Offers  and  Requests within
Offer: Wood cabinet (Downtown Novato) - 16”deep X 23” Height X 44” Long 2 glass windows in each front side Nice looking but made of particle board with wood looking coating
Offer: Twin bed frames with headboard (San Lorenzo 94580) - Two twin bed frames with headboard
Offer: Ikea metal frame full size bed (San Lorenzo 94580) - Ikea full size bed metal frame can be taken apart of proper tools
Offer: Large lamp (San Lorenzo 94580) - Large heavy lamp with shade needs new wiring but does work
Offer: Small storage cabinets x2 (San Lorenzo 94580) - Cabinet suitable for living space 15 inches high 25 in across depth with doors
Offer: Two chairs this size (San Lorenzo 94580) - Two small casual chairs for living space lightweight
Offer: Small cabinet (San Lorenzo 94580) - Small piece of furniture 15 inches high 25 inches on top open inside for storage
Offer: Moving boxes (Off Industrial Parkway) - Approximately 30 boxes. Offer: Curb Alerts: Armchair, Milk Crate - @ 2138 McGee: a light green overstuffed armchair. Rather worn, but looks quite usable. @ 2140 Roosevelt: a formerly white milk crate. Both need cleaning. Offer: Softball (Bernal) - Free to a kid or school
Offer: Gift boxes (Bernal) - Several sturdy gift boxes for your reuse! -5.25" diameter x 2" high round tin -8" x 8" x 2" lined box -9.5" x 16" x 2.5" box -8/5" x 11" x 2.25" box Take whatever you can use.
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Offer: Packing peanuts and plate separator (Bernal) - Small box of packing peanuts and 2 plate separators for your packing reuse.
Offer: Plant pot saucer (Bernal) - To keep water off your floors. Black plastic one 8" in diameter. Chipped ceramic plate 10" in diameter.
Offer: Hanging headboard (San Lorenzo) - 66 in by 30 in heavy duty hanging headboard does not attach to bed frame hangs on wall
Offer: Small table (San Lorenzo) - 12 inches high 44 in around heavyweight
Offer: Exercise bench (San Lorenzo) - Marcy club utility bench mkb - 211
Offer: Baby crib (San Lorenzo) - Regular size baby crib mattress included all the pieces are here.
Offer: Small table (San Lorenzo) - Small round table 12 inches high 42 inches round heavy duty
Offer: Outdoor patio table (San Lorenzo) - 30 in high by 45 inches round needs new top plastic or glass to be inserted
Offer: Cubicle shelf (San Lorenzo) - 3'x3' openings are 12"x12" press board mayerial
Offer: Plant pot saucers (Bernal) - To keep water off your floors. Black plastic one 8" in diameter and 10" chipped ceramic plate.
Offer: Dishes (San Lorenzo) - Need extra dishes for Halloween or Thanksgiving? Given away for dinner plates and two serving plates, green and white in color.if interested please indicate date and time of pick up
Offer: Outdoor heater (San Lorenzo) - Giving away an outdoor heater. It does not work but if you’re handy it’s yours! Please let me know date and time of pick up. Most likely it will take at least two people to get inside a car or truck. Wkfa
Offer: plate glass sheets - three 1/4” thick sheets clear glass 39” x 54” one 1/8” thick sheet clear glass 32” x 53” and at least one smaller sheet Glass is dirty and would have to be cleaned up to determine whether it’s scratched. However, I used one sheet for a desk top recently and it was fine. You do not have to take all sheets. West Berkeley No hurry, but state day and approximate time you would pick up. SR Request: HP 02 cartridge printer ink - Need CYAN for now or will take any others. Offer: 2 cute stools (Redwood Heights) - Brick orange, arty and cool stools. Good condition
Offer: Chaise lounge chair (Redwood Heights) - Sage green chaise lounge chair. Super comfy! Good condition!
Offer: Off white divan (Redwood Heights) - Lovely seat, good Cindi
Request: Any items as listed below :) (Castro Valley) - Arts and Crafts Embossing - I was recently given several ink pads, powders and a heat gun for embossing. If anyone has any pens or stamps or powders and such that they no longer utilize it would be greatly appreciated. Drawing - also any colored pencils or markers for my two year old whom im getting into arts and crafts with as well as for myself. Fine point pens (I love making mandalas which I hope to incorporate into my new embossing craft as well for more pop) Thick card stock or other types of colored, fancy papers. Paints - any spare spray paints (mostly black, browns, reds, teal, gold/bronze/copper etc) as well as acrylics and most definitely my latest fascination (aside from embossing) paint pens. Tech Also, I have a Dell Chromebook 11 that we can't find the right charger for.. I'd love to be able to hook up my console to it to play movies for my son as well as good usb android charging cables for our phones. Thank you! If anyone has an old/unused light table or mobile drawing surface (not clipboards, more like a travel/hard lap surface) it would be super useful seeing as we always seem to be mobile as of late. On the subject of mobility.. (although probably a long shot) my family and I are looking for a reliable means of transportation, a car, truck, or more preferably an rv/mobile home. My last car was impounded due to bad registration and quickly became too costly to reclaim. Now my truck (which is on its last leg even after attepting to fix the engine for some time now) is likely to fall under the same fate. It is becoming more of a problem than an aid to our situation especially with the colder weather and housing market/crisis as it is.. If you think you may be in a position to help out and would like to know more, id be glad to share though it's not much different than most I suppose.. I hope to hear from you and thank you for reading! ❤ Kayla xoxo Offer: steam iron - Black and Decker steam/spray iron, in working condition. North Oakland, near Adeline and Alcatra