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Offer: 20 lbs Old brown rice for animals (Redway (SoHum)) Expired - old earthquake supply short brown rice- for animal consumption only- chickens or dogs. Offer: New jeans 12 petite womens (Redway (SoHum)) Expired - size 12 womans petite (short people) jeans; blue, tan, olive green, black. Gloria Vanderbilt etc bought at Ross. Jeans are all or mostly new, never worn with tags still on. Some shirts, a raincoat. Be Aware these are 70 miles south of Eureka. please only respond if you can actually stop by to see them. In downtown Redway. Offer: supplies for old dog in SoHum (Redway (SoHum)) Expired - I have a few gallons of frozen cooked home made dog food- finely ground pork and carrots in rice, in yogurt containers and some SAM-e, lecithin and milk thistle for liver support (like home made "DeMarin" medicine). Also a couple of dog beds- one is a comfy piece of thick foam. Before you reply please check the location- about 65 miles from Eureka. Request: rock/slab saw dead or alive (Redway (Redway (SoHum)) Expired - Looking for a rock or lapidary slab saw dead or alive. These are large wet saws, usually (but not always) in an enclosed metal box, usually fit size 12 inch blades or bigger. Don't mind replacing motor, electrical, paint, switches, smaller holes etc. Can travel to pick up. A working cheap tile saw 10 or 12 inch blade would work too, like a "Chicago" harbor freight, but if that is dead hard to fix. Request: rock/slab saw dead or alive (Redway (SoHum)) Expired - Looking for a rock or lapidary slab saw dead or alive. These are large wet saws, usually (but not always) in an enclosed metal box, usually fit size 12 inch blades or bigger. Don't mind replacing motor, electrical, paint, switches, smaller holes etc. Can travel to pick up. Request: leftover SAM-e for dog's bad liver (Redway (SoHum)) Expired - If anyone has tried SAM-e (S-adenosyl-L-methionine) and didn't like it I could use for my dog. He is old and has liver problems and it really really helps in combination with Milk Thistle. As an added plus, he's disgustingly happy on it. I buy it but it's pretty expensive. He takes 600mg of SAM-e a day, so 100, 200, 400 or 500mg dose pills would work. Anything over that dose I could not use. I could pick up next time I go to Eureka. Unless it's been stabilized or individually packaged it does need to be constantly refrigerated or it goes bad very fast and won't work.. For instance, Jarrow is fine without refrigeration, but NOW brand needs it. Request: very large desktop computer case (Redway (SoHum)) Expired - Looking for a "full sized atx tower" computer case. Looking for just the box- but I can dismantle the innards. Most desktop computers are sold in "Mid size towers", but I need a bit larger. If you're not sure what kind of a computer case you have I could look at a photo of it and see if it will work. I'm looking for something larger that is full sized- around 8 inches or more wide x 19+ inches tall x 20+ deep. With bays for cd/dvd drives. Probably 15 YO or newer would work is my guess. Dents and scratches fine, prefer black or dark. Alternately, if you know anyone that sells used computer stuff cheap, please send me their phone #? Can pick up in any town along the 101 corridor from SoHum to Arcata. I live in SoHum. Offer: musty foam mattress- comfortable (Redway (SoHum)) Gifted - Would prefer to give away to someone who is homeless. I am in SoHum- 70 miles south of Eureka. The mattress is musty- but might be good for someone in a tent as things might get musty anyway. Very comfortable twin foam mattress- medium density. Offer: Comfortable MUSTY foam mattress (Redway (SoHum)) Expired - Single latex foam mattress- all foam, medium density- supportive and soft. Very comfortable but also very musty. Bear in mind I am about 70 miles south of Eureka in Redway. Ready to give away in 2 to 3 days. Offer: RV/house prop instant water heater (Redway) Gifted - Propane instant water heater. Expensive & well built unit that needs repair. Made in USA. It started leaking- I'm pretty sure it's one of the copper pipes or lines that burst. Just pulled out last week- it was working fine other than the leak. Would be a good unit for someone who can repair copper. Precision Temp RV500. Made for RV's but entirely adequate for a small house. Comes with AC to DC adapter. The Precision Temp company would help you some with problem shooting- nice company. Be aware this is in SoHum- about 70 miles south of Eureka, on 101. Offer: propane fridge needs repair (Redway) Gifted - Freestanding 59 inch high propane fridge- maybe 8 to 10 SQ Ft. Needs repair- is leaking ammonia. Probably needs the bottom part of ammonia system replaced. Old Dometic. This is in Southern Humboldt- so please be aware of how far it is from you. Offer: sized 12 women's clothes (Redway) Gifted - SoHum area- about 70 miles away from Eureka. Jeans and plain tops, shorts. Some wear, but clean. 