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Request: Drawer's (Westhoughton BL5) - Needed or dressing table for daughter moving thanks Offer: Drawer (Walshaw BL8) - Small Set of 3 drawers. Drawers themselves are quite ornate but the outer chest has seen better days. One side panel is coming away but should be fixable with wood glue. I bought this off ebay, someone appears to have attached a bit of lino to one side too. Be great for a shed or workshop or someone to upcycle maybe? . Pick up only as soon as possible
Offer: Electric fire (Eagley BL7) - Electric plug in fire, looks like a little multi fuel stove. Has been in my house during renovations so needs a little clean but but works fine! Request: extending ladder (Unsworth M45) - Hi, looking for an extending ladder, the longer the better (lightweight if possible), thanks Alan Request: Church candles (Thick ones) (Prestwich M25) - Hello I’m just wondering if anyone has any church candles they no longer use or need? I’m looking for the thick ones, to use in a fire place for decoration until I can afford to get the fireplace restored to its original state for an open fire. Thank you Offer: microwave (Radcliffe M26 off Ainsworth Rd) - Kenwood Microwave oven 25 litres with turntable, E rating. Good clean condition in perfect working order but door handle needs fixing. Free to collect Request: Dog clippers (Botany Bay PR6) - Has anybody got some dog clippers/trimmers that they don’t use anymore ? I would be able to give them a good home. Would collect. Thank you. Request: Washing machine (Chorley PR7) - My washing machine has finally given up and im desperate to replace it -i would appreciate any offers- as long as its in working order . Thankyou Offer: Shower enclosure (Redvales BL9) - 900mm shower base with L-shaped glass panels, Quite large and heavy. A van or estate car would be best. Request: Double Bed (Breightmet BL2) - I desperately need bed with mattress coz my bed bass has fallen apart due to bad damp damage & a mattress also coz the springs are braking & sticking out so if I lie on it you are most definetly gonna get a spring sticking into your body I've sick of springs poking into me wen trying to get sleep due to this happening to bed & mattress I'm having to sleep on floor which isn't comfortable at all especial now with this freezing cold weather please Request: Magazine Demo Discs (Winton M30) - Anyone have any like DVD/Games Demo Discs PSM/PSM2/PSM3 PSi2 XBOXWORLD XBOXTV PSW PLAY Let me know what you have and I can have them Here pictures are example help you understand
Offer: Leather sofa (M30) - Large 3 seater sofa..leather and fabric cushions.fabric cushions in very good condition..leather shows some wear. Very comfortable. For soon as possible.
Offer: Table (Eccles M30) - This is a wooden heavy table. It has done two generations so loads of marks including some recent crayon. It would be good for an up cycle or with a cloth. It has two small flaps on each side which makes it oval shaped when they are up. I have sat 6 round it but not loads of room it’s heavy and would probably do another two generations easily.
Offer: Briefcase - brown imitation crocodile (Starling BL8) - Brown imitation crocodile skin briefcase with shoulder strap - used but in reasonable condition Offer: Food (New Bury M28) - Lots of FREE FOOD ( mixed) A little help just before Xmas:) Collection in worsley
Offer: Fibre Optic Christmas Tree (Fernhill Gate BL3) - This tree is missing its base so does not light up but you may be able to fix it. It's 3 to 4 ft tall. Please include a contact number with your response. Thanks Offer: Sturdy Cardboard Boxes (Fernhill Gate BL3) - Several sturdy cardboard boxes suitable for removal, storage etc. Please include a contact number with your response. Thanks Offer: Wooden Coat Hangers (Bottling Wood WN1) - 14 Wooden Coat Hangers. Majority heavy duty ones - suitable for Gents suits / Jacket. Offer: Clothing Racks (Bottling Wood WN1) - Two clothing Racks available, one heavy duty, the other a little lighter weight.
Offer: Ironing board (Bottling Wood WN1) - Light weight ironing board available if anyone can use it. Request: free traners (Springfield BL2) - sise 9 Request: Flat screen TV (Springfield BL2) - which will accept dss any area Offer: Large tree trunk sections (Eccles M6) - Two large tree trunk sections. Ideal for carving into a table, chair, etc or chopping into fire wood. Very heavy items
Request: desktop pc (Pendlebury M27) - my computer is on its last legs just need tower nothing else thanks in advance Request: Clothes and shoes for homeless shelter (Burnden BL3) - Hi all of you kind people, do you have any of the following to spare for the Bolton homeless night shelter? Track suit bottoms gents and ladies medium and large Hoodies or sweatshirts gents and ladies medium and large Slippers gents sizes 8, 9 and 10, and ladies size 5 and 6 Socks, boxer shorts and knickers all sizes preferably new Shorts and t shirts gents medium and large for sleeping in. Thanks so much for looking If you could deliver to great lever, BL3 2NF I would be most grateful as I don't drive, but if not and you have a few items I may be able to arrange collection. Thank you in advance. Julie Happy Freegling xx Offer: Mrs Edwards (M30) - Large 3 seater sofa..leather and fabric cushions.fabric cushions in very good condition..leather shows some wear. Very comfortable. For soon as possible.
Offer: Mrs Edwards (Salford. M30) - Large 3 seater sofa. Brown leather and fabric cushions. Fabric cushions very good condition..leather shows some wear. Very comfortable.
Request: Matching pair lightshades (WA3 oakwood) - Any Request: TV cabinet (WA3 oakwood) - Anything Offer: TV stand on casters (Doffcocker BL1) - Black chipboard 68cm wide, 40cm deep and 46cm high. It's old but we were using it until yesterday with a 32" TV so not much wrong with it really. Probably from MFI or similar.