: Booth seats/table (Phoebus) Gifted - Two wooden booth seats with cushions and table to go between them. (Each seat could sit one adult or two children). This might make a good game/craft table for a playroom or something like that. Table top comes off the base to transport.
Photo of free Booth seats/table (Phoebus)
Photo of free Booth seats/table (Phoebus)
Offer: Live Christmas tree stand (Phoebus) Expired - Tree stand for live tree
Photo of free Live Christmas tree stand (Phoebus)
Offer: Lilies (Phoebus) Gifted - Yellow and orange lilies These have already bloomed for this year. They can be transplanted to your home where they will bloom again next year. The yellow ones are 3-4 feet tall and the orange 2-3 feet tall.
Photo of free Lilies (Phoebus)
Photo of free Lilies (Phoebus)
Offer: Pet steps for small animal (Phoebus) Gifted - These steps are made for a smaller pet as they are foam under the cover. They are about 16 inches tall. In fair condition.
Photo of free Pet steps for small animal (Phoebus)
Request: Bunk board or twin box springs (Phoebus) Received - Looking for a bunk board or box springs for a single twin sized bed. Thanks!