Fabric Blinds (Friendship Heights)

Before I toss I have 7 old blinds. These are all custom made from heavy fabric.

I have 3 of the yellow curtains - I think the only use for these might be the fabric- these are 30 inches wide and about 70 inches long and the fabric is not in great shape.

The mostly white blind with the black pattern is actually in really good shape and clean - it is 40 inches wide and 70 inches long and there is just 1.

There are two of the dark red blinds - the fabric is faded in parts from where it hung when it was up. The strings are also a bit knotted and need some untying and reconnecting but I think this pair could be re-used without much work. They are also 40 inches wide and 70 inches long.

The white blind with the red flower pattern is pretty worn and probably only of value for the fabric though it could be rehung - it is also 40 inches wide and 70 inches long.
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