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Offer: Twin bed and box spring (Downtown Beaverton) - LikeNew - Twin Pillow Top Bed LikeNew - Twin Box Spring
Offer: Packing paper (Rose City Park) - I just moved and saved all my packing paper for you! ~200 sheets, mostly flattened and ready to reuse. Offer: Bookshelf (Rose City Park) - White bookshelf 6’7” tall, 37” wide, 13” deep. Too big for our new house. Very sturdy!
Offer: Adjustable step bench (Powell Hurst) - Good condition. With the two parts it can adjust to 6", 8" and 14" height, as well as being used as an incline bench. Also have 6 excellent workout DVD's that use the bench.
Offer: Wireless keyboard & mouse (Happy Valley 172nd) - 17x6” in pretty good condition a little stickier than I would like so I got a new oneI phone 4 doesn’t want to boot up and turn on but maybe you know how to fix it.
Offer: Drywall (Sherwood) - 2 partial sheets, one is 8’x5.5” and one is 3’ 4” x 4’ 2.5”
Offer: Shells (Elmonica) - Manilla clam shells, fairly clean. Don’t smell too fishy, just smell of the sea 😁 Could be good for aquarium, chimes, school projects, and what nots... Request: Plywood (Milwaukie) - Looking for plywood to act as a box spring for my bed
Request: costume/junk jewelry for crafts (Inner SE) - hi! interested in making some crafts and was wondering if anyone had any old, unwanted, or tangled junk jewelry. can travel near inner SE PDX, thanks! Request: Full Size Bed Frame (Milwaukie) - Looking for full size bed frame-preferably one that does not require a box spring. I have a full mattress that I’m looking for a frame for. Thanks! Offer: Large Vanity Mirror (182 and Powell) - 34" x 38" Good condition, no chips or scratches. Remodeled the downstairs bathroom and needed a smaller mirror. Offer: Queen Somma Waterbed (182 and Powell) - good condition, non-smoking house, clean, comes with extra tubes Offer: Sized Adult helmet (McMinnville Oregon) - Grey, black, silver Request: Really need boxes! (McMinnville Oregon) - I'm drop shipper self employed and I'm in dire need of more boxes, these are the only 2 I have left and get busy to where I can't always get to getting some.
Request: of any unused thredup bags (McMinnville Oregon) - Must have this kind of package logo with polka dots on it from thred up, I'm currently working on becoming a professional shipper.
Offer: felt based circles (McMinnville Oregon) - Yellow, pink, orange color felt circles for crafts.
Offer: Keurig Coffeemaker - needs repair (Powell Hurst) - K-500 plus series coffeemaker. Still makes coffee but it has started leaking water. If someone wants to try to fix it it's yours. Comes with owner's manual and two reusable coffee filters (so you can use regular coffee if you want instead of disposable pods)
Offer: reusable ice packs (North Portland) - I received in home food deliveries and each box includes 2 reusable ice packs (each is 9"x7"). These ice packs have only been used once and may be refrozen and used again. I currently have 2 reusable ice packs, and will have more in the future.
Offer: Brown sofa (NE Portland) - Brown sofa, OK quality. One cushion is a little flat, the others are fine. It used to be part of a three piece set, so there is a small metal piece on the side where it used to attach.
Offer: Project Wood? Cabinet doors (south Salem) - There are a total of 12 kitchen cabinet doors of varying sizes. We recently had our kitchen redone on our 1960ish home. The cabinets were made on site, like many ranch style homes from that era. We did not save the wood from the cabinets themselves--these are the doors.
Offer: Workstation (Neotsu) - Workstation is 8’ wide x 30” deep. All are in very good condition. The computer equipment is not included.
Request: old vinyl records (NW Hillsboro) - Records do not need to be playable. I’m trying out some art projects. Thanks. Request: Baby clothes and toys (SE portland) - Looking for any baby toys or clothes that are gently used. Were having our first baby and would love to save money and go used whereever we can. Thank you Request: Bookcase (Clark county) - At least 5 ft by 2 ft. Dont even need shelving at all, it will be put on its back and converted into a guinea pig cage. Offer: Used yamaha outboard motor (Portland Freecycle) - Used yamaha outboard motor
Request: Hot plate/ Gridddle (Sandy) - Size doesn't matter. They what she says anyway Request: Couch with bed in it or sleeponable (By 4th plain goodwill vancouve) - Just a decent small one to fit 400 square ft studio Request: A scooter motor or electric wheel (By 4th plain goodwill vancouve) - I am in dire need of a running motor or electric wheel to get me to my visits to see my kids. Alot depends on it so any help is appreciated and thank you ahead of time. Request: Scooter charger (By 4th plain goodwill vancouve) - Viro Rides. I bought for Christmas and the charger was not in box from good will for my kid.
Request: Lab top,skill saw,clothes, (Se gresham rockwood)