Cedar Rapids Freecycle

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Free: Sustainable Ag Literature (533 Lowell Street) - Sustainable agriculture literature and some early (1989) Wisconsin Agriculturist magazines. Some good reference material for someone interested.
Photo of free Sustainable Ag Literature (533 Lowell Street)
Free: Play Doll House (northend 32nd Central area) - Large Play dollhouse. I had a cpl broken that can be glued back together from moving.. PU Dubuque northend
Photo of free Play Doll House (northend 32nd Central area)
Free: 3 pair women's size 16 jeans/capris (Dubuque) - 2 pairs Bill Blass Jeans 100% cotton. 31" inseam. Standard cut and design blue denim. 1 pair Route 66 green capris. Casual cut and design. Roll-up-to-button cuffs. 4 velcro-close pockets. All three are in good wearable condition. You're welcome to any or all. Free: Moving boxes (Cedar Rapids) Free: retro "Computer Lore" book (Dubuque) - * DIGITAL DELI: COMPREHENSIVE, USER-LOVEABLE MENU OF COMPUTER LORE, CULTURE, LIFESTYLES AND FANCY. 8"X11" 375-page paperback. Ed. Steve Ditlea. 1984. Free: U.S. History--photos, books, poems (Dubuque) - *Three individual Longfellow poems, each one printed inside a folded card with illustration on front--"The Village Blacksmith," illustrated by a sketch Longfellow made of the chestnut tree and the shop in 1840; "The Children's Hour," illustrated by a Thomas Buchanan Read painting of Longfellow's three daughters; "From My Armchair," illustrated by a photo of Longfellow's arm-chair (made from the wood of the famous chestnut tree!) "Paul Revere's Three Accounts of his Famous Ride." Published 1976 by the Massachusetts Historical Society. All about Paul Revere's actual ride, including photos three different versions of Revere's written account of his ride. Not what we thought. Finishes with Longfellow's poem. Pristine condition. Might make a fun gift for your favorite historian. * original 1898 6"x9" 60-page booklet: "Camp Life at Chickamauga" (Camp Thomas) published by THE INDIANA WOMAN in Indianapolis, IN. Complete. Full of 4.5" x 7" photos. *1990 Life Magazine featuring: "The LIFE 100 Most Important American's of the 20th Century." In excellent condition, from Jane Adams to Malcolm X. *NEWSWEEK Special Issue, Fall/Winter 1991: "1492-1992: When Worlds Collide: How Columbus's Voyages Transformed Both East and West." In good condition. 40 PRESIDENTS: FACTS AND FUN. 1981 paperback by Willowisp Press. You're welcome to any, some, or all Free: Science Fiction: Asimov, Heinlein + (Dubuque) - *THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, by John Wyndham. 191 page paperback. 1951. *FRANKENSTEIN; DRACULA; DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE. Intro by Stephen King. Published 1978. *THE ROAD TO SCIENCE FICTION. Boxed 3-volume Series: #1 From Gilgamesh to Wells; #2 From Wells to Heinlein; #3 From Heinlein to here. 1979. Volumes don't seem to have been out of box until today. *SCIENCE FICTION: A Critical Guide. ed. Patrick Parrinder. 238 pages, w/ index. Good condition. 1979. *THE SCIENCE FICTION ENCYCLOPEDIA, illustrated; ed. Peter Nicholls. 672 pages, published 1979. *THE NEW WORLDS OF ROBERT A. HEINLEN: EXPANDED UNIVERSE. First soft-cover edition, 1980. *FANTASY ANNUAL IV, edited by Terry Carr. 344 pages of 11 works of 20th-century fantasy. 1981. *"ISAAC ASIMOV's Science Fiction Magazine." June 1986. 189 pages. Includes novelettes, short stories, and various regular features. *SCIENCE FICTION: a Historical Anthology, Eric S. Rabkin. 529 pages. Excellent condition. 1983. You're welcome to any, some, or all of these works. Free: insect treatment--house & garden (Dubuque) - * Ortho-Klor Soil Insect & Termite Killer. * Black Flag "professional power" ant and roach killer. * Raid ant killer. * Ortho Flying & Crawling Insect Killer. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: retro cookbooks, kitchen items (Dubuque) - *1963 edition General Foods Kitchen ALL ABOUT HOME BAKING. Illustrated. In very good condition. *1973 KDTH-KFMD BETTY THOMAS Household Hints Book. Fun illustrations and advice. Time travel. *1975 Campbell Cookbook Most-for-the-Money MAIN DISHES. Coil-bound. Vintage photos. *3 Campbell's soup fliers, slick and colorful: "Emergency Cookbook," "Hamburger Handbook," and "Souper One-dish Meal Handbook." *6 Campbell's fold-out one-page recipe collections, each for a different soup: cheddar cheese, chicken, golden mushroom, mushroom, onion, tomato. *"THE ART OF AFRICAN COOKING: 307 exotic recipes from the first ladies of the new African Nations," by Sandy Lesberg. 1971. *70s vintage Tupperware square red plastic canape cutter #730-12 * 3 vintage metal cookie cutters: two pigs (differ slightly) and one dog bone. Good used condition. *1970s black/white checked refrigerator door handle cover, trimmed in white eyelet, red ribbon, a rose. * 3 70s era stainless steel serving spoons *1980s non-stick bundt pan: clean. You're welcome to one, some, or all. Free: Slightly Used Carpet and Pads (Galena) - Beige Color (1 pc) 13' x 15' (2 pcs) 11'-3" x 12'9"
