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Offer: Dumbo picture (GP Beltline and Marshall) - Wooden Dumbo picture. Porch pickup. Cross posted.
Offer: Blood pressure cuff (GP Beltline and Marshall) - Manual adult blood pressure cuff. In excellent condition. Porch pickup. Cross posted.
Offer: Children’s hangers (GP Beltline and Marshall) - A handful of colorful girl hangers. Porch pickup. Cross posted.
Offer: Caboodles (GP Beltline and Marshall) - Caboodles makeup organizer I’ve had forever. I’m great condition. Just has some makeup stains that need to be cleaned out. Still has years of use left in it. Porch pickup. Cross posted.
Offer: Weed and feed (GP Beltline and Marshall) - New bag of weed and feed for St. Augustine grass. I have Bermuda and bought the wrong item. Porch pickup. Cross posted.
Request: &0 (75165) - Free Request: Arts and crafts supplies (East Arlington) - Paints pencils markers gel pens paper wood whatever scrapbooking stuff. I am doing different things crafts to keep my mind busy, and money is tight so let me know what you got, thank you in advance everyone Offer: 2 pet/baby gates (380/Lake Forest) - 2 tension pet/baby gates Wood frame with plastic center Offer: Miscellaneous Kitchen Things (380/Lake Forest) - We just cleaned out our kitchen in preparation to move. We have several odds and ends from the kitchen. Several beer mugs/glasses Christmas mugs Extra coffee pot (pot only) Toaster Miscellaneous serving bowls/plate Flower pot No-cut gloves (new) Personal soup Crock-Pot Insulated tote Offer: Silverware (East Arlington) - Forks spoons knives some matching some don't.
Offer: iPhone 7 Case - Brand New (Hwy 67 & Clark Rd Cedar Hill) - New in box Hepix brand iPhone 7 case
Offer: 6 Juice Glasses (Hwy 67 & Clark Rd Cedar ill TX) - 6 cute glass juice or dessert glasses. Each is 3 inches high with a top diameter of 3 inches. Porch pick-up only please.
Request: I would like to have a vcr (Matt Ln & Patricia St) - I would like to have a vcr if some one has an old one that no longer have a use for. Thank you. Request: A few different things (Richland Hills) - Looking for old books, atlas, dictionary or similar books. Also looking for bottle caps and non-aggregate concrete mix. Will pickup all items with social distancing in mind! Request: Computer desk (Arlington, Tx) - Looking for a simple computer desk can mount my ergonomic desktop to. Thank you. Request: Mulch (Arlington) - Any color mulch Request: Lattice (Arlington) - Any lattice old or new will do Thank you Request: Will haul off metal/e-scrap/junk (South Ellis county) - Will haul off your junk, metal scrap, old non-running small engines etc. if you have a bunch ofcrudyou just need to get rid of, I've got a ten foot trailer and will haul it off. Request: Empty 5 gal metal paint cans w/lids (South Ellis county) - Looking for five gallon metal cans with sealable lids for a project with the kids Request: 55 gallon steel/metal drum w/lid (South Ellis county) - Looking for one to three large metal drums for fun projects for the kids with lids preferably but without lids will suffice. Request: Clean dirt (Mansfield) - I'm looking for some clean dirt I would like to teach my bonus children how to build a raised bed and plant a garden. Request: Caladiums/cannas/elephant ears (Arlington) - Looking for caladiums, cannas or elephant ears.. can help dig out of needed Thank you Request: Outdoor Flower Pots (76051) - Looking for medium-large size, hopefully dark blue or brown :) Offer: headboard (South Denton) - Headboard I listed was never picked up. If anyone wants please let me know as going in trash next week on Tuesday. Pic on the original post. Request: Dumbbells, barbells, weights (Bedford, TX) - Any type Offer: Covered Cat Litter Boxes (Euless) - These are used but thoroughly scrubbed. No odors and in good condition Offer: Mercury/glass thermometers (Euless) - I have several old school thermometers- easy to sterilize and never need batteries. Both oral and rectal
Request: Hardwire fencing (Mansfield, tx) - For keeping predictors out of my chicken run Request: Outdoor very large cage (Mansfield, tx) - Want to use for my baby chicks . So Ican put them in yard so they can scratch and peck. They are too small foroutdoor coop and run. Offer: King size Mattress (332 Highland Ridge Dr Wylie) - Good Condition