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Free: toddler stroller - I am the grandma who still has the stroller at my house and all the grands have out grown it. I would love to pass it on for another happy kid to use. It is an older one, but it is a very good one. It is a Jeep stroller and is built about as sturdy as a real Jeep! It strolls so nicely, is all terrain, has rubber air tires, lots of room for everybody's stuff and a comfortable shady place for little one to sleep. Just a wonderful one it is! We took it to pick apples in the orchard, to walk the tow path at the river and downtown to the museums, and anywhere else. It folds up, of course and you can set the front wheel to either go straight or to swivel and you put the brake on so that it does not roll down hill. The seat back reclines nicely for a nap. It is pretty much washable, like a Jeep. It even comes with a tire pump. We enjoyed it so much and this Jeep is still ready for a couple more kids. Your little one and you will really enjoy this stroller! You can carry all the other stuff that you need as well as the little one. It is for one who is starting to sit up, not for a small baby. But, once little one wants to sit up and watch here is the place to do that! I used to put water in the tray and let the babies splash. This is big enough for a 4 year old and we all know how much easier it is to have a four year old contained and. on wheels when you are trying to go somewhere. It also has nice zippered pouches and closed place for your phone and a drink. And it has a cargo area in the back
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Free: vintage 70s boys toys Expired - I have a Masters of the Universe lap tray from 1982. It belonged to my now grown son. It is is pretty good shape with a bit of cleaning. I have his permission to pass it on. Also I have a genuine and original Transformers thermos jug. It was also my son's. If you have a guy in your life who remembers these with nostalgia and his mom threw his all out, give it to hi for Christmas. What a unique gift! He would never have been expecting...............this. The thermos is clean and is in pretty good shape. Certainly still usable. front porch pick up Free: stack of sewing patterns Expired - I have a stack of maybe a dozen assorted sewing patterns Butterick 6729, vintage 1993, baseball pants shirt for kids A couple of kids patterns, basic Halloween ones, and cute little jackets and pants, A couple of little dress patterns , size 3-8, and a Dottie Angle pattern, size 3-8, for daughter and a larger matching pattern for mom, all sizes. A really cute and simple little dress. Make to match. Pattern for making a slipcover for a folding chair, McCalls. 4404 A pretty blouse, 14-20 Nice Burda mens pants pattern and a Project runway mens vest pattern. Lynn Mizono designer pattern from Vogue. Very nice and classy but simple 16-24 These are all nice patterns that I just dont need anymore. Fun stuff! Front porch pick up. As soon as possible would be appreciated, but it doesn't have to be today. Free: ceramic tiles Expired - I have a small assortment of white ceramic tiles from a couple of projects. I have 12 4"x4" white tiles that I had used on a side kitchen cabinet top. They were only used for light duty and a bit of the mastic on the back is still there, but still they would be good for some kind of fun summer project . And there are 3 tiles that are 6x6 . They are white and never used. Then there are a couple of other little shaped tiles. All together it would make a great craft project, make stepping stones, or cover a small tabletop. I had been using the white ones along with some "broken pottery" mosaic. It is not hard to do and can be a fun project. These tiles are still good for something like this. front porch pick up Free: CDs Expired - I have a stack of music CDs out of the cases They range from rockabilly, to New Orleans music, some country, singer songwriter Janis Joplin Gypsy Kings Maria Muldar Muddy Water Susy Boggus Dar Williams Rory Block Dolly Partomn Otis Redding I used to work in a venue where we got a lot of free CDs all the time! front porch pick up Free: knitting stuff Expired - Let the kids learn to knit this summer. I have a tote bag of straight knitting needles and some assorted yarn. front porch pick up Free: Jeep stroller Expired - I have still here a nice older model Jeep Urban Terraine Limited stroller. I got this from another grandma and we used it for our grandson, then the other who came to visit. This is the greatest thing, ever! I am convinced of it! We put lots of miles on it along the parks and playgrounds and this thing has lots of miles still left to give. It holds the small child, everyone's water bottle, snacks and packs and folds up easily. There is nice little tray that goes on or take off. It has real air tires and the front wheel will lock in a straight point like a jogging stroller, or it will unlock and make it move real nicely. It reclines nicely and little one has nice umbrella over their head. Such a great piece of stuff it is. But mine have all grown out of it. It would be great for anyone needing a stroller, good to keep at grandmas, or good to have this summer when family with little ones come to visit and everyone has to go and see the