Photo of free Slightly Used Carpet and Pads (Galena)
Free: piano books/sheet music/harmonica (Dubuque) - *MUSIC OF TODAY No. 54. Arranged by John Brimhall. 1964. "A selected group of our nations [sic] favorite songs particularly arranged for the student of piano." "MICHAEL AARON PIANO PRIMER" (for the early-age beginner). In good shape. *20 ALL-TIME HIT PARADESERS E Piano Easy Organ Solos. 1965. *William Kratt Co. Brass Band Harmonica. Key of C. Used condition. *PLAYING THROUGH THE HISTORY OF THE PIANO. 35 Original keyboard Compositions by Great Masters from "Harpsicord . . . to the present. 1959. Complete. Cover slightly discolored. Inside fine. *EASY CLASSICS TO MODERNS: Volume 17 of "Music for Millions Series." 142 easy original piano pieces. 1956. Cover is loosening. Body is complete and whole. *Guild Musicianship Book Part 1: Elementary - Intermediate. Summy-Birchard Co, Evanston, IL, 1964. *Sherwood Music School Piano Course: Grade Preparatory B: Lessons and Tests 21-40, 1958. In original envelope, good condition. Single works: *Czarda's Rhapsody. For Piano--Intermediate Grade. 1963. * Bach's "Arioso in G." No. 3417, pub. 1940. *L. van Beethoven: Two Easy Sonatas, Op. 49. For Piano, by G. Schirmer, Inc. New York. For 2nd. violins: photocopies of Rosenkavalier. Folk Tune and Fiddle Dance. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: men's shorts & shirts, sizes L or S (Dubuque) - LARGE: *Size 38 Lee Dungarees shorts. Gray, Zip, snap, belt loops. Six pockets. One zip, 3 Velcro. Excellent. *Size 36-38 Lands' End olive green swim trunks with tie elastic waist 3 pockets. Very good shape. *One Size Fits All: Like new Sutton Sportswear 100% cotton green canvas baseball cap w/ Alaska logo. *Size L white Hanes 100% pre-shrunk cotton tee-shirt, w/ logo from Beaver Liquors, Avon, CO. *Size L Normal Human 100% cotton dark green t-shirt from Blvd. Brewing, In Kansas City. *Four Size L 100% cotton white T-shirts. Identical. Clean, never worn, with 1" x 3" tripwire logo. SMALL: *Size 33 Perry Ellis blue cotton/linen shorts--2 front pockets, 2 side pockets front zip, belt loops. *Size 32 Billion Bay black cross-weave tetoron dress slacks. Belt loops, four pockets. Unique fabric *Croft & Barrow S: sage cotton/poly t-shirt. *2 Gap : S 100% cotton polos--one white , one green. *2 Eastern Mountain Sports S: short-sleeved poly t-shirts--1 gray w/ black trim; 1 orange w/gray. *axcess rayon black on gray short-sleeved dress shirt with straight hem. Size S. *Royal Robbin S: light green t-shirt. Clean and in good condition. Simple cut and style. *XXL boys' size 13-14 nylon yellow hooded rain jacket. Zip neck. Kangaroo pocket. 2 side pockets. *2 pairs black socks w/ gray cushioned sole. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: Russian Fairy Tales, "White Fang" + (Dubuque) - WHITE FANG, 1933 hardback Grossett & Dunlap version of Jack London's 1905 classic. IN A CERTAIN KINGDOM, 1972 hardback version of 12 Russian Fairy Tales collected by Alexander Afanasyev in the 1850s. SHERLOCK BONES: TRACER OF MISSING PETS, 1979 hardback by John Keane. 40 PRESIDENTS: FACTS AND FUN. 1981 paperback by Willowisp Press. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: "Can You Pass These Tests?" (Dubuque) - Actual complete versions of "The toughest tests you'll never have to take but always wanted to try." Compiled in a large 314-page paperback book is in very good condition. No marks, seems unread. Includes these tests: U.S. Citizenship. Baseball Umpire, Copy Editor Competence, Voter Literacy, Florida Real Estate Sales License, New York State Bar Exam, Architectural Exam, Harvard final exam in U.S. History, Texas State Public School Teachers' Competency Test, California Culinary Academy Test . . . . and many others. Answers are provided at the end of each test. Free: native peoples; Oregon Trail +++ (Dubuque) - Paperbacks in good readable condition: *THE OREGON TRAIL, 1964. by Francis Parkman. *HOUSE MADE OF DAWN 1966. by N. Scott Momaday. *THE WAY TO RAINY MOUTAIN, 1969. by N. Scott Momaday. *WINTER IN THE BLOOD, 1974, by James Welch. *RED CHIEFS AND WHITE CHALLENGERS: CONFRONTATIONS IN AMERICAN INDIAN HISTORY, 1972. by J. Jay Myers. *Boxed set of four VHS tapes of BBC Production: LAND OF THE EAGLE: Great Encounter: Confronting the Wilderness; Conquering the Swamps; Across the Sea of Grass/ Into the Shing Mountains, Living on the Edge: The First and Last Frontier; Searching for Paradise. Mint condition 1991. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Free: ACT guide; Calligraphy; Physics (Dubuque) - *Margaret Shepherd's "A Book of Lettering, Design, and History."120-page illustrated coil-bound book. *Laboratory Physics" workbook. By James Murphy and Judith Doyle. 239 pages. *Cliffs Notes ACT Preparation Guide. 256 pages. Includes 2 complete practice tests. Unused. You're welcome to one, two, or all three books. Free: FODOR'S + old Danish post cards (Dubuque) - *"FODOR'S 89: Budget Europe: A Cost-Conscious Guide to 28 Countries." Based on "53 Years of Travel Experience," 577-page paperback in very good condition. Might be someone's trip down memory lane. * half a dozen unused retro postcards from Copenhagen's "Vor Frue Kirke" in very good condition. You're welcome to either or all. Free: Henry Miller novels (Dubuque) - TROPIC OF CANCER, 1961. TROPIC OF CAPRICORN, 1961. BLACK SPRING, 1963. These are a three-volume set, hardbound in black. Very good condition. BIG SUR AND THE ORANGES OF HIERONYMUS BOSCH, 1957 paperback. Good readable condition. Free: Player Piano no player system (Potosi) - The is a Player piano but does not play on its own anymore because the workings were taken out. It is from the early 20th century and sounds very good. we are moving and it needs to go!
Photo of free Player Piano no player system (Potosi)
Free: CL2909 AT&T speaker phone; cords (Dubuque) - Speakerphone with cord. Gray. Clean and in good shape. Has Call waiting, caller ID, LCD display. Can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface. Uses 4AA alkaline batteries. Reg. No: US: EW7TE11B2909. Manual available online. Six never-used phone extension cords with RJ11 connectors. Additional phone cords, one long heavy-duty cord, also with RJ11 connectors. Free: 4 GE multi-outlet plug adapters (Dubuque) - All are 15 amp. 125 volt. Two are for use with standard duplex outlet, which converts to six two-pronged outlets. Two are for use with single outlet, and convert to three two-pronged outlet. Free: extension cords (Dubuque) - 6 are for two-prong outlets, leading to 3 two-prong outlets at the extended end. 5 brown, 1 white. 2 are heavy-duty white cords, three prongs on each end. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Request: wood pallets (Cedar Rapids) - Hi, im looking for any size any amount wood pallets.
Photo of wood pallets (Cedar Rapids)
Free: tile pieces (Cuba City WI) - We have tile that was used to decorate a wall, about 7 small boxes leftover. They are grey, tan, browns, different sizes. I would guess about 100 pieces, enough to do a small focus area in a room, special projects, etc.
Photo of free tile pieces (Cuba City WI)
Photo of free tile pieces (Cuba City WI)
Free: 1978 1981 Garfield (Dubuque) - 2" tall with a 2" reach, wearing pink cap, flowered shirt, lime green kneepads. Good condition. Free: "Computer Lore"/1986 Asimov SciFi + (Dubuque) - * DIGITAL DELI: COMPREHENSIVE, USER-LOVEABLE MENU OF COMPUTER LORE, CULTURE, LIFESTYLES AND FANCY. 8"X11" 375-page paperback. Ed. Steve Ditlea. 1984. *"ISAAC ASIMOV's Science Fiction Magazine." June 1986. 189 pages. Includes novelettes, short stories, and various regular features. *LIFE Magazine featuring "The LIFE 100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century." In excellent condition, from Jane Adams to Malcolm X. Published Fall 1990. *NEWSWEEK Special Issue, Fall/Winter 1991: "1492-1992: When Worlds Collide: How Columbus's Voyages Transformed Both East and West." In good condition. You're welcome to one, some, or all Request: Recliner and dresser (On dunkerton) - I’m looking for a leather or fake leather recliner and a tall dresser Free: Large sheet of plastic (East side of Des Moines) - Plastic sheet off a queen size mattress. Would make a great piece for a drop cloth for you painters or a cover for items in storage. Free: Spanish/French dictionary, workbook (Dubuque) - *Spanish-English / English-Spanish Dictionary. New Century World-Wide 48,000 entries. 639 pages. Good condition. *"Spanish for Mastery 3" Workbook. With answer key. Pages 9 to 248 blank and unused. *1805 English to French dictionary. Volume 2--complete and in good legible condition. Look up a word in English -> find the French version as of 1805. Pages not numbered. 2.5 inches thick. Bound in black. Corners and back reinforced. From Lancaster Public Library. Free: many 57" Band saw blades (Dubuque, off So. Grand view) - 3 each 57'X1/4" band saw blades for wood; One 57" X 1/8 " wood blade; 2 each 57 +/- " X 1/2" metal blades; One 57" +/- 1/4" metal blade. Can Call 563-239-7279 for more info!