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Offer: Unused baby hand and footprint fram (Englewood NJ 07631) - Unused Charming baby clay handprint and footprint keepsake Pickup today or tomorrow (Wednesday june 3 thru Thursday june 4) ONLY!
Offer: Baby or Pet Fence (Yonkers, NY) - Fencing is 32 inches high. There is a separate piece for doorways that can be screwed into wall that is 28 inches wide. It latches. And there is a second piece of folding fencing you can out anywhere that is 8 feet long.
Offer: Leather Purple Lemonade (Hamilton Heights 10031) - So I have 3 almost 4lbs of 4C Lemonade in a Country Time Lemonade can. I was trying to fool myself into thinking that the 4C was Country Time Lemonade. See, 4C is the most caustic Lemonade known to man. You can use this stuff to strip wallpaper off of your walls. You need a tooth whitener? Use 4C undiluted and your teeth will be transparent in 2 days. You know those shark attack movies? If they threw a couple cans of this stuff down the gullet of a great white I can guarantee you that it would go into such a coughing fit that it would pass out. Go on, close your eyes and imagine a huge shark trying to cough up about 100 pounds of Warheads, a sour candy known to literally make a hole in your tongue. This is a multi-use product since you can also unclog any stoppage known in the history of clogs. Choke a shark or clear a clog, this stuffed is a must have household helper. Oh yeah, you can drink it too. I have 2 cans of Krylon X Metals Spray Paint in Purple. The can says "Extreme Anodized Metal Finish". See I wuz supposed to spray paint my mother's shopping cart in her fav color, purple. Well as I pointed out in my previous post my name is Pro. Crastinator so it never got done. I got 2 cans of this stuff completely unused. It's yours if you want it. You can also spray paint the can of 4C making it " Purple Lemonade". I am 4 blocks from the #1 Broadway local train. I am on the 5th floor of a walk up but there are only 4 flights. Well would you looka here, I just found a 3/4 full can of spray paint in Gloss "Watermelon". The boy cat crumbsnatcher just rolled it in here like he just found it. Well that does explain the pink graffiti on the hallway walls that calls me a cat abuser cause I don't buy fresh salmon for him. Well we're just gonna hafta see how he likes graffiti painted pics of his food, won't we? There is also a smallish backpack in black leather with one broken strap. Kleen it up and make a wallet out of it, it's still in great (kinda) shape. And if there is somebody who wants the instapot with the melted top that I mentioned in my last post separate from the other items you can have that too. Welp that's all for now... Bring a bag, I'm a Bagless bag lady now. Be polite in your asking and don't ask me "Do you still have it?". Do I still have what? Wow, 8pm curfew up to the weekend folks, 2020 sucks already. Be safe. Offer: 2 1/2 bags of clothes (Hamilton Heights) - I have clothes for women ranging from: pants size 2-7, shirts, Dresses size sm/med, women black heels size 9 1/2, men boots 9 1/2 and men pants 34/34 and 32/34 (Only those 2) and women winter coats. They are all worn but in usable condition. I'm trying to give everything out in one go. I did not take any pictures of the item as there are too many. Please let me know if you are interested. Offer: Toddler size 7 shoes (NE Yonkers) - Pair of orange and blue stride rite phibian made to play toddler shoes. Great for wet/dry. Lots of life left
Offer: Baby first Christmas outfit (Englewood NJ 07631) - 0 to 6 months size small baby first Christmas set includes long sleeve bodysuit pants socks and a hat. I’ll leave it on the porch for pick up
Offer: Size 3T clothes - over 40 pieces (Englewood NJ 07631) - boy’s tees size 3T Pajama sets Shorts Must take all. Will put in bag on porch. Offer: Everything and More 10031 (Hamilton Heights 10031) - How do folks. My tablet ( or the power connector thingy) kicked the bucket so I'm using a friend's phone to post. Good thing I have a "nubin". You know that almost 6th finger that was on your hand when you were born but your mom screamed "cut it off, good lawd cut it OFF!"? That's what that signature V that Spock used to do with his hand was all about you know. He was acknowledging the descendents of the 6th finger or the Nubins as we are now known as. Anyhoo, I am offering all the leftovers from previous offers. I would like them to all go at once please. I can't do the piece by piece offer anymore until I get the rest of my mother's stuff outta the way. So I have clothes (14-16+) the 6 (or was it five?) handset landline cordless phone set, the still new Teenage Mutant Turtle Michaelangelo stuffed "pillow", the 3pound bag of stickers, the unopened bottles of Torani syrup in Lemon, Mango, Pineapple and Guava, the Avon Honeydew and Cucumber Shower Gel, the Avon Hot Pink slippers, the new Hush Puppy booties ( a size 8 I think but they fit a size 6 at the most) and yada yada yada. If you want a better idea just look at my Xmas leftover's post. There is also a instant pot but it needs a new top. I got it from a nice craigslister