dinosaurs at the Smith downtown. It has been to the Natural History Museum a couple of times. Really so many good memories in this and it is still good to go! It is very easy to clean, just like a Jeep. It is black and blue. Hose it down. Greatest thing we ever had for doing things with the grandson! front porch pick up Free: propane torch Expired - I have two solid old school propane torches. They look the Benzomatic ones that you can still buy. These had been in my dads tools and he was a welder, and a builder. Such solid old tools!!! I have no use for them. front porch pick up Free: collectible postage stamps Expired - I have a "set" of LBJ 8 cent postage stamps. There are 40 of them and they are all unused and in a protective sleeve. Any stamp collectors out there that would like to have them? Free: picture frames Expired - I have four clip frames. One is 9x12. and the other three are 8 1/2x11 They are great for casual display of things like calendar prints, kids art work.etc Free: childrens sewing patterns Expired - I have 5 childrens sewing patterns. One is a Butterick 4635 robe and pjs size 3-6 Wizard of Oz. costume Simplicity 4024 size 1/2-4 Simplicity 8270 size 1/2-4, uncut Mccalls 6385. OSZ. Simplicity 1449. size 2-4 Free: vintage oak picture or mirror frame Expired - I have an old oak picture frame that I have had for a good long time. It is from back 'inna day. It is missing the glass when it fell off the wall. Outer dimensions are 33x327 , inside is 24x30. I had been enjoying a nice framed poster of a piece by Diego Rivera and it is still here along with it mat that I had cut for it. I have enjoyed having this over the years and it has held a number of different pieces, but time to let it go. It is a stained oak, not a light oak. Old school stuff. front porch pick up Free: vintage tinker toy Expired - I have a can of Tinkertoys that belonged to my own kids, late 70s. It is still in pretty good condition. For all you toy people out there, this is the real deal. Just the pictures of the 70s little kids on the can is precious! It is a cardboard can with a metal lid. front porch pick up Free: zombie dice Expired - I have an unused never played game of Zombie Dice. a Steve Jackson game. It is an interesting little game with dice in a can all scary with zombies; front porch pick up Free: music cds Expired - I have probably about 30 of them and they range from singer songwriter, Dolly Parton, Suzy Boggus, many female vocals. I have no use for them anymore. They are not in the cases anymore. But all seem to be just fine. I used to work for a company that got free promotional music and I brought home all manner of things. You may fall in love with some of these. There are lots of different things. Free: antique drawer hardware Expired - I have three metal drawer pulls that came off of some antique furniture somewhere along the way. They are great old antique probably over 100 years old. They measure about 2 1/2" high and wide with nice engraved ring pulls on them. You mount them on your drawer fronts the same as you do the modern ones. The threaded stem on the backs of them look to be about 1/2" deep. They have a nice patina of time, but they are not corroded. Then, there are a couple of more mundane globe ceramic ones. I dont think they old, but still quite nice. Free: holiday ornaments Expired - I have a Hallmark ornament from the movie (?) Civil War, Team Captain America, it says. He is still in the box. There is a Cabbage Patch kid, a Mr Potatohead and a little Tweety bird with baseball bats. I know the holidays are over,, but maybe next year........................ Free: faux soft leather Expired - I have a piece of faux leather that would be perfect for those who sew cosplay costumes . It is brown in color, 45" wide and looks to be somewhere about a yard. I had intended to sew my little grandson a little bomber jacket, but never got around to it. It is interesting stuff and it sews easy on the machine with a regular needle. I do believe that it is gentle machine wash, too. Might be good for those who do ren faire, too. front porch pick up
Free: piping for home dec Expired - I have some 1/4"piping that is left over from a home dec workroom. It is good stuff. It is white, in good and clean condition and I think that there is maybe at least a few yards of it. It has many craft and sewing possibilities. I just dont need it anymore. Free: craft ribbon Expired - I have two spools of craft ribbon 7/8" wide. They are from Michaels and look to be pretty much full spools. One is pink and the other is white. Might be nice in Valentine crafts! front porch pick up Free: non stick muffin pan Expired - I have one of those muffin pans that bakes 24 little muffins. It came from somplace like Target. I used it when grandson was a little guy and Grandma made him little muffins and things to take for lunch at day care. But, I really have no use for it anymore and ft someone would like to have it, yo are welcomed to come and get it. front porch pick up Free: books Expired - I have three nice books for maybe about pre teen ages. Two of them are by Carl HIaasen, an award winning writer from Florida who writes about environment issues and his fiction centers aronund some environmental issues. The first one is "Chomp", and takes place