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Offer: wood/logs (29626 Anderson County) - 6' and 8' logs. Tons of oak, pine, and some cherry 16" logs of oak Easy to pick up. Can drive right up to the many piles.
Photo of free wood/logs (29626 Anderson County)
Request: Clothes for my husband and I (Hull ga) - Men's 30/32 or 30/34 pants large shirts and womans pants size 15 16 and xl and xxl shirts Request: Twin mattress and box spring (Pomaria,Sc.) - I am in need of a twin mattress and box spring Request: Desperately looking (Downtown Anderson) - Hello, I am a newly single mother who had to leave with my children from an abusive relationship and we are completely starting over. I have found us a rental and starting work but we have little furniture and the rental does not have any appliances so we are in need of a stove, microwave, washer and dryer and any other things you can spare to make it home. Thank you so much for any help! Offer: Stuff (Winder Georgia) - Hodge podge...clothes, books, mats, "medical", etc... Request: Outreach Care Packages (Winder Georgia) - Any travel size items would be sincerely appreciated
Photo of Outreach Care Packages (Winder Georgia)
Photo of Outreach Care Packages (Winder Georgia)
Photo of Outreach Care Packages (Winder Georgia)
Photo of Outreach Care Packages (Winder Georgia)
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Request: Twin mattress & bed frame (29673) - Hi there my name is Jamie and I’m in search of a twin mattress and a bed frame for My neighbor. He is a senior who is also a vet and a wonderful caring friend who’s home burned down not to long ago. I have recently made a GoFundMe account seeking the help of the community to help the wonderful man out. If there’s anything that you can do please help me help him. He needs it very urgently because the current one he has is filled up with bedbugs and is no good. So I’m looking to find one as soon as possible. I can’t afford a new one or we would’ve already got him one. So I’m reaching out to see if anybody has an extra one that they are willing to get rid of. Please let me know as soon as possible. Also if you have any household items/furniture available we’re trying to move him into his own place which is a one bedroom One bath that is not furnished. So if you have any extra stuff, I mean anything. It would be very helpful and we will be very grateful. Thank you So much in advance for all your help Request: Twin beds or toddler (Anderson South Carolina) - Hey guys I’m look for some twin beds or a toddlers beds. If anyone has some I really would appreciate it. Request: Scrap pieces of wood 1 by 4s (Greenville) - Helping my grandmother tried to remodel her house really need the help if anybody could get some donations I know she would surely appreciate it Offer: Silver bowl (NE Columbia) - Free oblong bowl
Photo of free Silver bowl (NE Columbia)
Photo of free Silver bowl (NE Columbia)
Request: Men’s/ women’s shoes (Irmo) - Size 14 for my son who is only 13.. in desperate need of shoes. As is his twin sister who is in an almost size 12. Funds are very tight and they truly need shoes. Request: Beadboard/Building Supplies (Summerville off hwy 78) - I am disabled and trying to remodel my house. My Husband is our only income so I'm on an extremely tight budget. I'm looking for any beadboard/bead board and/or 2x4's, 2x6's or anything that can be used to repair water damage and some rotten wood. Or if anyone has underpinning for a doublewide mobile home. Mine looks terrible. I know it's not critical or a necessity right now, but if someone is looking to get rid of some, I'd love to have it. Also, paint would be amazing as well. I'm open to anything wood/building supply related. It would truly be appreciated and a huge blessing for our family! Request: Men’s/ women’s shoes (Irmo) - Size 13 for my son who is only 13.. in desperate need of shoes. As is his twin sister who is in an almost size 12. Funds are very tight and they truly need shoes. Request: cat condo in good cond (Greer, Lyman, Duncan) - looking for a cat condo for new kitty, medium to large with several compartments and holes. similar to photo or smaller.
Photo of cat condo in good cond (Greer, Lyman, Duncan)
Request: Gallon trash bags (Hartwell Georgia) - In need of large durable trash bags for big trash can Request: Building Materials (Lavonia, GA) - For live in home renovation...flooring, nails, drywall, drywall screws, dryer vent hose, toilet, water line cutoffs, screens, cool seal for roof, lumber, decking, wheel chair ramp, lampshades, gravel Offer: Vanity sink (Lavonia)
Photo of free Vanity sink (Lavonia)
Request: Cat and dog rescue (Irmo) - I am a huge advocate of TNR for feral cats and take care of a huge colony and they are always in need of things. Food is a definite, plus old clothing, bedding material, towels, Tupperware/food bowls, carriers/kennels, old tarps, totes and any other items you may think of. I only have a few dog rescues but they are always in need of food and bedding material such as cedar or pine shavings. Any help is greatly appreciated from myself and my beautiful fur babies! Offer: Light fixtures (Five Forks area Simpsonville) - 3 indoor ceiling light fixtures and 1 outside light fixture.
Photo of free Light fixtures (Five Forks area Simpsonville)
Request: window a/c unit (Powdersville) - a/c went out. Have baby and toddler in house. Its no less than 85 degrees in house. Trying to find a window unit to cool off until a/c can be fixed. Request: Apt Sized washer and dryer (Aiken, SC) - Disabled in apt in need of an apt sized washer and dryer. I live upstairs and it is difficult going up and down. Request: Corrugated Metal roofing (Greenville) - In need of some corrugated metal or plastic roofing sheets. Offer: Epson 200XL inkjet cartridges (West Athens) - I have both the color and black cartridges. Most are still in their original wrapping. One set has been recently removed from a broken printer but the cartridges have been used little. The 200XL inkjet cartridges fit the Home Espon Xp-200, XP-300, XP-310-, XP-400, XP410 printer or the Epson Workforce WF-2520, WF-2530, WF-2540 Kate Request: Cast iron or pans (Downtown columbia) - If there has anyone has extra fry pan or cast iron in good condition and want to give away, please let me know. I need one . Request: Stackable moving boxes (Reidville, south Carolina) - In need of stackable moving boxes with lids in good condition. Have to move out of my home and have nothing to pack my items in. I would greatly appreciate the help.