Covington County Freecycle  

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Offer: Pull out couch (50th and Fairfield) - Has wear and needs mattress
Offer: Dining room chairs (50th and Fairfield) - Four need new cushions and one needs arm repair. All could use love
Offer: Broken slide (50th and Fairfield) - Missing leg and has a couple cracks
Request: Manure and food scraps needed (Milton) - Need chicken, horse, cow or other farm animal manure for starting new garden beds this year. Also seeking wood, fencing, etc. for making new beds/upgrading existing beds. Also looking for vegetable scraps for worms (and possibly future chickens) to eat. If you have items you think would be useful for"farming" that might also be helpful. Offer: logs from pear tree (Loxley) - Logs several feet long, NOT split, from felled tree. Free to someone who will retrieve and load into their vehicle, from our back yard-to back parking area- to vehicle.
Offer: Panasonic 27” TV (Mary Esther, FL) - Some might consider this old style TV a boat anchor, but it works great! My husband watched it every night in the living room until I bought him a new flat screen for the den, and brought the old den TV into the living room, so this TV has to go. My grandkids played video games on it, too. I hate to just throw it out if someone can use it. Someone please give this TV a new home!
Offer: Booster car seat back (NE) - Tall back for a booster car seat. We are just using the booster and don’t need the back. Offer: terraniam/aquarium (pace) - custom made cabinet,glass has some scratches
Request: groceries and drink (Summerdale Alabama) - I am low income and had to use all of my money because I live off of disability to relate to relocate my mobile home so now I have nothing to eat or to drink I need help until I get paid on the 3rd of the month I can't drive I have no transportation so when need to be delivered and Summerdale Alabama Request: Couch (Kinston) - Red soft new but used Request: Heater (Normandale cloverdale area) - Electric or kerosene really need thank you Offer: Shoes (Forest hills) - Nice High heels ranging in size from around 6 to 8.5 take all Request: Flooring (Crestview, Fl) - I'm in need of as much flooring as I can get it doesn't matter if it is laminate, vinyl, tongue and groove ,tile I can use anything but I really don't want carpet Request: Stove Electric (Montgomery, Wetumpka) - my family needs a electric stove please, any color will do. Will come pick up Offer: Shoes (Forest hills) - High heels ranging in size from around 6 to 8.5 take all Offer: Unopened high quality supplements (West Garden District) - We came into a bunch of high quality unopened nutritional supplements that we cannot use. We'd love for them to go to someone who can use them. We don't know alot about them but they report to be good for immune system health, cardiovascular health, brain function, muscle maintenance, skin hydration, etc.
Request: Comforter (Montgomery Al) - Looking for any size comforter,good condition please