in the Everglades. The second one takes place in a swamp and it is entitled "Scat". All of Carl Hiaasen's books are high humorous works of fiction and are a wonderful read. The third book is "Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a novel in cartoons". It is a hardback and all three books are in very good condition. Must be gone within a reasonable time or the will go to the library book sale. Front porch pick up Free: sewing fabric Expired - I have a length of stretch lace that is 60" wide and maybe about a yard long. It is white. Also just shy of three yards of a beautiful very dark blue rayon twill. You won't find this kind of thing at Joanns. It came from GStreet Fabrics back when good quality fabrics were the norm and fabric stores really sold fabric and not glue and glitter and craft kits. It is a lovely dark blue that seems to absorb all the light around it. I can't sew with such dark colors anymore. It is beautiful! Also a small piece of a dark purple piece of knit. front porch pick up, but I need for it to be picked up within a couple of days time. Free: vintage tailors shears Expired - If you are in to restoring old sewing equipment, you may be interested in these. I know that they are from the home of my husbands old Italian grandmother who has been gone for some time now. When she came to this country she had to do piece work for the garment business and these were essential items. They need restoring, for sure. There are a pair of heavy shears and pair of very long scissors. Both of them are about 12" long. They have got to be at least around 100 years old. I always intended to restore them, but I know that is not going to happen. Maybe someone else can get some pleasure from bringing them back to life. If not adopted, I have no recourse but to put them into the metal recycling at the transfer station. I need for them to be gone by Sunday evening, but I can make some exceptions. front porch pick up Free: heavy duty pipe wrench Expired - I have a solid iron heavy duty pipe wrench from way back when. This is real old school. It is 14" and very heavy. Great old solid tool! It is not "smart" and will not respond to your iPhone. Old school and solid ,for sure. front porch pick up and needs to be gone by the end of the day on Sunday. By the way, it is red handled, if that is important. Pure solid iron! Free: craftsman router Expired - I have a router that used to belong to my dad. He built almost everything that he owned or used, including most of his boats. This looks to be from about the late 60s or the 70. It is model 315.17491. It appears to be complete with several little items with it. It is still in the plastic case and there are various bits for it. It pains me to let go of it, but I have no use for it. Hopefully, someone who builds with wood will want it and use it. I need for it to be gone by Sunday. Front porch pick up. Free: insulated food bags, foil Expired - I have an assortment of these nice foil insulated bags that these meal delivery companies use. There is a large bag and maybe 6 smaller bags. All clean. Great for packing a package to mail, or taking a case of Capri Suns out for the kids picnic. They are really lightweight. They are too good to not have some good use left to them. These bags are built to last forever, and they probably will. What a shame to trash them! But, I don't need them. Great for packing to move, too. Lots of uses. front porch pick up Free: sewing room clean out Gifted - I am still downsizing my sewing after all these years and I have balls of new yarn, patterns and all manner of fabric cuttings and some real actual yardage of fabric. There is a stack of folded fabric that includes some pretty good sized pieces of soft cotton knit in childrens prints, one is butterflies and another with cute little pandas. Both are big enough for a Childs garment. or a sweet little pillow case. There are a couple of lengths of corduroy ..one is red with little hearts and the other is a nice little floral print. These are both vintage fabrics that you would be hard pressed to buy in any remaining fabric store anymore. This is the sweet kind of stuff that I used to sew my now grown up kids things with, but these are more recent. I bought them when Hancocks went out of business. Just lovely little fabrics but my own grand kids are have grown beyond them. There is a length with cute puppies and fire hydrants, all cotton. There is a length of what we used to call "lumberjack flannel" and there is also a pattern in the box for a robe for a little boy or it looks big enough to add an edging and make a nice kids flannel blanket. It is a deep purple color. There are a few other lengths of cotton knit and a length of nice dressy sportwwear in a beautiful chocolate brown, enough for an adult garment. There are a few patterns and some little bits and pieces for piecing or for doll clothes. Just all manner of stuff. There is a small piece of faux suede and larger pieces of faux leather. I have no more use to keep these things and would like for someone to have a run at them. It is hard to find any nice fabric anymore, It is hard to find nice children prints anymore that are not licensed characters. There is also a small piece with ferocious looking dinosaurs on it, but just a small piece.