toddler stroller

I am the grandma who still has the stroller at my house and all the grands have out grown it. I would love to pass it on for another happy kid to use. It is an older one, but it is a very good one.
It is a Jeep stroller and is built about as sturdy as a real Jeep! It strolls so nicely, is all terrain, has rubber air tires, lots of room for everybody's stuff and a comfortable shady place for little one to sleep.
Just a wonderful one it is!
We took it to pick apples in the orchard, to walk the tow path at the river and downtown to the museums, and anywhere else.
It folds up, of course and you can set the front wheel to either go straight or to swivel and you put the brake on so that it does not roll down hill. The seat back reclines nicely for a nap.
It is pretty much washable, like a Jeep. It even comes with a tire pump.
We enjoyed it so much and this Jeep is still ready for a couple more kids.
Your little one and you will really enjoy this stroller! You can carry all the other stuff that you need as well as the little one.
It is for one who is starting to sit up, not for a small baby. But, once little one wants to sit up and watch here is the place to do that!
I used to put water in the tray and let the babies splash.
This is big enough for a 4 year old and we all know how much easier it is to have a four year old contained and. on wheels when you are trying to go somewhere. It also has nice zippered pouches and closed place for your phone and a drink. And it has a cargo area in the back
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