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Request: Base cabinets (Western Dubuque) - Looking for base cabinets. Any size. If you have a top, I'd take that too. Free: balloon flower, phlox, daisies+++ (Dubuque) - *Balloon flower--purple blooms, 5 petals, blooming handsomely now. Grows 2-3 feet high. *Garden phlox--old-fashioned thigh-high perennial with clusters of pink, rose, or white blooms in July. *Feverfew--lacy-leaved old-fashioned plant with dime-sized daisy-like blooms June and July. *Daisies, knee-high and blooming now. *Columbine--blooms yellow and orange in May. Tolerates sun, likes partial shade *Violets--violet/blue color; spreads happily, but not wildly; blooms in May. *Several other things potted for transport--too few or small to list. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: shoe bags, laces (some vintage/nip) (Dubuque) - *2 roomy corduroy shoe bags with drawstring pull. Subtle bronze, sage floral pattern. Great shape. *1 pair "Diamond Brand" brown laces marked 10 cents. *2 pair 18" vintage brown laces for men's shoes. One is Kiwi brand. *2 pair 27" white sport laces--"for most womens and youth sneakers." New in pack. *3 pair 45" white laces still in wrappers. *1 pair Trax 18" white laces. *1 pair 36" white laces, with wrapper. Several additional pairs shoe laces--navy, black, brown, yellow, tan, white in various lengths. All good. You're welcome to any, some or all. Free: for crafting: paper/felt/feathers (Dubuque) - *origami instruction book and 200+ 6"x8" sheets of imported origami paper, in many solid colors. *two partial rolls of decorative gold trim. *felt--eight uncut 12"x8" squares + several other pieces. Many colors. *pipe cleaners, many colors *6 pairs of 1/2" googly eyes. Still in package. *large baggie of feathers, bright blue and bright yellow. *Monogram "W" Garden stone insert. 4.5" in diameter. Still in pack. *large corks *Moon Calendar; stickers; some cancelled postage stamps & used greeting cards You're welcome to any, some, or all. Request: Boys 5T (Hiawatha, Iowa) - Needed: size 5T boys, summer clothes and/or pants as well. Free: four 1.25" boards (Dubuque) - Four 1.25" X 9" x 40.75" Boards used once, painted gray, solid. Perfect for garden box or borders. Free: ephemera: 1920s, 1939, 1984, 1989 (Dubuque) - 1920s to 1930s: monochrome post-card-sized prints of Florence, Italy architecture. 1939: 20-page Sunday Supplement from "This Week Magazine" February 19, 1939. Articles and ads from this "Indianapolis Star" Sunday magazine include: *"A Foreigner Looks at Our Flag." *an article on then movie star Nancy Kelly. *an illustrated short story by Hugh Austin, "The Way Girl Are". *an illustrated short story "The Mysterious Lodger," by E. Phillips Oppenheim. *an article on arm injuries in baseball training camp. *another short story, this one by Jane Abbott: "Undutiful Daughter." a full-page ads for Swift's Premium Bacon, another for Elgin watches. . . . and many other engaging historical curiosities. *1984 Betty Crocker COUPON CATALOG, in very good condition. * 1989 FODOR'S "Budget Europe: A Cost-Conscious 1989: Guide to 28 Countries." Based on "53 Years of Travel Experience," 577-page paperback in very good condition. Might be someone's trip down memory lane. 1990: *"The LIFE 100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century," from Jane Adams to Malcolm X. 1990 Life Magazine. Very good condition. 1990: 2 large folding maps from Philippines: "Discovering DAVAO"; "CEBU and BOHOL: A Traveller's Map." You're welcome to any, some. or all. Free: Verdi record/sheet music/harmonica (Dubuque) - *William Kratt Co. Brass Band Harmonica. Key of C. *Two-record set of Giuseppe Verdi's "Requiem." Conductor Igor Markevitch. Played by Moscow Philharmonic and the State Academic Chorus. 1969. Case, sleeves, and records themselves all in very good condition. If they've been played, I can't tell it. SHEET MUSIC: *"MICHAEL AARON PIANO PRIMER" (for the early-age beginner). In good shape. *20 ALL-TIME HIT PARADE Piano/Easy Organ Solos. 1965.*MUSIC OF TODAY No. 54. Arranged by John Brimhall. 1964. "A selected group of . . . favorite songs particularly arranged for the student of piano." *PLAYING THROUGH THE HISTORY OF THE PIANO. 35 Original keyboard Compositions by Great Masters from "Harpsicord . . . to the present. 1959. Complete. Cover slightly worn. Inside fine. *EASY CLASSICS TO MODERNS: "Music for Millions Series." 142 easy piano pieces. 1956. *Guild Musicianship Book Part 1: Elementary - Intermediate. Summy-Birchard Co, Evanston, IL, 1964. *Sherwood Music School Piano Course: Grade Preparatory B: Lessons and Tests 21-40, 1958. In original envelope, good condition. Single works: *Czarda's Rhapsody. For Piano--Intermediate Grade. 1963. *Bach's "Arioso in G." No. 3417, pub. 1940. *L. van Beethoven: Two Easy Sonatas, Op. 49. For Piano, by G. Schirmer, Inc. New York. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: 2 1960s screen door protectors (Dubuque) - Painted ivory, in great shape, Would be perfect for a 50s to 80s era house--front door or back. Have been stored in our attic 40 years. If you're interested in them, can send photo. Free: Piano (Just off Tanglefoot and 18th) - Four kids have learned to play the piano on this piano. They are grown now. It is a Wurlitzer piano. The "e" key one octave above middle "e" is not working. I have had someone fix it but has resurfaced - maybe you can get it to hold a fix. It does need tuning. Plays wonderfully otherwise. Includes piano bench with flip up seat to store piano books.
