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Offer: Plants (Polk St and Broadway) - Help yourself to some free plants - beautiful Stella D’Oro daylilies, ever-bearing raspberries, and honeysuckle, all in 1 gallon pots, well-rooted and ready to plant.
Offer: aquarium, (turner MILL CREEK) - 1o gal. 3 fish . Request: garden beds or wood (Delta Ponds) - I am either looking for some raised garden beds you are getting rid of or some salvage wood pieces. I don't have a saw so it would be ideal if they were cut in such a way that I could out them together easily with just my toolkit. I live in Eugene Offer: TV’s (Springfield) - These TV’s work, I just don’t have them hooked up to cable so I can only show them working by showing a menu (the small one is either 15” or 19” and I think the larger one is maybe 25” or 27”)
Offer: Boxes--West Eugene, Winco at Barger - Offer: Cardboard boxes for packing, shipping, storing, moving --West Eugene, Winco at Barger Many boxes available in various sizes for packing, shipping, storing, moving, etc. Some are broken down, some are ready to use. Also have air pillows. Please contact if interested. Request: Have slides? (Whiteaker Neighborhood, Eugene) - Art project: looking for old photographic slides. Have any kicking around in your attic? Immortalize them as art. Thanks!
Offer: cement parking curbs - 3 (Cal Young area) - 3 cement parking curbs, about 5 ft long each. You haul. Offer: Garage door - beautiful wood (Eugene/ South) - this is a door that has four parts to it - glass on the top part - it needs to be refinished - but all the parts are there - a double-sized (about) garage door,includes the mechanical parts for opening . yours for the taking -need a pickup or some sort of truck to haul - a great project