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Offer: Organizing bins (Astoria) - Three are some system called Ultra, by Quantum Storage Systems. Little one is by Global. Stackable. For pickup only.
Photo of free Organizing bins (Astoria)
Photo of free Organizing bins (Astoria)
Offer: 52” white Minka-Aire ceiling fan (Astoria) Gifted - I think it’s this model: It’s 8 years old, and it works fine. It was making a little bit of noise at high speed, but the process of taking it down seems to have fixed whatever was causing it. Comes with everything you need to install it -- I even printed out the mounting instructions! For pickup only. Offer: Mandoline (Astoria) Gifted - Fine slicer with all blades and finger guard. Good as new. I got it off this list in the spring, and after using it exactly once and fearing for my fingers, even with the guard, now I'm releasing it back into the wild :) Offer: Frozen pork liver -- for dog food? (Astoria) Expired - Good for human consumption too, but it has been in my freezer since December, so I can't vouch for the texture now. It's from a very high-quality pig, which lived a good life on a farm in Vermont. For pickup only. Offer: 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Astoria) Gifted - 20” x 27”, all pieces, assembled once. TBH it’s not a very high-quality puzzle (cheap cardboard) but, hey, it’s NYC!
Photo of free 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle (Astoria)
Offer: Frozen pork liver (Astoria) Expired - For your dog, perhaps? Or for you -- but it has been in my freezer since December, so I can't vouch for the texture now. I used to love liver, but something turned in the last year, and now I think I won't eat it. But I don't want it to go to waste, as it's from a very high-quality pig, which lived a good life on a farm in Vermont. For pickup only, in the evenings (after 7pm). Offer: Interior paint, 1 gal + samples (Astoria) Gifted - **Must pick up.** All for interior: --Benjamin Moore April Sky (pale blue-gray), 1 gallon, semi-gloss enamel. Never opened. --Samples and pints: Naples Blue, pint, 2013 Rendezvous Bay, pint, 2013 Dark Harbor (csp-720), half pint Avalon Teal (csp-645), pint Four Leaf Clover, pint, 2013 Lotus Flower, pint, 2013 Caribbean Blue Water, 2013 Mysterious, pot Fiji, pot Bioshield clay paint blue, green, yellow, half liters The Bioshield clay paint is quite old -- not sure if it's still workable. Also I have no idea how old the April Sky gallon is! It predates living in our house. I'd guess (due to finish) it's intended for a bathroom? Offer: Rice dispenser (Astoria) Gifted - This plastic rice dispenser is 2 feet high, 5 inches wide and 14 inches deep. It’s on little wheels (so total height is taller than 2 feet). Must pick up. ---------- Thanks— Zora Offer: motorized souvla / electric rotisserie (Astoria) Expired - Electric souvla / rotisserie / spit with a metal rack and tray to hold the whole thing. Basically this: -- but less shiny, because the rack/tray part has been out in our backyard for a while. It's roasted a few whole lambs in its life, as well as a couple of Thanksgiving turkeys (I highly recommend this approach!). But otherwise it hasn't been used much. Maybe it's just the thing for your summer party? In Astoria, by the 30th Ave stop. Must pick up. Zora O'Neill allstrangersarekin.com Offer: Saveur magazine back issues (Astoria) Expired - From roughly 2000 to 2014, some issues missing. I used/read these a lot, so some pages are creased/folded/splotchy -- don't expect collector quality! Pickup in Astoria preferred, but I can also arrange some drop-off in midtown. If you happen to want just a few specific issues, I can drop them in the mail to you. Zora Zora O'Neill allstrangersarekin.com Request: books in Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Kurdish, Urdu, Pashto, Wolof, French, Susu + ESL texts (Astoria) Expired - Hi-- I'm collecting books to stock a library for refugees in Thessaloniki, Greece. I'll be traveling April 10. I can pick up anywhere in the city. Users of the library come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and West Africa. Books for these readers aren't available to buy in Greece, and delivery from elsewhere is unreliable, so I take the books myself in my luggage. I have lots of luggage space--don't be shy :). Now is your chance to unload books your kids are done with, or books you meant to read but never got around to. Many thanks in advance! Zora Request: slide projector (Astoria) Expired - In case you have one sitting around, gathering dust! A friend has her dad's lifetime of slides, and no way to view them. I'm in Astoria, but I can come pick up. Thanks. Zora Offer: steel Peugeot bike frame (Astoria) Expired - This frame was stripped and abandoned in a construction site on our block. If you're a bike builder, you'll appreciate a good-quality lugged steel frame to start with. In case you can't read the fine print on the measurement: it's 24". Must pick up in Astoria. Zora O'Neill allstrangersarekin.com Offer: CURB ALERT: Stove, good condition, Astoria Expired - Posted this as an offer earlier, but it's already gone outside. All the top burner grills are inside. 30-inch Frigidaire Gallery Professional series. Back display light is dim, and it's greasy...but otherwise works well. ​ Location: 28th Road, Astoria, Queens (it's one block long) Zora O'Neill allstrangersarekin.com Offer: Stove, good condition, for pickup only, Astoria Expired - 30-inch Frigidaire Gallery, natural gas. (I think this is it <> .) It's in pretty good condition. Heavily used, but the only mechanical problem with it is that the back electronics display is quite dim, but that part can be replaced. Pickup only. We're home most days and will be in this weekend. Zora O'Neill allstrangersarekin.com