CANON EOS 1000F 35mm SLR Camera (Twerton)

been in back of cupboard many years sat in its fabric case. not even dusted it off simply removed from case n snapped a pic or two to show how clean it is. however NO Battery (obviously removed long ago before storing it- no li-ion batteries back in the 90's)
A New Battery is less than a fiver still has some 35mm film sat inside (no clue whats on it tho if anything)
Heres link to Canons review of this lil gem of a camera for any budding photographer who cannot affrod £300 or more for an SLR. And due to desperately having a clearout this is first come first serve. By that I mean rather than the pain of ebaying I'm offering FREE to whom can collect it NOW! Bryn in Twerton High St on 469782