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Free: Partial Scrabble Set (Friendship Heights) - I have a 40 year old scrabble set that is missing 8 letters. Presumably no one will want it to play but can use the letters for something creative. Free: Gas Can (Friendship Heights) - Gas can - comes with some gas!
Photo of free Gas Can (Friendship Heights)
Free: Bathroom sink (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Kohler sink - works well and no dings or scratches - about 20 years old - measures 30 x 22 inches and is 34 inches tall.
Photo of free Bathroom sink (Friendship Heights)
Free: Toilet (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Toilet is in good shape - about 20 years old so pre water efficiency rules - replaced the refill piece inside about a year ago.
Photo of free Toilet (Friendship Heights)
Free: Door (Friendship Heights) - This is not a solid wood door but is in good shape - measures 24 x 80 inches
Photo of free Door (Friendship Heights)
Free: Kitchen Sink (Friendship Heights) - Kitchen Sink measures 33 x 22 x 11, about 20 years old. Worked Great
Photo of free Kitchen Sink (Friendship Heights)
Free: Granite Counter Top (Friendship Heights) Gifted - 23 x 58 inch pinkish granite counter top - I don't believe it has any chips in it. Need it out by Thursday morning, optimally sooner.
Photo of free Granite Counter Top (Friendship Heights)
Request: Adult Catchers Glove (Friendship Heights) - Looking for an adult catchers glove for someone who throws right handed. Thanks Free: 2 Pairs of folding/sliding doors (Friendship Heights) Gifted - 79 inches tall with 12 inch wide panels - there are 4 sets of these with 2 panels each. In good shape - I have all the hardware except one of the knobs which is missing but that should be easy to replace at any hardware store. One of the panels the wood is cracked at the top where the hinge is - it is at the top so not weight bearing so probably fixable with some wood glue - you can't see where it is cracked so no cosmetic issue but occasionally the door will pop out there because it is loose.
Photo of free 2 Pairs of folding/sliding doors (Friendship Heights)
Free: 2 pack of Car Break Light Bulbs (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Hi - bought these for my VW tail lights but wasn't able to install - these are Sylvania 7507 bulbs.
Photo of free 2 pack of Car Break Light Bulbs (Friendship Heights)
Free: 12 "shot" glasses (Friendship Heights) Gifted - I have twelve small glasses - these aren't shot glasses and are a bit bigger - they were actually the glasses that came with some desserts sold at Costco. Perfectly usable but nothing I need and not recyclable so would love for someone to take and use them.
Photo of free 12 "shot" glasses (Friendship Heights)
Free: Wired Keyboard (Friendship Heights) Gifted
Photo of free Wired Keyboard (Friendship Heights)
Free: Ikea Table & Chairs (Friendship Heights) Gifted - I have a very well used Ikea dining room set: / This set is probably about 25 years old and pretty beat up - the table is very sturdy and if you have a sander and some varnish can probably be good as new with a couple of hours work. 3 of the 4 chairs are in good shape and the forth has a broken stem but can be repaired with a $2 bracket from the hardware store but I would not presume the chairs have years of life left and they are sort of misfit toys - one chair is from outside the set and another I found outside and has no varnish and a third was patched. But 3 of the 4 chairs are completely usable if unattractive and the 4th is easily fixable.
Photo of free Ikea Table & Chairs (Friendship Heights)
Free: 2 kids baseball bats (Friendship Heights) Expired - I have two kids baseball bats - these are both soft bats so really only good for hitting a wiffle or soft ball.
Photo of free 2 kids baseball bats (Friendship Heights)
Free: Hockey Net & sticks for Kids (Friendship Heights) Expired - Hi - I have a little kids hockey net along with 3 sticks and somewhere I think I still have the ball that came with it - the net and sticks are pretty small so this is really for the 2-5 year old range.
Photo of free Hockey Net & sticks for Kids (Friendship Heights)
Free: Rack (Friendship Heights) - I believe this is a drying rack for baby bottles but am not sure - wish I'd had noticed I had this when my boys were on bottles.
Photo of free Rack (Friendship Heights)
Free: Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine (Friendship Heights) Gifted - My tenant advises me this worked a few years ago when he last used it.
Photo of free Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine (Friendship Heights)
Free: 2 Cassette Storage Racks (Friendship Heights) - I have two music cassette storage racks in the odd event anyone besides me still has any old cassette tapes.
Photo of free 2 Cassette Storage Racks (Friendship Heights)
Free: Rain Cover for Stroller (Friendship Heights) - Rain Cover for Stroller - says one size fits all.
Photo of free Rain Cover for Stroller (Friendship Heights)
Free: NY Times & Wash Post - Sep 2001 (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Before I recycle these I saved a lot of Washington Post and NY Times in September 2001. I'm saving the 9/12/2001 editions but thought I'd see if anyone was interested in any of the others. Free: Roll of Film (Friendship Heights) - In case anyone still uses film for photos I have a roll of Kodak 400 24 exposures - no idea if it is still good. Free: Netgear Wireless Firewall Router (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Netgear 108Mbps Wireless Firewall Router - I think this thing is 15 years old.
Photo of free Netgear Wireless Firewall Router (Friendship Heights)
Free: Old School Caller ID (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Unopened old school caller ID - maybe someone with a land line can use??
Photo of free Old School Caller ID (Friendship Heights)
Free: Can of Peper & Onion Relish (Friendship Heights) - 10 oz can of relish
Photo of free Can of Peper & Onion Relish (Friendship Heights)
Free: Astro Turg (Friendship Heights) Withdrawn - I have a 2 by 4 foot section of astroturf I don't need but don't want to throw away.
Photo of free Astro Turg (Friendship Heights)
Free: 2 Gift Tins (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Hi - I have two gift tins measuring 6.5 x 9.5 x 13 inches.
Photo of free 2 Gift Tins (Friendship Heights)
Free: 2 gallon gas can (Friendship Heights) Expired - Red 2 gallon gas can - comes with some gas which might be worth more than the can.
Photo of free 2 gallon gas can (Friendship Heights)
Free: Broken Stool (Friendship Heights) Expired - 25 inch tall broken stool - can't be salvaged for sitting but I know people re-use these as plant holders so I thought I'd see if someone could use for that purpose before tossing.
Photo of free Broken Stool (Friendship Heights)
Free: 3 x 5 Foot Piece of Astroturf (Friendship Heights) Expired - I have a 3 x 5 foot piece of astroturf that my kid dragged home and has now lost interest in - its pretty beat up but is in one piece.
Photo of free 3 x 5 Foot Piece of Astroturf (Friendship Heights)
Free: Plastic Chair (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Plastic chair - has been outside so a bit worn but usable and comfortable.
Photo of free Plastic Chair (Friendship Heights)