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Offer: Decorative Concrete Blocks (Beaverton: Murray/Allen) - Assorted styles & sizes, as shown. Please text 206-325-9187 for location - Thanks!
Offer: HP office jet 4655 (Parkland (102nd & Steele st)) - I have a HP 4655 office jet printer that won’t print in black. The color works but not the black. I know it’s probably a simple fix but I don’t know how and I have another printer to use. If someone can fix it and wants it, please let me know. Obviously porch pickup. Thanks, Diane Request: Old doors (Lents, Portland) - Building a long fence out of doors. Need as many as I can get. Cheers! Offer: Kids' Books (Baseline/Cornelius Pass) - Got a bored kid? We went through our kids' library and they pulled books they've outgrown or read a bajillion times and we'd like to pass them along to someone else that could get some use out of them. There's quite an age range of books, from beginner readers to chapter books, plus some diy and craft books. I'll leave them on my front porch, where they'll stay dry, just swing by and grab the whole box!
Request: Bar stools (North Portland) - Looking for a pair of bar stools! Preferably with seat backing and can swivel, adjustable height or send measurements. Pics please! Offer: Used Yamaha 90 HP 4 Stroke Outboard (Portland Freecycle) - Used Yamaha 90 HP 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Engine
Offer: golf clubs (West Olympia, near Garfield El) - Used
Offer: Car seats (West Olympia, near Garfield El)
Request: queen bedframe (Parlkland) - Just something that fits a queen box spring mattress. Request: Chess set (Gresham) - My father lives in another state and likes to play chess. I'd like to play with him, but he's not much of an internet person, so playing over the internet won't work. I'm looking for a physical chess set I can set up here. We'll each keep track of the moves on our chess boards, via text and phone. If you've got a chess set you no longer want or need, please let me know. Thanks! Request: I need i king captain's bed (97301) - King Captains Bed please Request: Grocery cart wheels (Nw Portland.or) - Any kind of wheel that is big. I had one bust when I got on bus. Any wheel gratefully appreciated.
Offer: Old cedar fence boards (SE Portland) - 1”x6”x6’ and 1”x2”x6’, about 20 years old
Offer: Pop up trundle bed (Baseline/Cornelius Pass) - Twin sized pop up trundle, no mattress. Was used under a day bed but we no longer have use for it. Due to social distancing, I’ll just leave it out in the driveway and you can come and grab it if you want it!
Request: Used paintball gear (Puyallup) - Looking for used paintball gear to pass on to the kids at the local fields I play at. Somebody gave me a marker when I was starting out and it meant the world to me. I'm not looking to resell anything, if you think it's worth money by all means sell it. I'm just trying to brighten up a kids day and get them motivated to put down the video games and go outside to play.
Request: Garden Supplies Needed (South Salem) - Financially strapped Grandma needs garden supplies. Bales of straw would be wonderful. Anything and everything welcome. I can't help anyone financially but I'm a retired Master Gardener on a 50'x150' lot. Planting fruits and veggies everywhere so at least can maybe help feed some folks. If we all do what we can do, we will make a difference. WE ARE ONE! Offer: Insulation, fiberglass (Beaverton) - 2 rolls of fiberglass insulation Offer: Drywall (Beaverton) - 2 pieces of about 5x3 ft (didn’t measure).
Offer: white Wire shelving (Beaverton) - Shelving for closets. White metal wire type.
Offer: Bed frames (Beaverton) - 2 sets of bed frames. Metal fold-out with wheels.
Offer: Metal fence posts (Beaverton) - Green metal fence posts.
Offer: Sport pitch back net (Hwy 26 + NW 185th) - Great condition with a little wear and tear.
Offer: Good boxes for building forts (Orenco area) - Great condition
Request: Kiddie pool (97304) - Looking for a kiddie pool for gardening! Willing to come pick up on a porch. no in person contact, I promise! Offer: Cinder blocks (Beaverton) - 6x cinder Blocks Offer: Old carpet (Beaverton) - About 10x12 and 10x4 squares of older carpet. Great for garage! Request: refractory material (Hazel dell) - I’ve been looking for heat resistant material for a diy kiln. I don’t need very much this is going to be a small project. I’d appreciate any suggestions or opinions that anyone might have😀 (Here’s a few examples) Furnace cement or mortar, fire brick, ceramic fiber, fire clay, aluminum oxide, slag, I might be able to make porcelain tiles or portland cement work. Thank you Request: lawnmower (Cornelius) - Anyone have a working lawnmower they no longer need? My lawn is out of control and I need to tackle it to get my house ready to sell. Would prefer electric but will take anything. Thank you. Request: Bread machine (Salem) - Is your bread machine collecting dust? I can take it off your hands! My family eats a lot of bread and we are looking a way to save up. Offer: Waldstein Black Baby Grand (Tacoma) - The Waldstein Baby has a new sound board and plays beautifully. This is a show stopping piece of furniture that adds to any room. Kindly drop you contact mail or digit. first come also first serve.