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Free: 28 small glass jars (Perdido Key) Promised - Small class jars about 5-6 ounces. They are Oui yogurt jars. Great for school projects or crafts
Photo of free 28 small glass jars (Perdido Key)
Free: 30 small glass jars (Perdido Key) - Small class jars about 5-6 ounces. They are Oui yogurt jars. Great for school projects or crafts
Photo of free 30 small glass jars (Perdido Key)
Request: Books fiction (Grandview Assisted Living) - I live in an assisted living center here in Pensacola, and I'm just desperate for some new books to read! I love Patricia Cornwell, Laurell K Hamilton, Stephen King, and James Patterson! Please help if you're able! Request: Food (Cantonment) - I really need anything help with some food for the next A few days. I'm diabetic so I'm trying to keep my Heath up Request: washing machine (Cantonment) - In desperate need of a working washing machine!! Request: 2023 H&R Block CD:Premium preferred (Cantonment) - I am looking for a CD of the H&R Block 2023 tax software. I don’t necessarily need a code but if you have extras that would be great. I’d like to have the software in case I need to use it on a separate computer. Premium, business, or deluxe preferred, thanks Request: Rolling walker (Navarre Florida) - Looking for free or very inexpensive walker .one I now use… brakes will not work. I am totally handicapped Request: Tarps (Palafox) - 40-60 [ Items received in response to this request will be resold ] Request: Garden Stepping Stones (Crestview) - Looking landscape stones that can be used to create a stepping stone patio. Preferably all neutral colors. Mixed sizes are fine. Daily trips to Jay are made so location for pickup can vary. Request: furnitures,kitchen applinces (Tallahassee FL) - My name is Jesse. I'm currently relocating to Florida in around 2 weeks for work and I've been searching for any furniture, a dryer/washer machine, dish washer, and an oven in good and working condition. I'll be located in the area of Grand ridge, FL. I'm willing to travel an hour or more away if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Photo of furnitures,kitchen applinces (Tallahassee FL)
Request: dependable car (Andalusia 36420) - Anything Free: 25 compact flourescent bulbs (Niceville) - 25 compact flourescent bulbs various sizes all good Niceville 850 797 8635 Request: Roofing (Cantonment) - 1/4 osb or plywood that is a grade meant for outside. I have to replace my rv roof. I've already got the tpo and the insulation. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing but I know it's delnaninated from what I've read. It's literally just falls apart when I touch it. I also have to get glue and tpo cleaner to prep the tpo. I'm far off from being able to even start demo. The wood has been a major set back.