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Request: Help with toys for Christmas (Petersburg) - Anything can help out kids age 4,3 Offer: Artificial Christmas Tree (Morrisville (Grace Park)) - This tree is in decent shape and comes in a storage bag with a tree stand. It does have lights on it, although not all of them work. I think the tree is 6-7’ tall. Super easy to put up- basically 3 pieces then it folds out. The ornaments and dog are not included. :)
Offer: Christmas tree (Spotsylvania near Breezewood) - Six foot mountain king tree. Only used twice. Not pre lit. Offer: 27" GE single wall oven (Earlysville Road) - We have a GE wall oven, model number J KP0 760 J3BG (might be J KP0 700 J3BG) that is about 30 years old and that was working until two days ago when it burned out a the bake element. These elements are maybe $40 and take 20" to replace, we did it about 6 years ago. It fits in a space 24 3/4 wide and 28” high and 24” deep. It is self cleaning and has been reliable, though with analog clock and styling of those olden days. It has been removed from service and has all the parts and screws except for the broken lower bake element. It’s not greasy but could use a good self-cleaning when the bake element is replaced. If no one claims it in a couple of days it will go for scrap. We live on Earlysville Road a mile north of the Ivy Creek bridge, on the way to the airport. You will need a truck or van to move it. Thanks!! Dennis
Request: help for children (Chesapeake Va) - I have 3 boys im trying to give a Christmas too there 9 13 and 15 the email on here isn’t one I have access to but you can email Offer: Behr piano (Culpeper 5 miles north of town) - Behr piano. Piano tuner says it is a better piano and tunes well and keeps tune. All keys work but some of the ivories have chipped off. Moving and can't take it with us.
Offer: Homeschool books (Culpeper 5 miles north of town) - I have a box of homeschool books. Mostly answer keys to MCP math but some Pace answer keys as well.
Offer: Construction leftovers (7 W Clay St 23220-front porch) - Joint compound, grout, cement, paint, staples, nails and more
Offer: gift boxes (Durham, west side) - for shirts, clothing items Request: Portable Washer/dryer or washer (Hillsborough near McDonalds) - This would be a longshot! Would anyone happen to have a portable washer, or portable washer dryer combo to give away? This would be the type that you can hook up a hose to the kitchen sink. Often used in trailers or RVs. Thanks so much! Offer: Freezer burned meat (Chapel Hill near 54/Meadowmont) - When I used Freecycle, some members made their own pet food. I gave away freezer burned meat for this purpose. I have freezer burned meat in my freezer awaiting this purpose. Please contact me if you would like these cuts. Offer: Kids books (Ballentine and Ingleside) - I've finished homeschooling my kiddos, clearing out the library. Near Ballentine and Ingleside. Offer: Purchased VHS Movies (Belmont) - Approx 50 new condition purchased VHS Movies. Photo is of about half of them, to give an idea of the type of titles. (Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, The Third Man, Bridges of Madison County, Forrest Gump, etc. etc.) Qyo3w
Request: Drying rack (Raleigh) - Requesting a drying rack for clothes! Thank you! 919-665-9450 Request: Training wheels (Ballentine and Ingleside) - Looking for training wheels for 6 year old. Thanks! Offer: Recliner couch and chair (Fox hill area) - Burgundy recliner couch. Oversized recliner chair. Used but still good if you need something to sit on.
Offer: Ironing Board (Near Menchville High School) - Okay condition, but squeaks a lot. Offer: Gently used junior clothes (Yorktown, Near Bridge) - Most are junior large. I think a younger teen might like. Please bless if not wanted. If Interested, let me know, I will be gathering more in the next few days. Can not deliver. Offer: Burgandy Lifting Chair (Off Maxwell Lane, NN) - The cover on it is worn, but I have matching arm covers that would cover most of the spots. Also, the lifting mechanism isn't working, but you can get a new remote (which is what it needs) fairly inexpensively online. We're putting if out for the trash tomorrow, so if you want it, speak up. Offer: Two seater sofa bed (Sedwick Road, SD) - Green cover, cat has scratched the back and sides but otherwise fine. Comfortable as a seat but not a very comfortable bed. A new mattress or mattress topper would make all the difference.
Offer: 12.75" dia. Microwave platter (Charlottesville near chs) - Platter includes the bearing ring. Request: Christmas stuff for my 3 kids (Esmont va) - I have 16 year old boy , 6 year old girl and 10 and a half month old boy Offer: Electric water pot to make hot H2O (stanardsville- near library.) - The electric base still works. The tab to turn it on-broke on one prong. I tried to fix it but I’m not very good at fixing things. This maybe can be repaired to continue using.
Offer: CPAP supplies for Resmed CPAP MACHI (stanardsville- near library.) - I get new supplies every 6 months for my CPAP machine. These are still in good shape and can be reused.
Offer: Various medical supplies used and (stanardsville- near library.) - Oxygen tubing, nasal cannulas, CPAP supplies, cervical neck devices, urinary incontinence pads, arm sling, chin straps, tubing connections. You can pick up near library in Stanardsville or I can drop off to you or meet you somewhere public. QNPws
Request: Puppy and kitten supplies or toys (22405) - Looking for any puppy or kitten items, toys, teething items, etc. Thanks!! Offer: Student Driver plaques for car (VB Rosemont and Silina) - These are 3 reflective white with large red letters and metallic backed so stick on the car (unless fiberglass). Use for added safety when teaching your young teen how to drive. We used 1 on each side and one on the back. Please list an estimated time/date of pickup for a reply. Request: Plastic storage totes needed in Hpt (Any part of Hampton) - Preferably large totes but any sizes are greatly needed.Perhaps you may be cleaning out old holiday items ( I love old items too, btw) and have some totes left over? Lids are preferred but not absolutely necessary.Also if you have a clothing rack or shoe rack it would be appreciated. Thank you so much!I can pick up most anytime. Request: Baby items (Norfolk) - expecting mom, I dont have much with baby stuffs and been laid off from work. I'm looking for help with the main items the other stuff I get. Once my income starts. I'm due in 2020. What to start asking help from now Request: tablet or laptop (Norfolk) - Full time mom student .Uses her phone to finish school and I really need help with laptop or tablet, I'm in my third year of college I attend Colorado Technical University for my bachelor