Bay St. Louis Freecycle

Offers  and  Requests
Request: Washer and dryer set - electric (Metarie) - I just want them to work. I'm not able to buy a a washer or dryer yet, so if anyone is getting a new set, I can come get the old one. I'm in Metarie, but willing to drive a bit, as long as they work properly. Request: household supplies (Gulfport, Ms.) - Any Request: refrigerator (Houma, Louisiana) - In need of a refrigerator. A nice size one I’m a family of 4 . It’s me and three children . Request: BMX Bike (Metairie, LA) - 20" BMX bike height of rider 5'2". Colors/Gender doesn't matter. Kids bike will work too. Request: Girls roller skates (St Tammany Mandeviile) - Size 5/6 Request: Bricks, Rock, Concrete , etc (Jefferson Parish) - Hey yall, I'm trying to put in a border on the subsistence garden to keep back the grass and the weeds which move very fast here in Louisiana and can overtake stuff very quick. If you have any old, discarded, used or unused bricks, flagstones, concrete bordering, river rocks, or even concrete mix (I don't mind molding my own bricks) please drop me a line. Thanks Gang! Request: Wheelbarrow (Jefferson Parish) - If anyone has a wheelbarrow, even an old one or one with a hole in the bottom, I could really use one to move stuff around our yard. Things are getting a little out of hand. Request: Womens Shoes (Jefferson Parish) - Hey Gang, I'm looking for any extra womens' shoes that are are still in pretty good shape. I'm interested in anything size 10.5 or larger (anything up to like size 12 or 13 even, I'm not picky). Sandals, boots, loafers, dress, casual, sneakers, boots, flip flops, etc . . . are great. About the only thing I'm not interested in are heels (bad back) and High boots (like anything higher than mid-calf). Thanks Gang! Request: Mini Fridge (New Orleans) - I am looking for a mini fridge, will pick up. Doesn’t need to have a freezer, just needs to work. Request: Garden Tiller (ANY size) (Jefferson Parish) - Hey Gang, I'm looking for a garden tiller (any size is fine). I'm trying to put in a fairly large vegetable garden for my wife and found out the hard way that apparently I'm not 20 years old anymore. I tweaked (I hope it's only tweaked) my knee fairly badly using the shovel, hoe and spade in heavy clay soil and agreed to my wife that I won't be doing that again. However, since I still have to finish the garden, I decided a tiller is the way to go, but after looking at the price for even a small one, I decided to put up a posting, esp. since I'll likely be doing this year after year (this is the first ground break). So, if you happen to have a tiller that you don't have any plans for or bought and then never really used? Something that's collecting dust in a corner somewhere, please, by all means, drop me a line. I'll be very happy to take it off your hands. I'm not picky, whatever size it is, large or small, new or old, I'll make it work. Thanks Gang! Request: bricks (hammond) - Hey! I’m looking for any extra bricks someone might have laying around. I would prefer if they aren’t broken, but i’ll take both!