Photo of free Piano (Just off Tanglefoot and 18th)
Photo of free Piano (Just off Tanglefoot and 18th)
Free: Spanish/English Dictionary (Dubuque) - *New Century publishing English/Spanish; Spanish English Dictionary. 638-page handbook-sized hardback. Good condition. * Spanish Workbook for Master 3 on "Situaciones." 248 pages, including worksheet pages and complete answer key. You're welcome to either or both. Free: Women's Writing--Stories and Poetry (Dubuque) - Novels, Stories, Collections of Fiction: *"Classic American Women Writers: Jewett, Cather, Chopin, Wharton" *Ursula Leguin: "The Left Hand of Darkness." *Flannery O'Connor: "Everything that Rises Must Converge" *Edith Wharton: "The Age of Innocence"; "Ethan Frome." *Carson McCullers: "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter"; "The Member of the Wedding." *Joyce Carol Oates: "Do with Me What You Will." Poetry: *NO MORE MASKS--An Anthology of Poems by Women, 396-page paperback. *ANNE SEXTON--THE COMPLETE POEMS, 622 pages. Nonfiction Nonfiction: *Gertrude Stein--*The Geographical History of America; *The Letters of Alice B. Toklas STAYING ON ALONE. *Margaret Fuller--Woman in the 19th Century; You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: screens, handles, hardware, tape (Dubuque) - *Screens are 18.5" X 36 13/16" custom-made by Zephyr aluminum w/Better View screen and gray frame. Perfect condition. Never used.For tender seedling cover/shade? *Two wooden drawer handles are 4.5 " wide, unfinished and never used. Include mounting screws. *Sealing tape to winterize windows and doors--five rolls. *Window hardware for hanging blinds--metal brackets, plastic brackets, new metal screws. *double-sided foam mounting tape *Velcro fasteners *Grounding strap. Clean and in good serviceable condition. Free: retro office and school (Dubuque) - *small gold colored pen and pencil: one 4" Space Pen by Fisher USA; one 4" slender pencil, ring on end. *Westcott Made in U.S.A. wooden ruler. *pencils, incl. 2 unsharpened: "Oglala Lakota College" + Chaffee Zoological Gardens SAVE RAINFOREST *Partial pack of retro copy paper+ carbon paper used in1970s to make copies. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: Poetry--Irish, British, US (Dubuque) - "Treasured Verses" to inspire teachers and students--1962 edition of 20-page folder. In good shape. THE PENGUIN BOOK OF IRISH VERSE, poems by Irish poets. NO MORE MASKS! AN ANTHOLOGY OF POEMS BY WOMEN. 87 poets included. 395 pp. ANNE SEXTON: THE COMPLETE POEMS. 622 pp. WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS, Selected Poems and Two Plays. MENTOR BOOK OF MAJOR BRITISH POETS, William Blake to Dylan Thomas. THE POSTMODERNS: NEW AMERICAN POETRY REVISED: Ferlinghetti, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Creeley. . . THE POETRY AND CRITICISM OF MATTHEW ARNOLD. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Request: Comic books (Altoona) - Any kind Hopefully readable Request: Washer and dryer (Altoona) - For my son and his wife just starting out in this world on their own Free: 7 novels: James Joyce/D.H. Lawrence (Dubuque) - *James Joyce: Set of three hardcovers: DUBLINERS, ULYSSES, FINNEGANS WAKE, PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST . . . . Good condition. *D.H. Lawrence: Set of two hardcovers: SONS AND LOVERS and WOMEN IN LOVE. Good condition. Two paperbacks: THE FOX and THE RAINBOW. You're welcome to any, some, or all.
