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Offer: Stack of Tea Towels - take all (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - Porch pick up. Check your junk mail for my response if u ask for any of my items. Roeli
Offer: Scientific American Mag (Penfield, NY) - I have boxes of Scientific American magazines from 1982 to 2000. All in good condition. I will deliver to a library or school. Request: Metal watering cans (West Bayfront) - Free from serious dents. Request: Artificial leafy garlands (Downtown Hamilton) - Looking for artificial leafy garlands!! Request: Tanks with mesh lids (Downtown Hamilton) - Will take in 33+ gallon tanks preferably with screen lids. Offer: Mens Pants - 36 x 32 + sweat pants (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - & Short Sleeve Adidas Polo Shirt Pants are Dockers and Calvin Klein. Sweat pants lined are Adidas. Very good condition. All clean ready to wear. Porch pick up. Check your junk mail for my response if u ask for any of my items. Roeli
Offer: Men size Large Clothes-pants/shirts (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - 5 Pants - 36 x 32 Brand Names, 6 Shirts size 16 1/2 (large) Brand Names 1 belt. 1 Sweater Very good condition. All clean ready to wear. Porch pick up. Check your junk mail for my response if u ask for any of my items. Roeli
Offer: Ashton Drake doll (River Oaks) - Dickens Sotherby
Offer: Puzzle (River Oaks) - 1957 Ontario counties and regions
Offer: Chair (River Oaks) - Wooden, folds up Green-grey A cute garden display or funky indoor item
Offer: Booklet about cave paintings (Beechwood) - Small paper booklet about cave drawings in the southwest. May be good for a burgeoning scientist/anthropologist. can pickup or I’m happy to mail it also.
Offer: Refrigerator (Corning, ny) - Side by side off white. Free for those who collect scrap metal in my area. Offer: Money trees (Burlington Maple view) - large
Request: Iphone older model, unlocked - plz (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - For a friend of mine. Her phone was robbed and the one she have is on the blink. Can you help out my friend? Thanking you in advance. We can pick up. Roeli Offer: small white ikea dining table (Burlington) - 29.5" L X 29.5 W X 29" H (standard height will accept most chairs) good for an extra table, kids room art table or as a dining room table. metal legs, painted wooden top. would like to give this to someone asap, table is fully assembled & i dont think it will fit in a car unless you can put it on your roof. pickup only in south west Burlington, close to the walmart has very small blemishes just needs to be cleaned. sure it will look brand new after it's clean. was used as an art table for my children & has been through a tough life & has stood strong since early 2017.
Request: Dresser (white if possible) (Hamilton) - Hi there.looking for a white dresser to replace my daughter's Ikea one, which is slowly but surely exploding. Can pick up. Offer: Wine and glass rack (downtown Hamilton, James North) - perfect condition, just some wear
Offer: set of 17 Olympic torch glasses (downtown Hamilton, James North) - perfect condition and all wrapped in protective wrap
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Request: Baby girl items (Bflo) - Looking for baby girl items in buffalo area Request: Free toys (Oakville and uppermiddle) - I have a 6 year old step daughter and just lost my job so looking for any kind of help thank you Request: Cocago cable box (Oakville and uppermiddle) - Looking for cocago cable box please Offer: Duck Dynasty board game (Appleby & New Burlington) - Duck Dynasty board game excellent condition.
Offer: 3 long pieces of eyelet material (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - I was planning on making little skirts for the 3rd world with these. Just never have the time to do so. May be you have a use for these. Clearing out some material. Porch Pick up. Check your junk mail if you ask for any of my items. Roeli
Offer: Spice Rack (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - Some spices still in bottles. Needs a good wash, as been sitting in storage. Some bottles missing. Porch pick up. Check your junk mail for my response, if u ask for any of my items. Roeli
Request: Book - The Choice (QEW & Erin Mills Pkwy, Miss.) - - Embrace the Possible by, Edith Eva Eger - do you have this book and are finished reading it and ready to pass on? Then I have a friend who would love to read this book. We can pick up or you could drop off on my porch, would be greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.... Roeli
Offer: long twin bed frame (culver ridge) - black wooden long twin bed frame Offer: desk (culver ridge) - heavy wooden desk, 30 x 61, good condition, minor veneer damage
Offer: Toilet or garden planter? (Perinton, Creek Bend Dr.) - Just remodeled our powder room with a corner toilet, so we’re looking for a home for our old toilet. Stain-free, no cracks or chips. Will need new seals, wax ring, etc. to be put back into service. 12” offset. Or, perhaps you can use the toilet as a whimsical planter in your garden. Maybe for an “Asters” planting?
Request: ceramic bean pot with lid (downtown Hamilton) - For making baked beans. Will pick up. Request: Camping/fish tanks (Guelph west end) - Looking for any camping stuff or fish accessories.thanks so much