with the understanding that I would get the new top but my name is Pro. Crastinator so now it is yours to procrastinate with. I also still have the outer part of a Bella Cucina programmable crock pot (yeps, I dropped the pot part) so if you picked up the pot that was offered here recently will you now have a set made for each other. There are kids items and more. There are at least 5 nice but ded watches that need batteries. I need someone who can take EVERYTHING, these items have been around away too long. I also have at least 100+ mags- Veranda, Elle, Allure, Essence, Decor, HGTV and more. There are books also but if you want the books take the mags too please. I am up to 5 bags of stuff and counting. Most of these items are in Trader Joe's bags but I've run out so please bring as many as you think you will need. Bring as much help as you will need also 'cuz I can't help you and don't ask my neighbors either. I really do need someone to take it ALL, no exceptions except for the mags, books and did I mention the printer? A HP 5610. I am 4 blocks from the 149th St. #1 Broadway train. I am on the 5th floor of a walkup but there are only 4 flights. Be polite with your requests and we will BOTH decide on a day and time that is good for both of us. Wear a mask too. So lemme see; be polite, bring a lotta bags, bring help, bring oxygen if you need it. Check! Oh yeah I have cats . Please & Thank You. Everything folks! P.S. If you just need the bottom part of the Insta pot or the metal programmable body part of the crock pot you of course don't have to take everything. Request: Dell laptop charger (Clifton NJ) - Looking for a working Dell laptop charger. It's the same model for most of their laptops for 10+ years, so if you have an old one, it should work. Thanks! Request: Toddler bed rail (NE Yonkers) - Good clean condition. Thank you in advance for considering. Request: Construction material (Totowa nj) - Two by fours 1 by 6 4 x 4 x 5 x 5 any of It's kind Request: Bike (Totowa nj) - 26in mountain bike Offer: New mother with a preemie baby (elmwood park) - New mother with a preemie baby short on cash/clothes Due to COVID 19 and no job.One preemie outfit came from my grandson. parents areFREE of COVID-19 as well as the baby because they stayed quarantined and careful. I hope someone can use it I hope someone can use it Freshly laundered front porch pick up Offer: 3 end tables & coffee table (Clifton) - Dark wood veneer, heavy/sturdy end tables and coffee table. All have cabinets, great for storage in livingroom or bedroom. Fair condition, show some wear, some tops have scratches (see photos).
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Offer: Pillow stuffing (VanHouten/Clifton Ave) - Pillow stuffing ready for a decorative cover; multipleitemsin driveway; email foraddress
Offer: Green Vase (VanHouten/Clifton Ave) - Greenvase alongwith multiple items in driveway; email for address
Offer: Vases (VanHouten/Clifton Ave) - 2 clear glass vases; many items in driveway; email for address;
Request: Sewing Machine (Lodi NJ) - Hello Guys, I hope this post finds you guys in the best of health during this Pandemic. I need a sewing machine and any accessories. Thank you! Offer: Golf clubs (Montville, New Jersey) - Golf clubs
Offer: 2-slice white toaster almost new (Riverdale (north of Inwood)) - Almost new -- works perfectly, Trap door on bottom to release crumbs. Masked and distanced pickup in lobby. Easy from public transit BxM7 and #1 train. Offer: Cub Scout shirt (Montville, New Jersey) - Youth Medium
Offer: Computer monitor (Montville, New Jersey) - Dell computer monitor, 19-20 inches. Flat screen
Offer: Table lamp (Montville, New Jersey) - Table lamp, good condition Offer: Sheet rock pieces (Montville, New Jersey) - Sheetrock pieces-various sizes, leftover from construction Offer: Empty construction buckets (Montville, New Jersey) - See picture
Offer: Remotes for staircase (Montville, New Jersey) - Chairlift Staircase remotes. Don’t have other details
Offer: Oval Braided Area Rugs (Riverdale) (Riverdale (north of Inwood)) - Pastel braided oval rugs to give away: they are 3 1/2’ x 5 1/2’(with dark blue) and 4’ x almost 3’ (with dark green) and are reversible. Pick up in Riverdale, near BxM7 bus and #1 train. They are rolled and tied for easy transport. From pet-free home. Masked and dIstanced hand-off in the lobby.
Request: Vinyl Records (LPs, 45s) (Nutley, NJ) - If anyone unwanted records / collections gathering dust in their home, attic or basement, I'm always looking to give them a good home. This music enthusiast is stuck in the past...what can I say? My personal interests are rock n roll, jazz, soul/R&B, blues, punk, heavy metal, funk, disco, latin, old country & western, and world music. Know that these are for my personal use and enjoyment and will be loved. Remember, the PVC vinyl that records are made from will NEVER decompose in a landfill, so don’t throw them away.
Request: Bell jars, jelly jars (Bloomfield, NJ) - Any size, even spaghetti jars. I amusing for hydroponic gardening. Request: 2 drawer file cabinet (NE Yonkers) - 2 drawer file cabinet in good condition