Free: 2-to-5 oz jars/bottles/tins/cups + (Dubuque) - *A dozen sturdy white plastic jars with white lids. 2" tall. 2.5" diameter. Includes six purpose-designed cardboard mailing boxes with fit-to-size holes to secure jars and contents in transit. *dozen pill bottles: transparent orange, clean, no labels. Crafts, buttons, cat treats in every jacket pocket. *2 dozen 2-ounce plastic cups with fitted lids. *half dozen 4-ounce plastic cups with fitt lids. *a dozen 5.5-oz plastic cups with fitted lids. Good for sorting and storing beads, bolts, buttons, shells, pebbles, and other treasures. Even better: *three caper bottles--5" tall, clear glass, no label, lid reads only "USDA ORGANIC." *3 3-0z Starbucks instant coffee tins, w/ embossed star-crowned mermaid logo on lid. Fine shape. *two .2.5 oz metal spice tins 2" tall, 3" across, w/clear plastic tops. 4 Bar Harbor 8 oz. clam juice bottles--clear with alligator surface texture. 3 have labels. *small Earl Grey tin--embossed with Solstice Tea Traders on lid. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: Book: CAN YOU PASS THESE TESTS? (Dubuque) - "The toughest tests you'll never have to take but always wanted to try." This 314-page book contains complete versions of the famously challenging tests you have to pass for New York State Bar Exam, Baseball Umpire, Architectural Exam, U.S. Citizenship, California Culinary Academy Test, Harvard University's final exam in U.S. History . . . Copy Editor Competence, Voter Literacy, Florida Real Estate Sales License, Texas State Public School Teachers' Competency Test, . . . and many others. Answers are provided at the end of each test. A unique gift for your favorite brainiac. In very good condition, seems never to have been used. Free: whisks, pasta fork, Betty Crocker + (Dubuque) - *HOME brand 10" whisk, with heavy ceramic orange handle. *Silicone pasta fork--heat resistant, orange/black. *whisk--7" long, with wooden handle, loop for hanging. 1884 Betty Crocker Coupon Catalog--"a heritage of quality and value." Very good condition. *3" antique glass waffle-surface pepper shaker with red plastic lid. Fine condition. *3X5X2" red ceramic loaf pan--oven, dishwasher, microwave safe. Good for gifting baked loaf. Perfect. *salt & pepper pair--3" tall square glass w/ red/blue fireworks , stainless steel lids. Like new. *4" tall clear Glassnow maple syrup bottle, with dime-sized looped handle. Perfect. *large red Coca-Cola glass, iconic style diner style perfect plastic 6" tall. *coasters--2 sets: 1. four Pacific shore photo. Great condition. 2. four Ceramic French chef & goose "new 3.5" X 3.5" ceramic dragon fly coaster. Never used. Perfect. You're welcome to one, some, or all. Free: Pokemon birthday supplies (Dubuque) - Paper plates, napkins, tablecloth, 2 banners. Still in packaging: Free: 15 Grinnell College magazines (Dubuque) - In case you're thinking of the possibility of sending your honors student to Grinnell College, these beautifully researched, written and images magazines (through 2023) will give you a rich perspective of what Grinnell offers. Free: note cards/greeting cards/postcards (Dubuque) - *Set of 10 Current Victorian style floral post cards. *Note cards--Nature's Portrait floral. *Assorted birthday and all-occasion cards. *Sorry-I-Missed-Your-Birthday cards 3 retro (unused). 3 new. All with matching envelopes. *Set of 6 blank: two teddy bears riding a swan. *post-it cards with stickers. *12 2x3" "Wonderful wishes" note cards--for gift tuck-ins or other small greetings. *adhesive bookplates--idyllic swan scene in blues/greens. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Request: box for antique quilt wedding gift (Dubuque) - I'm giving an antique quilt to give to my niece--the oldest great-great granddaughter of the woman who pieced the quilt--for her wedding this summer. 15" x 18" x 4" are the dimensions of the folded quilt. Something slightly bigger would be fine. If anyone has a right-sized box in good condition, it would be much appreciated. Request: Boxes for moving (iowa city, Cedar Rapids) - Less than 24" is great