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Request: Artificial leafy garlands (Downtown Hamilton) - Looking for artificial leafy garlands!! Request: Tanks with mesh lids (Downtown Hamilton) - Will take in 33+ gallon tanks preferably with screen lids. Offer: Light bulbs, Nightlight Size (Stanley Park, Kitchener) - Several green and a few red bulbs All new All night light size 15W Offer for all bulbs Porch pick up Suzanne in Stanley Park, Kitchener
Offer: Steam Mop Covers (Stanley Park, Kitchener) - Washable and disposable covers for a steam mop. Already gave away the steam mop over a year ago Just found these! If you have a use please ask for them. Porch pick up Suzanne in Stanley Park, Kitchener
Offer: Pet Travel Cup (Stanley Park, Kitchener) - This comes with the plastic water bottle because the mouth is the correct size for the watercup. Can't seem to find any the right size in the past few years. Take off top, fill for pet to drink from, toss remainder and put back on bottle. 🙂 Only giving away because my dog was given a new one. Clips on leash, pants, anything! Porch pick up Suzanne in Stanley Park, Kitchener
Offer: Scoby for Kombucha Brewing (Guelph - St. George’s) - I have some Scoby for Kombucha brewing if you are interested in trying or you want to restart your hobby. We are close to downtown Guelph. Request: Cloth rack (Guelph) - Hi. I would like to find a cloth hanger to dry my clothes. My hydro bill is crazy high. Thank you. Offer: Plastic Drawers -2 (Downtown Guelph) - I have two of these drawers available. Used for crafts but no longer needed.
Offer: Body lotions and body spray (Guelph) - Never used.
Offer: Wine and glass rack (downtown Hamilton, James North) - perfect condition, just some wear
Offer: set of 17 Olympic torch glasses (downtown Hamilton, James North) - perfect condition and all wrapped in protective wrap
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Offer: Zensa Numbing Cream (South end Guelph) - Half full (30g original size - now 15g). Expires in March 2020. Could be used for itchiness, tattoos, or laser hair removal. Offer: Voltaren Original 20G (South end Guelph) - Never used. Expires in March 2020. Request: Book ends (South end Guelph) - Hello, I am looking for Bookends. Any colour, size, or shape would be great. I need around five bookends but even one would be great. Thank you. Offer: Crock-pot (Stanley Park, Kitchener) - Well used and still worked perfectly. One handle has fallen off and the second is threatening to do so soon. I was given a new one for Christmas and finally made the transition. New handles could easily be attached if you take base off. Please give reason you wish to be chosen. Porch pick up or arranged time available. Suzanne in Stanley Park, Kitchener
Offer: Corner Shelf (Stanley Park, Kitchener) - Corner style shelf Needs a bit of fixing... see photo Does come apart easily if you can't take it whole. See photo for screw type. Porch pick up Suzanne in Stanley Park, Kitchener
Offer: Books (Stanley Park, Kitchener) - These books were given to me while I was at my storage facility. The friend whom I thought may wish some, does not, so all are ready for you to take! Gift away what you don't wish! Porch pick up Suzanne in Stanley Park, Kitchener
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Offer: Onion skins (Kitchener, downtown) - For dye-making Offer: Amber bottles (Kitchener, downtown) - Bag of glass amber bottles that held tinctures. Maybe useful for any herbalists or folks making homemade body care products. Request: Cloth hanger (Guelph) - Hi. I would like to find a cloth hanger to dry my clothes. My hydro bill is crazy high. Thank you. Request: Transfer type wheelchair (Downtown Guelph) - We need to borrow a light weight wheelchair (transfer type) to take my mother to some appointments. She is elderly and just had a hip replacement. Thanks. We can pick up and return. Offer: Size 7-8 boys clothes (south guelph) - 1 large bag of clothes to offer. Offer: Owens Corning Acoustic Insulation (Stanley Park area of Kitchener) - Acoustic Insulation (for use with 2 X 4 Wood Studs) - 3.5" - have a bunch of (most of) batts left over from a full bag. Pick-up Wednesday, or weekends. When replying please share some options as to when you might be able to pick up. Offer: Brita Water Filter Pitcher (Stanley Park area of Kitchener) - It might be either the 5, or 6-cup version. I have an RO now, so no longer need this. Works well... just needs filters. Pick up is best on Wednesdays & weekends. Please state some times you could pick-up when responding. Offer: Hide-a-bed 66" couch (Lakeshore/Browns Line) - Old original Simmons Hide-a-Bed small couch, 66 inches wide, with red floral pattern, material worn in places. Double/full size mattress was replaced with slightly more comfortable futon, hardly used used and clean. No stains, no bedbugs, photos available. Was in daily use in the living room and we finally got around to getting a new couch. Lakeshore / Browns Line.
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Offer: Reclining couch (West flamborough by clappison) - Beige, it's too tall and deep for me with my hip injury. Cat friendly home, smoke free home. Must be able to load it. Backs to come off
Offer: Obus form (Stanley Park area of Kitchener) - It's older, but still does what it's intended to do. It has a movable, velcroed, lumbar support. Pick up Wednesday or weekends - please let me know some times that might work. Preference to earliest pick-ups. Offer: 700 Piece Puzzle (Stanley Park area of Kitchener) - Panorama - landscape Pick-up possible on Wednesdays & weekends - prefer soonest p/u. Request: Turntable (Cambridge, downtown Galt) - Hello all! Am looking for a turntable to play records on....if you have one that has a good quality needle, in good working condition and aren't using it anymore, I would like to take it off your hands!! Thank you! Request: Cell phone (waterloo) - Cell phone required for in-laws. Simple but still OK to be used. Thank you.