707 672 5550 Request: truck dog ramp &/or dog leg braces (Redway) Expired - Looking for a lightweight (aluminum) folding dog ramp made for a high truck. I have an SUV that has been made into sort of a camper with the back built up. Also looking for soft back leg braces and/or a soft compression brace for hip displacia for my dog. Buddy's getting older, he has arthritis and he's starting to get a little wobbly in the back legs. He doesn't have displacia- but does have arthritis in his back end and I think it might help. Medium/large dog 65 - 70 lbs. I'm in Redway but can pick up in Eureka, Fortuna, Arcata etc 707 672 5550 Offer: air hose for compressor (Redway) Gifted - Not sure what size or if they are standard. It went to an older gas air compressor; The medium sized very heavy aluminum ones on wheels with a sort of dolly bar. In downtown REDWAY- about 70 miles from Eureka. Offer: 10 gal propane tanks nd new valve (Redway) Expired - 2 ten gallon propane tanks that need new valves. These are the newer kind that the gasket cannot be replaced- the whole valve has to be replaced. Other than that they're in very good condition. Redway is in SoHum, so please make sure you can pick up before responding. I'm right in town. PLEASE use the words two tanks in your email so I know it's not scammers. Thanks. Offer: Jig Saw needs power switch (Redway-Garberville-SoHum) Expired - Free jig saw, motor is very good, power switch is very funky & one of the switches wires is smooshed in one place. Took it apart and looks easy to switch the switch out if you can get it or know how to wing a part. Powerglide variable speed 3.5 amp model 60109410 Request: small section base cabinet even in pieces (SoHum) Expired - Looking for one section's worth of base (bottom) kitchen cabinet. Realistically I will probably have to cut one down and reassemble to get it to fit. Anything bigger than 21W x 21D inches would work. Or, any clean-ish solid wood cabinet plywood pieces would do as well. Regular plywood doesn't hold up well- cabinet plywood resists warping. Just need the box or plywood, don't need doors or countertop. Painted or bare cabinet wood- no varnish or poly, sorry, varnish is a PITA to refinish. One drawer would be awesome but not expecting that. I can pick up in SoHum or near Eureka but if Eureka it might not be right away. Offer: new air filter for 98 toyota corolla (Redway-SoHum) Expired - Never used Offer: small furnace- make into stove? (Redway) Expired - If anyone is creative and can be good at mechanical engineering... I just pulled my old american made propane furnace and the insides look like they might make a good small home made wood stove. Maybe, IDK. At any rate, this is an attempt to recyle a well built metal thing enclosed in a small fire proof cabinet- about 23" x 23" by maybe 4 1/2 ft.. Could vent up or down with adaptations. If interested let me know within a couple days as I plan on disassembling it and tossing it very soon. Request: 2' x 2' piece of cork floor underlayment (anywhere along rt 101 or in SoHum) Expired - Wanted a 2 ft x 2 ft piece of 6mm or 1/4 inch cork floor under-layment or a couple 1 ft x 1 ft pieces. OR *information on where I could definitely purchase the stuff by the foot*. I see only rolls of it online. I can pick up in about a week and a half. My car will be in the shop for a little while. Offer: old RV/Mobile FURNACE parts (Redway- SoHum) Expired - I have an old 70's Intertherm, series 1100, furnace. Fan is dead, combustion chamber might not be good- maybe not good to recycle whole unit. But- sealed propane valve is good, electrical box is messy but good- has newer transformer in it. Door is good. Circular cast iron chamber door is good. I'm going to be dismantling the whole thing very soon so as to fit in a dumpster. So if you want any parts let me know ASAP.