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Offer: Locking medication bag. (Townsend) - Canvas keyed case for safe storage. Size 8” x 10”. Used for hospice medications and supplies.
Request: Gravel, crushed or small stone (Keene nh) - Looking for gravel, crushed or small stone to put in a horse area to help with the mud. Request: Stall mats (Keene nh) - Looking for horse stall mats, any size. Needed to help keep a horse stall dry. Request: Cast Iron pans (Chichester, nh) - Do you have cast iron pans that you no longer use or don't want hanging around. I would love them... Thanks for taking the time to read. Request: Wood Stain (Chichester, nh) - Do you have partial cans of stain? I am looking for some for small projects, so even partial cans will work nicely. Thanks for your consideration. Request: Quilt batting (Keene-ish) - Hello! Looking for quilt batting....doesn't matter whether it is cotton or polyester. Large pieces are ok too! Thank you! Offer: Small cat litter box (S. Hadley) - 9" x 13" small litter box. Maroon. Clean - haven't used in a while. Pick up in S. Hadley Offer: toilet (putney vt) - used toilet, needs a good cleaning. Offer: Child Life Swing Set (Northampton) - Accessories in perfect condition. Structure in need of some repair. Comes apart for transport.
Request: Lounge / lawn Chair (Brunswick) - Looking for lounge chair. Can be lawn chair type. Anything that lays flat will do. Offer: 40 cardboard mailing tubes (Downtown Shelburne Falls, MA) - 40 tubes each 4" x 13 1/2" w/ plastic end caps
Offer: Light Fixtures (Clifton Park) - 3 light fixtures that were replaced by ceiling fans.
Offer: Cardboard tubes (Downtown Shelburne Falls, MA) - 40 tubes -13 1/2" X 2" with plastic end caps. Use for mailing or storage Request: A stationary bike (Springfield, VT) - simple but sturdy Offer: Twin inner spring mattress (Sunderland) - Not going to claim this is particularly comfortable, but it is a mattress and may be better than nothing for someone.
Offer: Ceiling fan (S. Hadley) - 5 light wood color plastic? blades 20" long. Fixture is 10" top to bottom (measured from ceiling). NO LIGHT. Works, just too low for my ceilings. In S. Hadley, but can bring to Amherst.
Request: Lead line saddle & riding clothes (Keene nh) - I am looking for a lead line or small saddle to start teaching my granddaughters to ride. Also looking for any riding gear to fit 4 to 5 year olds. Thanks Request: wood stove (Antrim NH) - I'm looking for a wood stove to replace the tiny antique one I have in my living room. Offer: black walnuts (Off French Meadow) - A bumper crop of black walnuts. I have two milk crates full of them. Bring you own containers. Request: DVD player (Albany, NY) - In desperate need of a DVD player ASAP. Thank you! Offer: Upright piano (Elizabethtown) - Amazingly well toned and tuned old piano that’s been stored in my shed. One key needs an ivory and another doesn’t come up all the way but does play.
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Request: fish tank with pump (Townsend) - Granddaughter adopted 6 gold fish & I need some place to keep them. Offer: Leather chair and ottoman (Village of Chatham NY) - Can be fixed up. Some leather and glue for armrest and repair rip on ottoman? Definite potential
Offer: Crib with storage drawer (Middle Grove) - Takes a standard crib mattress. There are some chew/bite marks (left side as pictured).
Request: toaster (near Hinsdale NH) - Looking for a working toaster, for toast, bagels etc. Not a toaster oven. Request: Computers/Electronics (Troy NY) - Looking for old or just unwanted computers and computer parts. All computers and parts will be refurbished and redonated for people/families in need. Any and all hard drives would be erased. I do not accept crt monitors or older printers. Also in need of TVs as i have familes of house fires in need of them Request: small treadmill or stationary bike (Keene-ish) - Hello! Looking for a small, working, treadmill or stationary bike. Offer: tires (Scarff Avenue Burlington) - Three sets of tires
Request: Push mower (Antrim NH) - I'm looking for a working, gas powered, push mower. Offer: Universsal sewing machine (Union St. Peterborough NH) - Vintage Universal electric sewing machine with wooden cabinet and attachments. It has worked very well since I bought it new in 1967. I've been told that it probably needs a good cleaning, tune up to get it running again. Solid metal and quite heavy, free to someone who wants to invest a little time in a very good machine.