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Request: Stakes and bricks (12south/green hills) - For laying out and completing backyard project Offer: Gas Leaf blower and weed eater (Crieve Hall) - Both start, but don't run well. Think it's probably a leaky fuel line or something. Offer: Sleeper sofa (Oak Hill) - Very comfortable couch with queen sleeper sofa. Just finished a remodel and no longer works in the space. Chaise can be on the left or right.
Request: microwave/household items (Nashville) - Hello! I was looking to see if anyone had a microwave that they wanted to give to a good home...honestly my husband and I would put to use everyday. We also just got married and moved into a new home, so if there any household furniture or general items that someone wants to get rid of then I'm your gal! Thanks so much everyone Offer: Couch and chair MUST GO by 10/22 (Franklin) - Brown/gold large couch and chair. Upholstery is worn but not ripped.Must get rid of today or early tomorrow to make room for replacement set, can deliver in Franklin area, contact me for other locations.
Request: Living room furniture (Summer ave) - Seeking sofa and loveseat Request: 80 gallon or larger (Northside Columbia) - I recently took in a bearded dragon and she needs a bigger terrarium or aquarium tank. The one she came with is too small as she is full grown and needs at least a 75 gallon aquarium. If you have one around 100 gallons, we would be very grateful. Request: Terra cotta garden pots (Berry Hill) - All sizes but prefer large and no crack running through. Request: freshwater tank items (Oak Grove Kentucky) - I’m specifically looking for someone that might have an overpopulation of freshwater fish or plants. I’d happily take them or any tanks or supplies off your hands.
Request: diapers (Brick church pike, Nashville T) - I need 3t to 4t pullups or size 6 diapers please my daighters been sick I cant drive have no car i walk 5 miles to and from work everyday and i need help please and thank you Request: Aquatic breeder (West nashville) - Intermediate level breeder looking to expand. Any fish supplies,tanks,books,ECT.