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Offer: 70" Sony TV - It works great, but its just too big for our needs anymore. Contact me to come pick it up Offer: Kitchen Table, WVC 3500 S near 6800 W - Seats 6, used, solid table. David Palmer Offer: Used Couch, WVC, 3500 S near 6800 W - From a smoke-free, pet-free home. Stored outside under shelter for the last few months. Dusty, still works fine. David Palmer Offer: King Size Mattress, WVC 3500 S near 6800 W - From a smoke-free, pet-free home. Clean, used, has indentations from being slept on. Still in reasonable condition. David Palmer Offer: 7 cans of LaCroix mineral water, SLC 1700E near 1100S - Bought a case and drank one can only to find I didn't like this flavor-Limoncello. Happy to give the other 7 cans to someone who will enjoy it. Request: yarn- all kinds (South Salt Lake City) - Happy Holiday fellow Covid fighters 😷 I am involved in many volunteer projects that consists of knitting hats for various recipients. Homeless shelters, lower income elementary schools, cancer centers, and foster children to name several. Any little bit helps. If you aren't using it I'll make it into something cute for a child, or dapper for a homeless but not forgotten gentleman. Not to mention something soft and dignified for someone who has surcomed to the big C. A big huge thank you in advanced ♡
Photo of yarn- all kinds (South Salt Lake City)
Photo of yarn- all kinds (South Salt Lake City)
Offer: HuskyStar 215 sewing machine (taken all apart) in Taylorsville 54th So and 30th West - I inherited this machine from my mother-in-law, and it worked beautifully for some hard, thick projects. Then I loaned it to my daughter to make some placemats, and it froze up and the handwheel on the side wouldn't turn all the way around. My husband and I took it all apart trying to see what wasn't turning on the inside-and we gave up. If you are inclined to repair and reassemble this cute sewing machine, you have my blessing! (WE didn't bother to put it back together-sorry. Email me at Offer: pop-up sprinkler heads, 1 bag full in Taylorsville (30th West and 54th So.) - We redid our sprinkler system, and my husband kept lots of sprinkler heads that work fine. They are pop-up sprays. Mostly rainbird, but some odd ones, too. Email Offer: sheet metal, roofing nails, equalizer hitch, cpap machine in Taylorsville (30th west and 54th So) - 3 rectangle pieces of sheet metal for crafts or magnet boards One small bucket of roofing nails. Equalizer hitch with no sway bars (ours were stolen) Old CPAP machine I got at a thrift store-I know nothing about the hours or the settings Email me at Offer: Ceiling Fans (North Ogden) - Remodeling two ceiling fans both work fine with all components
Photo of free Ceiling Fans (North Ogden)
Offer: non-working dishwasher in Taylorsville 54th so and 30th west - I don't know what to do with this old dishwasher. If you have good ideas for its use or know where I can take it, please email me at Offer: 2 foam pads for changing table + one crib mattress in Taylorsville at 54th so and 30th west - Two foam pads for a changing table One crib mattress Email me at fraz52@comcast Porch delivery, no contact Offer: baby mattress (Springville) Promised - pediatric mattress for cribs and child beds, in great condition
Photo of free baby mattress (Springville)
Offer: Ceiling fan/lighting parts (West Valley City) - This is an old ceiling fan ( also an old porch light fixture in the box). The light fixture portion of the fan works great if connected to a wall switch, but the pull chains to turn on the fan or the light from the fixture itself are broken. If you're more handy than me you might be able to get it working or just use as a garage light, repurpose blades, etc. It's also a heavy chunk of metal that be worthwhile for scrap. Just giving it a chance to be used before I have to dump it in the trash( the next curbside pickup is the 8th, so it will have to go out then), because I really need the space it's taking up!
Photo of free Ceiling fan/lighting parts (West Valley City)
Offer: pine wood chips mulch east side SLC - Fresh pine chip and a little pine straw mulch. Weed free. It looks good in our yard. We have a bunch of wheelbarrows at least a 1/2 pickup full left over if anyone wants any please reply/email for the address and pics. East of Liberty Park. Request: Fiberglass shower (Syracuse) - 36x36 fiberglass shower w/no tub preferably.