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Free: Futon Frame - Tri-fold (Friendship Heights) - I'm pretty certain I've got the pieces for this type of Futon Frame: But not the futon. If someone can't use it for a futon perhaps someone can use the wood or slats for something.
Photo of free Futon Frame - Tri-fold (Friendship Heights)
Free: Metal Paper Rack (Friendship Heights) - Basic 2 level metal paper rack.
Photo of free Metal Paper Rack (Friendship Heights)
Free: Fabric Blinds (Friendship Heights) - Before I toss I have 7 old blinds. These are all custom made from heavy fabric. I have 3 of the yellow curtains - I think the only use for these might be the fabric- these are 30 inches wide and about 70 inches long and the fabric is not in great shape. The mostly white blind with the black pattern is actually in really good shape and clean - it is 40 inches wide and 70 inches long and there is just 1. There are two of the dark red blinds - the fabric is faded in parts from where it hung when it was up. The strings are also a bit knotted and need some untying and reconnecting but I think this pair could be re-used without much work. They are also 40 inches wide and 70 inches long. The white blind with the red flower pattern is pretty worn and probably only of value for the fabric though it could be rehung - it is also 40 inches wide and 70 inches long.
Photo of free Fabric Blinds (Friendship Heights)
Photo of free Fabric Blinds (Friendship Heights)
Photo of free Fabric Blinds (Friendship Heights)
Photo of free Fabric Blinds (Friendship Heights)
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Free: Trash Can (Friendship Heights) - 28 inch tall rubbermaid trash can -no lid but in good condition
Photo of free Trash Can (Friendship Heights)
Free: Fireplace Poker Set (Friendship Heights) Expired - Doesn't have a brush but I don't think it came with it - needs cleaning but in good shape.
Photo of free Fireplace Poker Set (Friendship Heights)
Free: Wall Clock (Friendship Heights) Expired - Battery powered - 9 inch diameter - used to work
Photo of free Wall Clock (Friendship Heights)
Free: 3 Brita Water Filters (Friendship Heights) Gifted - I have 3 unopened water filters for Brita or Universal pitchers - 2 from Amazon and 1 from DuPont.
Photo of free 3 Brita Water Filters (Friendship Heights)
Free: Children's Table w/1 chair (Friendship Heights) Gifted - I have a children's table that measures 19 x 22 x 20 inches tall. I have 2 chairs that go with it - one of which is in good shape but the other of which has 2 broken legs - maybe someone with better handyman skills than I can repair it but I don't think it is fixable.
Photo of free Children's Table w/1 chair (Friendship Heights)
Free: Cuban Cigars - 15 years old (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Before I toss I have two boxes of unopened 15 year old Cuban cigars - cigars are all in their own boxes. Obviously need to 21 years old.
Photo of free Cuban Cigars - 15 years old (Friendship Heights)
Free: Binocular Sleeve (Friendship Heights) Expired - Measures 9 x 8 inches Someone stole the binoculars on vacation a long time ago
Photo of free Binocular Sleeve (Friendship Heights)
Free: Basket (Friendship Heights) Expired - Measures 17 x 8 x 6 inches
Photo of free Basket (Friendship Heights)
Free: Door Bar (Friendship Heights) Gifted - This is a bar for securing a sliding glass door though I think it can probably work on a window too. The minimum width it will work with is 28 inches and the max is 51 inches -it adjusts for any width in between. I don't have the screws to mount it but any screws should work.
Photo of free Door Bar (Friendship Heights)
Free: Decorative Broom (Friendship Heights) Expired - I really don't know what this is but some friends of ours had this hung on their wall and my kid wanted it when they were moving so it came home with us and has sat in a closet. It looks to me like a decorative broom - maybe it is even a real broom - it is about 3 feet long.
Photo of free Decorative Broom (Friendship Heights)
Free: Gas Cans (Friendship Heights) Expired - I somehow have several gas cans but have no use for them so hoping someone else will.
