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Request: Electric guitar cable (Bloomington - near IU) - Any length/color of electric guitar cable Request: Coffee grinder (Bloomington - near IU) - Just looking for any sort of small coffee grinder Request: Flooring (Louisville KY) - Our house just recently flooded entire house, in diar need of some flooring, any kind. Scrao vinyl or carpet would be so appreciated.
Photo of Flooring (Louisville KY)
Request: Boys and girls clothes (Bloomington Indiana) - Newborn boys, 2t boys, 3t boys 2t girls and 6x girls Request: Toddler Bed Sheets (Bloomington Indiana) - Looking for boys and girls toddler bed sheets Offer: Double bed (Prospect Hill) - Great condition, mattress and box spring, and mattress cover
Photo of free Double bed (Prospect Hill)
Request: Metal or iron Beds or gates (,Bloomington) - I am looking for old iron or metal beds that are rusty or do not have the rails. They don't have to be in great shape but somewhat decorative. I will be using the head board and floorboards only. They don't even have to be old but just metal andndecorative or old gates. Request: Deep Freeze needed bad (Lexington/Georgetown line) - I live in a camper and have no way to store food my freezer is built into the refrigerator and doesn't hold much. I need to be able to save money on food instead of buying it everyday I can't afford a new one and I check the yard sale sites everyday in search of one Request: Plants (Camp Taylor) - Looking for any hostas or ferns Offer: Al-Kitaab textbook 3rd edition (Bloomington - near campus) - Has some writing in it and a small tear in the spine, but still usable. Used in IU's Arabic A100 and A150 classes.
Photo of free Al-Kitaab textbook 3rd edition (Bloomington - near campus)
Offer: Dishwasher (Fern Creek, KY) - Stainless dishwasher. Still works but needs repair. Was squealing and not cleaning well. Probably easy fix if you are handy but I don’t have time. Behind my office: 6521 Bardstown Rd.
Photo of free Dishwasher (Fern Creek, KY)
Photo of free Dishwasher (Fern Creek, KY)
Photo of free Dishwasher (Fern Creek, KY)
Request: Any furniture (louisville West end) - Any would help Request: Moving Boxes (Fairdale) - If anyone has moving boxes. Please let me know. Request: Washer and dryer (Louisville) - Dont care if they have small problems. If I can'tget it to work I will scrap and put money toward a set. I can pick up.Thank you. Offer: Household items (south side) - Bike carrier, inversion table, cornice board, pots and pans
Photo of free Household items (south side)
Photo of free Household items (south side)
Request: Furniture (Dupont, In. will travel) - I'm in great need of a couple of bookcases and a good size shelf racks a bakers rack and ant free standing clothes rack to hang them on. Thank you so much for consideration and time. Request: Cat Supplies (Crestmont Community) - In need of cat supplies. Recently took in a kitten (her mother got ran over 😰). Just started a new job but don't get my first paycheck for 3 weeks. In need of -Litter -Dry Cat Food -Collar -Toys If any items listed are available, it'd be much appreciated. Thank you! -bJeremy Shane Wolfe 🐺
Photo of Cat Supplies (Crestmont Community)
Request: Sewing machine (PRP) - Fully functional please Request: garden containers (south side) - large sized garden containers wanted for container gardening. I will also gladly rehome any perennial plants you have. Request: Washer and dryer (Louisville) - Dont care if they have small problems if they work. I can pick up.Thank you. Offer: File Cabinet (Green Twp) - Two "drawers" and hanging folders.Used/ like new.
Photo of free File Cabinet (Green Twp)
Offer: Yard sale left overs (Hardinsburg) - Will update when all taken 489 old Kirk Axtel Roadr
Photo of free Yard sale left overs (Hardinsburg)
Request: carpet shampooer / wet dry vac (Breckinridge) - ISO: carpet shampooer or wet/dry vac Offer: Shredder (Prospect Hill) - Fellows, in good condition Request: Plants edible or indoor & pots (Shively) - Just relocated and am searching for a variety to get me started. Snake plant ( aka mother-in-law tongue) Spider plant, or herbs etc. Request: pool or Swing set (Vine Grove / Radcliff ky) - Kids are boredand pools and parks are closed for the most part. Offer: Stove (Cynthiana ky) - Black standard stove pick up for free Offer: Futon/Sofa Bed (Hamburg) - Red upholstery. Removable Velcro arm rests. Some stains, needs a deep cleaning from Cat hair.
Photo of free Futon/Sofa Bed (Hamburg)
Photo of free Futon/Sofa Bed (Hamburg)
Request: Outside playhouse (Florence/union) - I'm getting some outside toys for the kids. I’d love to have a playhouse if anything is available. Request: clothes for women (Lexington Kentucky) - Small or medium. I am 22 year old and have two kids. I am looking for clothes to wear for my self or for my kids. One is 3 year or and the one is 1 and half year