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Offer: I. Pad case (West Chester, pa) - Pink never used iPad Air and air 2 size
Photo of free I. Pad case (West Chester, pa)
Photo of free I. Pad case (West Chester, pa)
Offer: iPad case (West Chester, pa) - Hard cover, For iPad Air and air 2
Photo of free iPad case (West Chester, pa)
Photo of free iPad case (West Chester, pa)
Offer: Dining Rm chairs (Penn Valley, PA) - 2 arm chairs 4 chairs Solid wood chairs with gold fabric
Photo of free Dining Rm chairs (Penn Valley, PA)
Offer: Bed frame for twin (West Chester) - Excellent condition, light weight, for single (twin) mattress.
Photo of free Bed frame for twin (West Chester)
Offer: Glasses Assorted (broomall) - 8 oz and 4 oz. great for individual/couple. New condition. Easy contactless pickup.
Photo of free Glasses Assorted (broomall)
Offer: Cute Tin (Media/Swarthmore area) Promised - 3.5” square and 5” tall
Photo of free Cute Tin (Media/Swarthmore area)
Offer: Cups and plates (Media/Swarthmore area) Promised - Solo cups, paper hot cups, dessert size styrofoam plates.
Photo of free Cups and plates (Media/Swarthmore area)
Photo of free Cups and plates (Media/Swarthmore area)
Offer: Household Plants (4) (Telford) - (2) Schefflera's (2) Peace Lily's
Photo of free Household Plants (4) (Telford)
Photo of free Household Plants (4) (Telford)
Offer: Bubble wrap, envelopes, boxes (Ambler/Maple Glen 19002) - Mailing/ packing supples: 2 boxes clean bubble wrap & plastic air pillows 20 or so padded mailing envelopes, used once, most labels removed, sm, med & lg 15-20 small & medium boxes, various sizes -- used once, sent from Amazon, flattened for easy storage, sturdy & clean Covid Free House * covered front porch pick up Offer: 2 couches 1 armchair (New Hope, PA) - FREE antique armchair and matching couch (green) along with another couch (beige with wood accents). All in decent shape. Located in garage for social distancing purposes totally contactless. Unable to help so please make sure you are able to lift and move it. 2 people should be ok for moving.
Photo of free 2 couches 1 armchair (New Hope, PA)
Photo of free 2 couches 1 armchair (New Hope, PA)
Offer: Decorative leaf canopy (Broomall) - I have 2 of these from IKEA. They were over my daughter's bed. Hardware to attach to wall is included.
Photo of free Decorative leaf canopy (Broomall)
Photo of free Decorative leaf canopy (Broomall)
Offer: Yamaha mixing console (Broomall) Promised - This hasn't been used for years, but I believe it works fine. It might be good for a young musician starting a band.
Photo of free Yamaha mixing console (Broomall)
Offer: Karaoke Machine (Broomall) Promised - This connects to your TV and displays the lyrics while the cd plays. We haven't used it for a few years, but it was fun when we did. There are a few cds included.
Photo of free Karaoke Machine (Broomall)
Request: Tanke para mes pescados. Graseas (Bethlehem18017) - 10 graseas Request: Broken TV's (Bensalem, PA) - If you have any televisions 50 inches or larger that don't work anymore and you need to get rid of them I can take them off of your hands. Offer: Whirlpool dishwater (Just over the DE line into PA) - Stainless Steel... Working condition. 2-3 years old Request: Christmas Tree (Bensalem, PA) - I just moved out of state into my very first apartment and Im in need of some holiday decorations. All of my money is going towards the bills and my career that I'm using to support a good cause and I can use the help with a tree. I need a fake tree 7 feet or smaller. 5-6 feet would be ideal. Request: Canine cart wheels for large dog (Center city/West Philadelphia) - I have an aging 14 year old large 54 pound dog and am in need of wheels for my dog’s back legs. If any one has a spare pair they could part with or I could borrow, I’d really appreciate it. I can pick up most weekdays. Thanks. Request: Baby bouncer seat (Blue Bell) Offer: Moving Boxes (Bensalem, PA) - Different sized cardboard boxes. Free boxes for anyone who is moving and doesn't want to pay staples. Most are medium-large. Drop off : 8 miles max 1 extra large 11 large-medium large 8 small-extra small
Photo of free Moving Boxes (Bensalem, PA)
Offer: child shade chair (Springfield, Delco) Promised - Child-size shade sports-watching chair - seat a little stained by juice probably
Photo of free child shade chair (Springfield, Delco)
Offer: pet gate (Springfield, Delco) Promised - 27" tall - fits opening 60" to 103"
Photo of free pet gate (Springfield, Delco)
Offer: sanding bits (Springfield, Delco) - collection of sanding bits
Photo of free sanding bits (Springfield, Delco)
Request: Computer Parts (Bensalem, PA) - Computer parts can't predate 2017 Requesting: •Desktop towers and empty cases • Laptops •Computer mice (wireless USB) •RAM sticks (DDR 3 and DDR 4 only) •Motherboards •Hard Drives •CPU's •Keyboards (HDMI only) •HDMI compatible monitors (34 inches or larger) •Sound Cards • Graphics Cards Broken PCs and cracked screens are acceptable if I can use for working parts. Request: Stroller (for my little dog) (West Philly) - Doesnt need to be in great condition. Our dog had leg surgery and cannot walk for a few weeks, but she doesnt like staying home when we walk our other dog. Wonder if anyone has an old stroller we could use? Since its for a small (16 lb) dog, it can be in dirty or older condition--she wont care. We'll just be happy to have a way to bring her along safely. Offer: Beach Chair (Springfield, Delco) Promised
Photo of free Beach Chair (Springfield, Delco)
Offer: plastic containers (Springfield, Delco) Promised - 4 pairs of Dollar Store plastic containers
Photo of free plastic containers (Springfield, Delco)
Offer: IKEA accordian-arm mirror (Springfield, Delco) Promised
Photo of free IKEA accordian-arm mirror (Springfield, Delco)
Offer: Teak Trio (Springfield, Delco) - hardly used - a little of the cleaner is gone but the other two bottles are full
Photo of free Teak Trio (Springfield, Delco)
Offer: Game of Thrones - Book Series (West Chester, pa) - Great condition
Photo of free Game of Thrones - Book Series (West Chester, pa)