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Request: Metal drive gates (Uphill BS23) - double metal driveway gates Request: Aquarium plants (Clevedon BS21) - Hi I’m looking for plastic aquarium plants or anything to do with fish tanks please, thanks in advance Request: 25 litre Plastic Containers or Fermentation Bins (Staverton) - Hi, Am making my own cider at home and need a couple of large containers to put the pressed apple juice into. Can anyone help please. I can come and collect at your convenience. Mant thanks Request: Small Flatscreen TV (Keynsham) - Does anyone have a small flatscreen TV that they no longer need please ? - I need to try and keep my 96 year old mum in bed in the morning until her carer arrives ! Offer: Wooden cot (Bathwick) - It's an IKEA wooden fixed side cot in good condition, safety-approved at the time of manufacture, with a mattress which is fire resistant, with a separate waterproof cover. We had it second hand about 7-8 years ago and don't know its actual age, but we've used it very little - for grand parent duties only. I couldn't manage a fully assembled photo, but the attached photo of the head shows its colour, style and condition. Overall dimensions are 1.03m length, 62cm width and 97cm height. Easy to assemble, all fittings present.
Offer: Faux leather material (old beanbag) (Chippenham) - Maroon/wine coloured Faux leather bean bag cover that is now only suitable as scrap material for projects.
Offer: Wooden aluminium runged ladder (Corsham) - 4 metre (approx.) double extension ladder looking for new home. Free to collector. Request: Shopping trolley (Keynsham) - Two wheels, not four Offer: Bathroom/Floor Tiles (Bathampton) - 12 Colorado sand tiles 30cm x 15cm, leftover from bathroom refurbishment.
Offer: Half bag plaster (Compton Dando) - Needs to go soon as has been kept dry but not needed any more and stored in garage.
Offer: Self levelling compound (Compton Dando) - Half a bag used to level floor before laying tiles. Needs to go soon. Good dry condition.
Offer: Vitro mix for glass bricks (Compton Dando) - 2.5 bags oversupplied when installing glass bricks. Needs to go soon or will be dumped.
Offer: White tile grout (Compton Dando) - Quarter of a bag. Will be dumped if not taken soon, which seems a pity.
Offer: Floor/wall tile adhesive (Compton Dando) - Half a bag. Good and dry but no longer needed. Will be dumped v soon if not taken.
Offer: Shoe cupboard (Moorfields) - Narrow cupboard with 2 pull down shoe racks, pine in colour would hold about 16 pairs or more. Offer: Labtec PC Headset (Harvey Close BS22) - Labtec PC Headset
Offer: Pair of Speakers for Gaming (Harvey Close BS22) - Thunderball Gaming Speakers
Offer: Framed Print - Ducks in the Reeds by Vernon Ward (Harvey Close BS22) - Framed Print - Ducks in the Reeds by Vernon Ward
Offer: Framed Print - Swan with Young by Vernon Ward (Harvey Close BS22) - Framed Print - Swan with Young by Vernon Ward
Offer: Framed Print - Swan with Cygnets by Vernon Ward (Harvey Close BS22) - Framed Print - Swan with Cygnets by Vernon Ward
Request: High Viz jackets (Westbury Park BS6) - Morning All, does anyone have any spare High Viz jackets going? i will take as many as anyone has free-many thanks Chrissie Offer: Kenwood Chef can opener (Patchway BS34) - Can opener attachment for a Kenwood Chef.
Request: Evergreen foliage (Bradford on avon) - Hi after any evergreen foliage eucalyptus conifer anything evergreen would be greatly appreciated Request: Cardboard boxes (Weston) - Please do anyone have any cardboard boxes large medium or small. Thanks. Vicky Request: Dustbin - metal - large or small (Weston) - Maybe someone has a large or small metal dustbin no long in use now we have the supplied black plastic ones. Thank you. Offer: Blank CD-R and CD-RW and empty plastic cases (Chilcompton) - x7 new Verbatim "vinyl" CD-R. Look like an old 45rpm record. x2 CD-R and x2 CD-RW. All new. Also x4 empty CD-R cases and x1 empty CD case
Offer: Bucket chair (BS16 fishponds) - Brown bucket type chair free to collecter Offer: Coffee table (BS16) - Light wood coffee table good condition Offer: Handbags (BS16) - 6 handbags all in good condition Request: Beavers uniform for 7 yr old (Frome, Hayesdown school area) - Does any one have unwanted kit for a beaver scout about 7 years old, please?