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Offer: Bike shipping box (South Hill) - Large cardboard box that I received my bicycle in the mail within. If you can use it, it's yours! It has been sitting in our garage for 2 years, but it is still in good shape. Please indicate what day & approximate time-window you would be able to pickup. Offer: Pet supplies (South Hill, Ithaca) - -- can of SSSSCAT, that hisses when a cat jumps up on a forbidden surface -- a contraption that whistles and vibrates when cat jumps up on forbidden surface -- animal bedding (plaid on one side, fleece on the other) - clean and well-loved i live on south hill a half mile above the Commons Liza Offer: T.E.D. stockings (South Hill, Ithaca) - Non-skid hospital socks, And a spirometer... Liza Request: trestle table base (Locke) - Need a trestle table base for top I am making Offer: Baby Stuff & Birth Pool w/ hose (Walton NY) - Baby Stuff (in excellent condition): - Blankets - Stroller with attachable car seat w/ base - Portable crib with changing table - Baby clothes 0-3 Months- 3T - Disposable Diapers (various sizes) - Shoes - Sit on Potty & potty seat - Birth tub w/ hose - White towels - Baby bottles - Ergo 360 carrier & other wraps - Umbrella stroller - Nursing cover Offer: Spouts for Byrne glass milk jugs (Fall Creek) - We have 4 of these. They snap on Byrne Dairy glass bottles to make pouring easier. See photo.
Photo of free Spouts for Byrne glass milk jugs (Fall Creek)
Offer: LED light bulbs, new in box (Fall Creek) - Offering a box of LED light bulbs, daylight type, never opened or used. Pick up in Fall Creek.
Photo of free LED light bulbs, new in box (Fall Creek)
Offer: 10 new contact lens cases (Fall Creek) - Offering 10 new, never-opened contact lens cases. These came with mail-ordered contact lenses. Pick up in Fall Creek.
Photo of free 10 new contact lens cases (Fall Creek)
Request: Girls clothes (Binghamton) - Girls clothes needed large xl 14//16 Request: Toys/ dolls (Binghamton) - Looking for any toys dolls or kids books can be girl or boy Request: Boys clothes (Binghamton) - Looking for clothes for my gfs youngest. We’d sizes 4t-6 Offer: Houseplant cuttings (Town of Ithaca) - Tradescantia "purple heart", scented geranium (citronella, I think) and variegated spider plant (these are already rooted, the other two are not. Offer: storm door (N Greece) - 36"x 80" white on curb @ 48 North Ave Offer: fingernail decals (Belle sherman/collegetown) - We have many tiny stickers that go on fingernails. A bunch of them are cats. Request: Ithaca Bakery/CBT coupons (Ithaca or north of hospital) - Do you have any coupons from Ithaca Local for Collegetown Bagels or Ithaca Bakery? Thanks! Offer: Artistic bones (Near west side, Syracuse) - natural artifacts for display or for art work. Pelvic, shoulder and rib bone probably from a large cow.
Photo of free Artistic bones (Near west side, Syracuse)
Request: Wood baby gate (Gates) - In need of a baby gate. Would like the wooden ones to fit the stairs. Offer: books (Kingston) - I have a number of books to give away. The books shown in the first picture are all Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) from 2019. I also have a case of the booklets shown in the second picture (enough for classroom set). They feature excerpts from the Young Adult titles shown on the cover. All four titles in their entirety are available from the library should the excerpts appeal to you. Please let me know if you would like either or both offers. I'm near SLC.
Photo of free books (Kingston)
Photo of free books (Kingston)
Offer: Hose protector (Irondequoit) - I have 10 feet of this item....never used....don't even know what it's used for but it's call 'hose protector'
Photo of free Hose protector (Irondequoit)
Request: toaster (Kingston) - Does anyone have a toaster? I am in need of one. Thank you. Request: desktop computer (Ithaca) - Looking for desktop computer for school work thank you Request: Flower pots/Planters (Gates) - Gallon or larger Offer: old style rug shampooer (Irondequoit) - This is a Sears rug shampooer that has an attachment to do upholstery as well. I really do love it but don't have wall to wall carpeting any more and it does need a little attention. The vacuum hose has split in one place recently but duct tape will take care of that. The other issue is the sprayer part is not spraying at the moment and it could be as simple as it just needs cleaning out or probably another simple fix for someone. Other than that it is fine. I hate to part with it but also need the space it is taking up. Request: Puzzles, 300 or 500 pieces (Pittsford) - I'm looking for 300 or 500 piece puzzles to donate to nursing homes and senior living centers . Doesn't matter if there is a piece or 2 missing. Thanks for your help with this project! Offer: computer desk (downtown Ithaca’s Fall creek) - I have a computer desk to give away-location Fall Creek in Ithaca NY
Photo of free computer desk (downtown Ithaca’s Fall creek)
Offer: Very sturdy pallet (Perinton, Creek Bend Dr.) - We had some landscape rock delivered last year, and would like to find someone who can put this pallet to good use (other than firewood). It is 3’x4’ and the wood appears to be oak. Just add some casters and you’d have an awesome platform to store/move stuff around your garage. Can help load into your vehicle if needed.
Photo of free Very sturdy pallet (Perinton, Creek Bend Dr.)
Photo of free Very sturdy pallet (Perinton, Creek Bend Dr.)
Request: Garden hose (South west) - ISO a garden hose with no holes and in decent condition Request: single bed (Montour Falls NY) - A single bed and mattress....thank you so much Offer: 3 working floodlight bulbs (Ellis Hollow area) - Each of these 3 bulbs is an outdoor Halogen 100 watt floodlight (PAR38).
Photo of free 3 working floodlight bulbs (Ellis Hollow area)
Request: Large garbage container with lid (eastern tompkins county) - Hi! I am looking to compost cat litter, so would love to "upcycle" a used garbage container. I plan to cut out the bottom, so holes are no problem! Can pick up (as long as it's not too soiled/dirty) dryden, cortland, ithaca area. Thank you!