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Offer: Rocking chair (Auburn hills) - Used. needs to be caned
Offer: pocket chainsaw (NE AA) - I've been informed that this may be a pocket chainsaw. It does have larger "teeth" every third link and it is sharp in general. My original post >>> Gear chain with nylon strap handles. I don't know what this is, it came in a waist pack I bought from an online auction. It appears new, no grease in the links. It came neatly folded but I can't get it back into that shape.
Offer: flatbed scanner (NE AA) - This is an Epson Stylus CX5200 on offer as a flatbed scanner. As a printer it does _not_ work, the scanner does work and the glass bed is free of cracks/chips. The disc of drivers is included, it last lists Windows XP and OS X 10.x. The scanning surface is slightly bigger than an 8.5in by 11in sheet of paper. The 12in ruler in the photo is for scale. The main body of the scanner is ~10in tall.
Offer: Tan lattice (Warren) - 8 wide by 4 ft high lattice. Includes trim for the top,bottom and in between pieces. Decent condition.
Offer: landline phones (NE AA) - Here are two landline phones with wireless handsets, one dark grey, one silver grey. They worked without problems the last time I had a landline, I just erased the messages. Please expect to replace the handset batteries (I replaced the silver one's battery ~5 years ago. The dark grey one's battery says it's rechargeable). Tell me if you want one or both.
Offer: gear chain? (NE AA) - Gear chain with nylon strap handles. I don't know what this is, it came in a waist pack I bought from an online auction. It appears new, no grease in the links. It came neatly folded but I can't get it back into that shape.
Request: shoelaces (48336) - want old shoelaces. i'll wash them and use them to make masks, which i pretty much give away. will pick up thanks, Offer: couch (Ypsilanti,Mi) - Free couch at curbside, on S. Miami just SW of Tuttle Hill off Textile. 3rd house down on west side.
Offer: Unusual Tomato Seedlings (A2 Old West Side) - OFFER: small tomato seedlings unusual varieties (A2 Westside) (Posted for an ecycler who can no longer post directly because ecycle uses Yahoo mail which almost continuously blocks the person's email provider I’ll forward any replies to Sindi who will reply to you) I have about 50 extra seedlings of rare tomato varieties - cherry through medium size. Some striped or otherwise mixed, others pink purple brown yellow gold orange green-when-ripe. Even a few round red ones. They will be available around Wednesday after I plant out what I am keeping. Preference given to people I have given seedlings to before and who will report back to me how they turn out. Some are stable and some alternate between pink orange or red. Please return the little pots. I have not found any at the curb this year. I also have bean seeds, etc. Garlic, kale, leek plants. Sindi Keesan Offer: Brother Mfc j6710dw (Ann Arbor (Scio)) - Ledger size all-in-one. Ethernet, WiFi, and USB. Request: wagon (madison heights) - need wagon to haul groceries, thanks ,john Offer: boxes &decor,Crafting (Nashway Dr & W Maple Rd) - 2-3boxes of glass bottles,kitchen items &decor for crafts/decorating and kitchen use -please take all Offer: perennials (Westland/Livonia) - Foreverfrugalme is offering a selection of perennials, if you are looking for anything particular ask me if I can share it, too many to list Offer: Shelving (Hazel park) - Gray office shelves with wood braces to attach to wall
Offer: Neck travel pillow (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi, I have a U- shaped neck travel pillow. Soft, fuzzy, and barely used. Great for bingeing Netflix. Easy PPU Peace, emceemk Offer: Electric drier (Hazel park) - Won’t turn on
Offer: Assorted hangers (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi. I hve a dozen or so assortedwire and dplastic hangers-- just the thing for a yard sale. Let me know if you'd like them. Have a good one, emceemk Offer: Asst flatware (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Yes, it' me again. I have an incomplete set of flatware, Mansfield pattern, plus some soup spoons. Great for teh cabin up north until you buy a set you really like. Easy PPU. Stay safe, emceemk Offer: Asst. Hats (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi guys, Assorted hats says it all. Ball caps, winter hats, straw hats, visors. You know 'em, you love 'em. You want 'em? Easy PPU near Middlebelt and Eleven. Enjoy the sunshine! emceemk Request: Old Hockey Helmets and other gear (Farmington Hills) - I collect vintage adult hockey equipment, anything from mid-90s and older. Helmets, gloves, skates, sticks, jerseys, goalie pads, etc.
Request: Sand Box (Belleville) - Hello! Looking for an outdoor sandbox. Preferably plastic type with lid. If you have one you are no longer using, I know a 4 year old who would be very appreciative. Thank you. Request: Cb radios and anything related (Wayne 48184) - Cb radio or anything related . Thanks Request: Children's Gardening Tools (Angell Elementary) - Hello, We are looking for children's size gardening tools - specifically a children's size watering can, rake and trowel. Thank you! Jamie Offer: Head board (Hazel park) - Head board for full size bed
Offer: Couple dozen T-shirts (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi y'alls, I have a couple of dozen black Tshirts, small through XL, each bearing a picture with the name of my failed dotcom. Winner takes all. Wasy PPU near 11 Mile and Middlebelt. emceemk Offer: Upholstery fabric (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi All, I have a chunk of material about a yard and a half across, and two and a half long. It is a heavy woven check pattern, brown and black. I made a bath rug from some of this material, and it survived the washer a couple of times wihtout shrinking or other problems. Easy PPU near 11 Mile and Middlebelt. Stay safe, emceemk Request: scrap piece of vinyl siding (48108) - looking for a small (approx 4" x 4") piece of vinyl siding any color. thanks Offer: Book bags, etc (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hello all, I have two bags full of misc book bags, backpacks, and laptop bags. If there are any in here that you don't want need to keep them all, please find good homes for the remainder. Be safe, emceemk Offer: Misc pet items (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi. I have some assorted pet items, bottles of shampoo, anti--tick, floor cleaner, etc. They need a new home. Easy PPU near 11 Mile and Middlebelt Road. Stay safe, emceemk Offer: Play structure slide (11 Mile and Farmington Road) - Large yellow play structure slide, originally from a Rainbow play structure set, already re-purposed once for another set, still has some life left in it Easy driveway pickup