Photo of free Gas Cans (Friendship Heights)
Free: 2 Cassette Decks (Friendship Heights) Gifted - I've got two old school cassette decks stereo components. One is from Fisher and the other from Pioneer. Neither was originally mine and I never used. Both power up but I believe only one of the Pioneer decks works but it is the only one of the 4 that actually closes. Normally I wouldn't offer stuff like this that doesn't seem to work but since you can't really buy these anymore thought I'd see if someone might be interested.
Photo of free 2 Cassette Decks (Friendship Heights)
Free: Fisher Stereo Receiver (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Fisher old-school stereo (not surround) receiver. Was left by the previous owner of our house 17 years ago so no idea if it works but the power comes on and the digital displays are all responsive to the correct buttons and all of the knobs and switches work so I think there is a good chance it works fine. I have a 5 disc CD changer that was also left that I think doesn't work.
Photo of free Fisher Stereo Receiver (Friendship Heights)
Free: Heated Car Scraper (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Got this as a gift a few years ago and never used it and now we don't have the required cigarette lighter in our car to even plug it in but perhaps someone else who does can use this.
Photo of free Heated Car Scraper (Friendship Heights)
Free: 14 x 26 inch piece of mirror (Friendship Heights) Expired - Probably can only be used for a craft project - don't think it can be salvaged for use as a mirror.
Photo of free 14 x 26 inch piece of mirror (Friendship Heights)
Free: 2 Old DVD Players (Friendship Heights) Expired - Two old DVD Players - I believe they both work though they are at least 15 years old - I have the remote for the Toshiba but I don't think the Samsung.
Photo of free 2 Old DVD Players (Friendship Heights)
Free: Filtrete Air Filter (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Unopened Filtrete Air Filter - 14 x 30 x 1 -for HVAC return.
Photo of free Filtrete Air Filter (Friendship Heights)
Free: Garbage Disposal (Friendship Heights) Expired - From our old kitchen sink. Was working fine when we demoed the kitchen 9 months ago though its been outside in a pile of debris since. I think it is about 8 years old.
Photo of free Garbage Disposal (Friendship Heights)
Free: 3 solar blinds (Friendship Heights) Gifted - I have a set of 3 solar blinds measuring 22 x 60 inches. One of the blinds is essentially broken but is salvageable if you don't need to raise or lower. The other two were out of reach and hence barely ever used and are in good shape. I have the hardware.
Photo of free 3 solar blinds (Friendship Heights)
Free: Blinds - 30 x 60 (Friendship Heights) Gifted - 2 blinds - 30 x 60 inches - I have the hardware - they still work fine but have a lot of mileage on them so I would not travel for these.
Photo of free Blinds - 30 x 60 (Friendship Heights)
Free: Fish Bowl w/ food and water cleaner (Friendship Heights) Expired - Not sure we should be keeping fish in something this small but I've got a fish bowl with fish food and a water cleaning product.
Photo of free Fish Bowl w/ food and water cleaner (Friendship Heights)
Free: Shelving System (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Pretty sure I've got all the necessary parts for the shelving system - it can be up to 63 inches tall and at most 51 inches wide though I can only find 4 of the shelves though I think there are some more pieces somewhere in the house.
Photo of free Shelving System (Friendship Heights)
Photo of free Shelving System (Friendship Heights)
Photo of free Shelving System (Friendship Heights)
Free: Child's Rake (Friendship Heights) Expired - Lightly used childs rake - I suppose it could also be useful for raking in tight spaces.
Photo of free Child's Rake (Friendship Heights)
Free: Small Coleman Cooler (Friendship Heights) Gifted - This is like a lunch box size coleman cooler - in good shape, not even sure its ever been used.
Photo of free Small Coleman Cooler (Friendship Heights)
Free: Box/Briefcase Roller (Friendship Heights) Gifted - Not sure what this is really called but I think it is for stacking boxes and rolling them into court IIRC.
Photo of free Box/Briefcase Roller (Friendship Heights)
Free: Vintage Tennis Racket with press (Friendship Heights) Expired - Seemed like a good idea at the time but I don't even play tennis.
Photo of free Vintage Tennis Racket with press (Friendship Heights)
Free: 6 kids beach shovels (Friendship Heights) Expired - I've got 6 kids beach shovels in good working order and some other beach miscellany if anyone is interested.
Photo of free 6 kids beach shovels (Friendship Heights)