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Request: Electric guitar cable (Bloomington - near IU) - Any length/color of electric guitar cable Request: Coffee grinder (Bloomington - near IU) - Just looking for any sort of small coffee grinder Offer: bubble wrap (Beverly Shores) - 1 box is near stairs at 368 E St Clair Request: Fence posts and wire fence (Urbana - Nevada Street) - Hi, I'm looking for metal fence posts and garden fencing or chicken wire to enclose my garden.
Photo of Fence posts and wire fence (Urbana - Nevada Street)
Request: Jogging stroller (Southport) - My tiny dog’s age is catching up with him. He can’t walk as far as he used to and it hurts my back to carry him for long. Does anyone have a jogging stroller they don’t need any more? It would help us both to go farther on our walks. Thank you! Request: Boys and girls clothes (Bloomington Indiana) - Newborn boys, 2t boys, 3t boys 2t girls and 6x girls Request: Toddler Bed Sheets (Bloomington Indiana) - Looking for boys and girls toddler bed sheets Offer: Gloves (Fortville) - Two pairs of small gloves. Black ones are very thin and the red ones are warmer.
Photo of free Gloves (Fortville)
Photo of free Gloves (Fortville)
Offer: Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville) - All belts are small/medium
Photo of free Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville)
Photo of free Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville)
Photo of free Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville)
Photo of free Belts, a tie, and goggles (Fortville)
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Offer: Fingerless knit gloves (Fortville) - Small/medium
Photo of free Fingerless knit gloves (Fortville)
Offer: Assorted CDs (Fortville) - Old CDs about 15 years old. Don't have a CD player to test the quality
Photo of free Assorted CDs (Fortville)
Offer: Color guard gloves (Fortville) - Two pairs of small/medium gloves that were used for color guard
Photo of free Color guard gloves (Fortville)
Photo of free Color guard gloves (Fortville)
Offer: Double bed (Prospect Hill) - Great condition, mattress and box spring, and mattress cover
Photo of free Double bed (Prospect Hill)
Request: Metal or iron Beds or gates (,Bloomington) - I am looking for old iron or metal beds that are rusty or do not have the rails. They don't have to be in great shape but somewhat decorative. I will be using the head board and floorboards only. They don't even have to be old but just metal andndecorative or old gates. Request: Boxing bag and/or stand (La Porte) - WANTED: Boxing bag and/or stand for a heavy bag. Willing to purchase. Request: Stepping stones (FW/46805) - I'm looking for landscaping stepping stones similar to what's in the picture. Doesn't have to be exactly like that.
Photo of Stepping stones (FW/46805)
Request: Compost bin (FW/46805) - I'm looking for a barrel style composter for my back yard. Preferably the kind that rotates and churns the compost material. Request: singer featherweight sewing machine (Martinsville, Indiana) - Maybe you have a sewing room from your mom or grandma that don’t sew anymore, I do!!! I would put it to good use, patterns, fabric also Offer: All weather mats for Yukon/YukonXL (West Clay) - Grey / brown color Mostly clean
Photo of free All weather mats for Yukon/YukonXL (West Clay)
Offer: bubble wrap (Beverly Shores) - 1 bag. is near stairs at 368 E St Clair Request: Leggings bras makeup Anythig (Westside) - Lost it all andhomeless living with friends with no job it's a mess PLEASE HELP!!! Offer: Al-Kitaab textbook 3rd edition (Bloomington - near campus) - Has some writing in it and a small tear in the spine, but still usable. Used in IU's Arabic A100 and A150 classes.
Photo of free Al-Kitaab textbook 3rd edition (Bloomington - near campus)
Request: Pallets (Sullivan IN) - Looking for FREE wood pallets Request: Pack and Plays for Toddlers (Decatur indiana) - I need 3 pack and plays for my babies please help Offer: “J” decor (Muncie/ Near Campus) - If you or your daughter have a J initial, I have a ton of“J”s for decoration that I just don’t have room for anymore since now I’m engaged and I don’t want to fill our house with just my own initial haha but if you have a j initial and are interested message me and I can send pics of what I have! Thanks!! Request: Queen box spring (Muncie/ Near Campus) - Recently moved and the staircase to go up is too small to fit a one piece box spring, so I am in need of a two piece queen box spring. Thank you!! Request: Bricks or Rocks (Muncie/ Near Campus) - Hi! I have a fire pit in my backyard that doesn’t have any border or anything anymore and I would love to be able to add some sort of circularborder Of bricks or large rocks. I also have a scrater in my front yard from a tree being removed that I would love to put a border around andmake it a little flower area. I am willing to drive to pick up so even if you are a bit farther away, please still contact me! Thanks!! Request: Garden Wood Lattice (North Lafayette) - Wood lattice sheet size 4x8 minimum. Thank you. Will p/u. Request: Kids clothes (Decatur indiana) - 4t -5t in boy clothes and boyshoe's 5 and6 6-7months in girl clothes I would really appreciate The help. Request: Appliances (Decatur indiana) - Any color microwave pot's andPan's