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Request: Jogging stroller (Southport) - My tiny dog’s age is catching up with him. He can’t walk as far as he used to and it hurts my back to carry him for long. Does anyone have a jogging stroller they don’t need any more? It would help us both to go farther on our walks. Thank you! Request: Boys and girls clothes (Bloomington Indiana) - Newborn boys, 2t boys, 3t boys 2t girls and 6x girls Request: Toddler Bed Sheets (Bloomington Indiana) - Looking for boys and girls toddler bed sheets Offer: Gloves (Fortville) - Two pairs of small gloves. Black ones are very thin and the red ones are warmer.
Photo of free Gloves (Fortville)
Photo of free Gloves (Fortville)
Offer: Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville) - All belts are small/medium
Photo of free Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville)
Photo of free Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville)
Photo of free Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville)
Photo of free Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville)
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Offer: Fingerless knit gloves (Fortville) - Small/medium
Photo of free Fingerless knit gloves (Fortville)
Offer: Assorted CDs (Fortville) - Old CDs about 15 years old. Don't have a CD player to test the quality
Photo of free Assorted CDs (Fortville)
Offer: Color guard gloves (Fortville) - Two pairs of small/medium gloves that were used for color guard
Photo of free Color guard gloves (Fortville)
Photo of free Color guard gloves (Fortville)
Offer: Double bed (Prospect Hill) - Great condition, mattress and box spring, and mattress cover
Photo of free Double bed (Prospect Hill)
Request: Metal or iron Beds or gates (,Bloomington) - I am looking for old iron or metal beds that are rusty or do not have the rails. They don't have to be in great shape but somewhat decorative. I will be using the head board and floorboards only. They don't even have to be old but just metal andndecorative or old gates. Request: Stepping stones (FW/46805) - I'm looking for landscaping stepping stones similar to what's in the picture. Doesn't have to be exactly like that.
Photo of Stepping stones (FW/46805)
Request: Compost bin (FW/46805) - I'm looking for a barrel style composter for my back yard. Preferably the kind that rotates and churns the compost material. Request: singer featherweight sewing machine (Martinsville, Indiana) - Maybe you have a sewing room from your mom or grandma that don’t sew anymore, I do!!! I would put it to good use, patterns, fabric also Offer: Short Wing Piper Club magazines (Oxford twp. Springwood subdivi) - A collection of over 100 monthly news magazines. OF LIMITED INTEREST but may be of interest to new Piper Tripacer tripacer airplane owners or fans.
Photo of free Short Wing Piper Club magazines (Oxford twp. Springwood subdivi)
Offer: All weather mats for Yukon/YukonXL (West Clay) - Grey / brown color Mostly clean
Photo of free All weather mats for Yukon/YukonXL (West Clay)
Request: Leggings bras makeup Anythig (Westside) - Lost it all andhomeless living with friends with no job it's a mess PLEASE HELP!!! Offer: Al-Kitaab textbook 3rd edition (Bloomington - near campus) - Has some writing in it and a small tear in the spine, but still usable. Used in IU's Arabic A100 and A150 classes.
Photo of free Al-Kitaab textbook 3rd edition (Bloomington - near campus)
Request: Pallets (Sullivan IN) - Looking for FREE wood pallets Request: Pack and Plays for Toddlers (Decatur indiana) - I need 3 pack and plays for my babies please help Offer: “J” decor (Muncie/ Near Campus) - If you or your daughter have a J initial, I have a ton of“J”s for decoration that I just don’t have room for anymore since now I’m engaged and I don’t want to fill our house with just my own initial haha but if you have a j initial and are interested message me and I can send pics of what I have! Thanks!! Request: Queen box spring (Muncie/ Near Campus) - Recently moved and the staircase to go up is too small to fit a one piece box spring, so I am in need of a two piece queen box spring. Thank you!! Request: Bricks or Rocks (Muncie/ Near Campus) - Hi! I have a fire pit in my backyard that doesn’t have any border or anything anymore and I would love to be able to add some sort of circularborder Of bricks or large rocks. I also have a scrater in my front yard from a tree being removed that I would love to put a border around andmake it a little flower area. I am willing to drive to pick up so even if you are a bit farther away, please still contact me! Thanks!! Request: Garden Wood Lattice (North Lafayette) - Wood lattice sheet size 4x8 minimum. Thank you. Will p/u. Request: Kids clothes (Decatur indiana) - 4t -5t in boy clothes and boyshoe's 5 and6 6-7months in girl clothes I would really appreciate The help. Request: Appliances (Decatur indiana) - Any color microwave pot's andPan's Offer: Crochet Magazines (Pendleton) - Have many Crochet Magazines - willing to drop off to you Offer: Household items (south side) - Bike carrier, inversion table, cornice board, pots and pans
Photo of free Household items (south side)
Photo of free Household items (south side)
Offer: Costume goggles (Fortville) - Steampunk-esque goggles
Photo of free Costume goggles (Fortville)
Offer: Necklace and bracelet (Fortville) - Small/medium prayer knot bracelet and a necklace made of a cord and circular stone
Photo of free Necklace and bracelet (Fortville)
Offer: Backpack (Fortville) - The bottle sleeve on the side is torn and the bottom of the largest pocket is a bit thin. Has a laptop sleeve.
Photo of free Backpack (Fortville)