plastic garden pots & soda bottles (Redway (SoHum))

ISO large amounts of plastic garden pots. 2 gallon especially, but will take almost any size and give away any I don't need.. I'm in SoHum and am finding out that some people are leaving hundreds in the woods or throwing them in the dump. The dump won't let anyone take them because of liability problems.

I do plan on selling some of the plants in the future, yard sale style, so this is a resell.

What I don't need I will give away. I know a few people growing out trees and misc regular garden plants. Some of them will also be a resell. I have given free plants to people who have given me free pots..

ALSO looking for lots of 2 liter plastic diet soda bottles. Diet or sugar free ONLY please- I have ants and they can smell any trace of sugar. Must be un-crushed. They make great tree starter pots.

No rank diseases like fusariujm wilt or scale please.. A few spider mites or mildew OK. I will sterilize them, but please, no bad plant diseases.. I'm in Redway but go up to Eureka occasionally 707 672 5550.

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