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Request: knife sharpener - Hi. I am looking for a whetstone or regular knife sharpener. I have a visual disability and I shouldn't use dull knives. Well, I guess none of us should ... Thanks! Offer: lithium battery - CR-2032 round battery, never used (I bought the wrong type by mistake) Offer: Otter case for iPhone 6s (central Berkeley) - These are very protective cases, with a hard shell covering the back & sides, a soft rubber lining between it & the phone, & a ridge to protect the screen. This one fit my iPhone 6s (just traded in) perfectly. I think it fits the 6 & 6c too, but you may want to check fit before taking it. Offer: Belkin n450 db router (El Cerrito, near Plaza Bart) - Belkin wifi router should be working fine, Comcast required switch to their router Offer: Piano — upright Acrosonic (off I-80 at Central Ave) - Full 88-key piano, in good condition, warm sound + stays in tune
Offer: Sofa Bed! (off I-80 at Central Ave) - Clean and comfortable “American Leather” full size blue suede sofa + bed. Street level access, at Public Storage off I-80 at Central in El Cerrito / Berkeley / Richmond
Offer: Exterior paint samples - I have lots of quarts of exterior paint in the blue/gray color range that are up for grabs. Also some cream/white. We just used a tiny bit of each to try as samples on our house. Request: Water storage (Alameda, west end) - I'm looking for large, barrel type water containers. I have a truckfor pick up. Many thanks Offer: Wooden hanger (w. berk) - Wooden hanger showed up--clean, like new condition hanger hook is small--designed for rods that are ~1/2" diameter (like at many hotels) Secure email: (response may be delayed 24 hrs) Offer: Curb alert: wooden bed frame (Woolsey St & Telegraph Ave) - Full (double) real wood bed frame. Good condition Offer: Irrigation Equipment (Russian Hill) - We have some irrigation tubing, some used, some maybe never used, and some irrigation equipment -- truly don't know much about it, it was all found in the miscellany room of our small building. We also have one piece of wood about 6 feet long by 6 or 8 inches wide, and some other miscellany free for the taking. You can see the irrigation equipment here: Offer: Tire chains (Oakland) - These are wonderful and functional tire chains. Typically fits tire sizes 155/____ to 185/____. Please see if it fits your vehicle’s tires: Here is a guide: ... VskT EPZN
Offer: Motor & Power Cord from Coffee Grinder - Perfect for Tinkerers The blade on our coffee grinder broke, and there are no replacement parts available. I hate planned obsolescence. It's a powerful little motor. We're on Sacramento at Bancroft. Offer: packing supplies (W. Berkeley) - Large cardboard box with lots of plastic air cushion things for packing or shipping delicate items Offer: Curb alert - loveseat Grant St. (Central Berkeley) - Loveseat-sized couch, light color, outside of 2230 Grant St. Some cat scratches on fabric on one side.
Request: corded telephone WEST PORTAL - Hi, I'm looking for a telephone that has no electrical component and is only plugged in to the phone line. Like in the olden days! I can pick up in the south western part of the city. Rahula 415-309-5502 Request: card table - does not have to be pristine, just needs reliable, folding legs and intact upper surface. can be rectangular if it's smaller than a banquet table. Thanks for any offers, Tajalli Offer: Curb Alerts: Furniture (central Berkeley) - @ the NW corner of Grant & Addison: a twin/single mattress & box spring, in pretty good shape. @ 1817 Addison: added to the rope-upholstered chair, a smallish white microwave & a std filter coffeemaker with the carafe missing. Any normal-size one would work. -- Doug Finley Offer: Organic Shea Butter, South Berkeley - Brand new container (1/2 pint I think) of Nefti's Own organic, unscented shea butter. This was an impulse purchase at the Ashby Flea Market. The vendor told me that it can be used as sunscreen and that it blocks UV rays. I did some research and found that not to be entirely true; however, it's still good for the skin and hair and can be used as a moisturizer. Request: Help - For many years I have used Rob Kanter (“Odd Job Rob”) who can do anything — except painting. He can figure out anything, does it well, and doesn’t charge much. He often has the parts you need in his 1950s car. I’ve recommended him to many friends, who also love him. Rob’s home number is 510 595 9239, in Oakland. He does not have a cell phone or email and calls you back in the evening. Judy Kunofsky El Cerrito Request: Archery equipment for adult (Emeryville) - My daughter (8 years old) has had a passing interest in Archery for some time, and this weekend Grandma came down and got her a decent recurve bow from Decathlon. She had fun at the range but without a bow myself, I just sort of stood around as she did her thing. be a bit more fun if I could join in. Anyone have a bow sitting in a dusty corner? I am not choosy as long as its not dangerous to use and can actually put an arrow in something at 50 paces. thanks! josh Offer: Ceramic brake pads (central Berkeley) - Car died. Well now we don’t have to replace the brake pads... Bosch Quiet Cast. One set. Request: Glass Tupperware (Oakland) - I am searching for glass Tupperware to hold my leftover food. Would take new or maybe we can share. I have abunch and lids and maybe you have bottoms? If yes, you can have some lids and I can have some bottoms? And we are all happY :)
Offer: Large carpet remnant (Harbor Bay Neighborhood) - Beautiful large off white carpet remnant 8’2” x 9’3”
Offer: Curb alert: dresser, armoire (Woolsey St & Telegraph Ave) - Wooden dresser and armoire on corner of telegraph and Woolsey, by the Smokehouse. Also a cat scratching post and little wire shelf.
Offer: Brown Leather couch (Woolsey St & Telegraph Ave) - Full-size leather couch. Some wear and a small tear in one cushion. Missing one of the cushion buttons. Comfortable, just don’t want to move it with us. Sorry, skeleton not included.
Offer: Juicer (South Berkeley) - The Juiceman Juicer. Works, but is missing the part in the back that catches the pulp. A tall bowl or bucket is needed. Near Ashby BART Lori Request: Coffee/tea Mugs (South Berkeley area) - Looking for uncracked, unchipped mugs for an event, to pick up by the end of the week. Around mid- South Berkeley area, or at least not up in the hills. Thanks Lori Picking up on my bicycle Offer: Small side table, south-central Berkeley - It's vintage, maybe 1910's, dark wood, and small, only 17" square on the top. Good size for an entryway for tossing the mail and your keys on, but not substantial enough for anything heavy. The base is style known as harp-shaped; it has one small drawer, and the surface of the top is damaged and could do with refinishing. (I always covered it with a cloth so it didn't trouble me.) It's a bit hard to describe, please email me for photos. If you don't hear back from me within 12 hours it's already been promised. Thanks, Jenny Offer: Oatmeal (central Berkeley) - 2 unopened 25oz packages of Abound Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. "Best by 1/13/21." Pure oats, just mostly cooked so cooking time is only ~6min in a pot or microwave. The only thing wrong with them for me is that the small steel-cut bits get caught in my teeth.