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Offer: computer monitor,mouse and keyboard (newmarket-mulock and bayview) - offering an older computer monitor keyboard and mouse all work.
Request: Nintendo Mario Kart toy remote cont (Browns Line) - Looking for the black-coloured remote control shown in the picture for the Nintendo Super Mario toy car/kart. I need the RC (radio control) unit to operate the toy. Thanks!
Offer: Old still works great Baby Monitor (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - Porch pick up. Check your junk mail for my response if you ask for any of my items. Roeli
Offer: White plastic bathtub curtain - new (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - Use this under your favorite bath/shower curtain in the bathroom. Porch pick up. Check your junk mail for my response if you ask for any of my items. Roeli Offer: Pad - 18" x 32" (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - What could u use this pad for, let me know and it's yours. Porch pick up. Check you junk mail for my response if you ask for any of my items. Roeli
Offer: Set of 4 phones (Meadowvale Town Centre area) - I’m giving away a set of four Panasonic cordless phones, (landline). They’ll probably need new batteries soon, but are all in working order. Please, state the time you can pick up. Battleford Rd and Glen Erin Dr. Request: Barista magazine (Ithaca) - I would love any issue of this magazine, please. I've tried every coffee shop and book store in town. Short of ordering from their website and paying almost twice its cost in shipping, I'm asking here. Thank you! Offer: Collection of books (Queen St. W and Creditview) - Collection of Ellery Queen, Nero Wolf, and Matt Helm paperbacks. Offer: home decor (Erin Mills) - Bee decor Shower curtain Stand glass ornaments
Request: Didgeridoo (Enfield) - Looking to try this instrument out to help with sleep issues. Thanks! Offer: Colored pens mindful coloring books (North Trumansburg) - I have sets of colored pencils and 10 coloring books I no longer need. Offer: 2 Black Picture Frames - 9.5 x 7.5 (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - Measurements are inside the frame. Frame is 1/2" wide. Also a picture "Ducks Unlimited Canada" with 2" mat around the picture. Take all. Porch pick up. Check your junk mail for my response, if u asked for any of my items. Roeli Request: Jig saw puzzles (East Toronto/ Scarborough West) - If anyone has jigsaw puzzles collecting dust I’m part of a puzzle trading group that will put them to use! I will pick up east Toronto/ Scarborough West. Please and thanks!! Offer: Box of Valley Forge laminate floori (East Scarborough) - Approx 20 sq ft Colour seaside pine, light grey with bit of beige Laminate click planks 12 mm thick Offer: Box of Allure vinyl flooring (East Scarborough) - Approx 20 sq ft Vinyl grip strip planks Colour African wood dark Offer: 3 travertine tiles 18" x 18" (East Scarborough) - Country classic Sandy beige butterscotch ripple Request: ceramic bean pot with lid (downtown Hamilton) - For making baked beans. Will pick up. Request: Violet (Richmond Hill/Markham or GTA) - Hi. There is leapfrog dog named scout and one named violet. My daughter was given scout and now would like violet. I’ve been to a few places and she is sold out. If you have one collecting dust. Please consider us. Thanks Offer: Keune Brilliantine Gel (for hair) (South Hill, Ithaca) - Mostly full. Offer: Karine&Jeff's Garden Vegetable Soup (South Hill, Ithaca) - Comes in a bottle. Didn't like the first one I tried, but for a culinary artiste, this might make a great base for something else. Hasn't passed its expiry date. Request: Laptop with cd rom drive (Victoria Park/Gerrard) - I'm looking for a laptop that I can use to work on some music. My regular computer is huge, and not portable, so I can't take it with me when I'm actually recording. Fingers crossed someone has one! Request: Kalimba Thumb Piano (Victoria Park/Gerrard) - I'd love to try playing one of these instruments, if you have one hanging around! Looks kind of like the picture above. A kalimba is a small piece of wood that has 8 to 17 metal tines that are played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. I'm can get around pretty well by TTC to pick up.
Offer: Vertical Blinds (Central Etobicoke) - Frame is 80 inches across and blinds are 56 inches long. Blue patterned. Bit dusty and I will vacuum before someone takes them. I don’t have the hardware to hang them up. I can arrange to be home for pick up at house. It’s too big to leave in my porch.
Offer: Can anyone tell me what purse??? (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - these fronts come from? I must have given the purse away and forgot I had these 2 fronts to make the purse into another purse. I have hunted online up and down and can not find that logo. If you have this purse or you know someone that has it, then please take these and bless them with these. They zipper and dome onto the purse. Porch Pick up. Check your junk mail for my response if you ask for any of my items. Roeli
Offer: 2 Streamlight JR. Replacement bulbs (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - Streamlight JR. High Quality Replacement Wow Krypton Xenon Bulb - 2 Pack for flashlight. New in package. Porch Pick up. Check your junk mail for my response if you ask for any of my items. Roeli
Request: Loaf pan, Cake pan (L5R 3H3) - Hello Friends I am from Mississauga. My wife wants to try making cake. We don't have any tray that can be kept in oven to prepare cake. If you have anything which you give please let me know I can come and collect anywhere in Mississauga. Thanks in advance, Vinoth Offer: Stereo equipment cabinets (Waterdown, L0r2h0) - 2 cabinets available. 24” wide 25” deep 22” high Stereo equipment cabinets. Well made. Very heavy, you will need to bring help to lift and a large vehicle, will not fit in a car. Glass for second cabinet included, just not installed. Pickup in Waterdown, please reply with the date and time of pickup, evenings and weekends are preferred.Thank you!
Offer: Elyptical (Bronte Rd., :Lakeshore Rd. Oak) - Good condition. Need gone ASAP. Do not have measurements.
Offer: 2 fur collars and fox ? tails (13031) - 2 vintage fur collars from coats, and 2 what I think are tails from a fox? Not sure what animal they are from. Might be useful for a theater company to use for costumes? Pickup in Camillus, Warners Rd. near the park.
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Offer: DIY folding queen bed (or lumber) (Scarborough (Manse Road)) - Standard Queen size (60" wide by 80" long). Folds into a box of the size shown for transport, all slats can be stored inside. Solid wood, very heavy - I can help you carry it out to a pickup or van. Some of the slats have broken ends, but can be repaired with a single screw each and some glue. I was stupid and used brad nails to hold the dovetails in originally. I don't have any pictures of it assembled unfortunately, but the mattress sits about 12-18" off the ground so it's a fairly low bed. Can also be taken apart for lumber. Built from 1x12 clear pine (at least 20 board feet), has 3 coats of varnish but can be planed or sanded down. Included are ~20 five-foot 1" x 3" slats which can just be used for projects (e.g. shelving) as is. Also includes 8 6" strap hinges, and two AC and USB combo outlets ready to mount in a wall box. This is easily $150+ worth of wood and hardware, first person to show up with a vehicle gets it. I'm home most weekends, and can arrange to be home on a weekday morning if you need.
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