Baton Rouge Freecycle

Offers  and  Requests
Request: Cat kennels (Picayune ms) - In search of four small cat kennels need some for my cats so I can go back and forth to the vet with them Request: Broken cement, rocks, bricks,pavers (Near Lafreniere park) - If anyone is breaking-up cement, getting rid of river rocks, pond rocks, etc, bricks or stepping stones / pavers, I’d love to come help take those away! I use all of this for my garden. I’m transforming my backyard into one, huge garden project. I notice a lot of people get rid of things like this and would love to recycle instead of buying new things that may also end-up in a landfill. Request: Metal fencing, gates/burglar bars (Near Lafreniere park) - I’m looking for old metal fencing, gates, burglar bars, and trellises for gardening. I grow a bunch of different vine plants, most are things like watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. these items are great for that! If anyone is removing an old fence or taking off burglar bars due to home owners insurance, then I’ll come and take those away! Thank you Request: Small couch for a cottage (Picayune) - Looking for a small pull out sofa couch. Request: Old Clocks (Port Allen) - I'm looking for antique clocks (wind up or weight driven, not electric or quartz) in any condition. My hobby is working on antique clocks, and I'd like to pick up some. Do not need to be running, parts missing ok. Request: Bud Light Platinum blue bottles (Mandeville) - Blue beer bottles Request: Electronics (Gonzales) - Any electronics no longer needed! [ Items received in response to this request will be resold ] Request: spy books (Brampton North) - Hello, Do you have any books by Robert Ludlum or John Le Carre or Tom Clancy? I can pick them up anytime. Thanks