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Request: Packing peanuts & bubblewrap (Plainwell) - Any size and as much as you have Offer: Desk (Perrysburg ohio) - 6ft full desk
Offer: NWFH - Cookie,nut and popcorn tins (NWFH - 14 & Drake) - All clean, steal containers ready to refilled! About 10 of them. Popcorn sized, tubular cookie stack, nut cans, rectangular boxes etc. Pick up in NWFH (14 Mile and Halsted area) - most evenings 5-8PM, Mon-Fri. Please include your name / phone number with your request. Offer: Old Laptop - COMPAQ Armada W98 era (nwfh) - This is an old machine. It boots but will not support the latest Win os. Label = Series PP2060 Model 1456vql10J (INT) Perhaps a Lunix type of os via the CD? Has a 3.5" floppy and a CD reader Power supply, WiFi card and case included. Please include your name / phone number with your request. Pickup most evenings in Northwest Farmington Hill MI - 14Mile & Halsted Offer: Vintage electric home organ (Near Walmart on OldUS 20/Ash) - H 33 W 17 x L 35-1/2 Good condition. Needs tuning. Chord key stuck. Pedal loose.
Offer: 3 feet X 5 feet frameless mirror (westland) - good condition. no sign of damage. Offer: Samsung CLP600-650 Toner (Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor (Scio)) - Toner for the Samsung CLP600 or 650 color laser printer. Nearly new; unit mainboard died. All 4 cartridges. Request: Glass juice bottles (Scio Twp.) - I am needing glass juice bottles with lids, like Nantucket Nectars or Snapple. At least 3 or more for easy porch pickup. Thank you in advance! Request: Mymessycloset (Ypsilanti) - I am looking for clothes donations any gently used clothes sizes don't matter Request: Projector with hdmi port (Auburn Hills, Oakland County.) - Doesn't matter just looking for a projector Offer: Yahoo shutting down groups: Thank you for participating, recycling, and caring - If you haven't heard, Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Groups. Before that happens I wanted to write a thank you to all of you who've been on this site through the years. We started this thing in July of 2004 as Van Buren Freecycle, somewhere along the line had to change the name, but that didn't stop us, and we've had wonderful participation through the years. We passed things along, kept useful things from just going in the landfill, and promoted a caring community. We kept it clean and family friendly. Special thanks to the moderators through the years for their service in making this all happen. I know the past few years we haven't been as active, i'm sure most folks have gone almost exclusively to Facebook, but i'm proud of what we've accomplished. Thank you again for participating, it's been wonderful being a part of this. Thank you for caring about your community. Thank you -Jim p.s. you can give things away for free on Facebook(and Craigslist) too, just post them as a post on your wall, or offer them up on Marketplace The spirit of our group doesn't have to end with the ending of Yahoo Groups. Thank you all again, Best to all of you!!! Offer: Serving trays (Livonia) - Serving trays w compartments & without. All have covers. Farmington & Plymouth Please let me know day & time for easy porch pick up
Offer: Coffee creamer cannisters (Livonia) - Need storage? Crafts? Coffee creamer canisters. Farmington & Plymouth Please let me know day & time for easy porch pick up.
Offer: 2 lb. Coffee Cans (Livonia) - Need storage? Crafts? 2 lb. Coffee cans Farmington & Plymouth Please let me know day & time for easy porch pick up.
Offer: Adult Disposable Briefs size medium (Brownstown) - Pick up in Brownstown MI at Telegraph and West Rd Offer: Woman's jeans with holes in thigh (Toledo / Maumee) - Dark wash, size 27 woman's jeans. Holes in upper thighs, otherwise intact. Would be great for a crafts project. Can meet most evenings in Toledo (Franklin Park Mall area) or Maumee (Dussel / the Turnpike). Offer: Swiffer (Toledo / Maumee) - Clean but well-loved standard Swiffer. Can meet most evenings in Toledo (Franklin Park Mall area) or Maumee (near the Turnpike / Dussel). Offer: Tofu Presser (Toledo / Maumee) - Excellent condition Super Tofu Presser - for getting excess water out of blocks of tofu. Item here: Can meet most evenings in Toledo near Franklin Park Mall, or in Maumee near the Turnpike / Dussel. Offer: Cotton stuffing from pillow (Toledo / Maumee) - Stuffing from a standard pillow. The washing machine tore open the pillow and the pillow itself is now largely unusable, but the cotton stuffing could be used in crafts projects. Can meet most evenings in the Franklin Park Mall area, or in Maumee near the Turnpike x Dussel. Request: Women’s plus size clothing (Toledo to wauseon) - Looking for all women’s plus clothing anything you can give 18 to 22 size jeans 3x or larger tops dresses rompers jumpsuit bras 42 to 46 b panties whatever u can give make up lotions perfumes will pick up Offer: Red ceramic kitchen canisters (N E Livonia) - Kitchen canister set, 1 without a lid. Assorted ceramic coffee mugs, espresso pot, soup bowl. Only reply, please, if you’re willing to take entire box. Porch pick up. North east Livonia area C
Offer: Books (Belleville) - Random books, pllease take entire set. Available for porch pick up.
Offer: Fraction games (Belleville) - There is also a pizza fraction game (not pictured). Available for porch pick up. Please take the entire set.
Offer: 4 x 8 strand board (N.E. A2 (Dixboro)) - 3/4 4 x 8 strand board Has some paint on one side. Used for a paint platform and set outside. Not cut up but one corner is delaminating. Pick up between house and garage. Offer: Electric Stove (Pontiac Trail and Maple Rd) - 25 year old, 30 inch slide-in electric stove with moderate use in good working condition. No known problems. Moving and will no longer need. Almond with black glass door on self-cleaning oven. If you can load and unload stove into my SUV, I will deliver within 5 miles of Walled Lake. Available Saturday, November 28th - Tuesday Dec 2nd. Request: Small apartment needs painting (Kalamazoo Northside) - Any color that looks decent for inside a home Request: Wi-Fi hotspot (Ann Arbor to Dearborn) - I need a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, the kind where you plug in a phone SIM card and it creates a Wi-Fi signal. I live southeast of Ann Arbor and work in Dearborn, so I can pick up anywhere in that corridor. Thanks! Offer: from toledo (east side toledo) - we have several gallons of printer ink color and black Offer: Not quite antique photo equipment (Sylvania/Douglas area) - Box of misc cameras/projectors. Very cool 1930's projector and other misc items...what IS a zoomatic? Free to a good home, but please take the entire lot.
Offer: from toledo (east side toledo) - gallons of printer ink