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Offer: Queen Mattress (Eureka Old Town) - Gilman's extra firm, from Vern's Furniture, bought November 2015 for $650.00, 14'deep, has had 2" latex foam on top the entire time, but not letting go of that. No box springs. One owner, senior citizen 140 lbs using it, pets in household but many layers covering mattress. You will need to move it. Available this weekend. Questions welcomed. Request: Red wiggler composting worms (North McKinleyville) - I need a handful or so to get my worm composting started. anybody have some to share? Request: Roku adapter (Hendersen Center) - Looking for a working Roku adapter that would plug into HDMI port. Thanks. Steve Offer: Books, mostly (Eureka, by Alice Birney school) - Boxes of books, including romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, plus two couch pillows. 3449 Elizabeth Street Request: Back issues of The Sun magazine (North McKinleyville) - Hello all, if you are a lover of this publication as I am, and have accumulated some back issues since you can't stand to just recycle them, give them to me! I will read them and pass them along to other good people. I came to The Sun relatively recently and there are so many issues I haven't yet read. Request: back stretcher/inversion table (North McKinleyville) - Big, small, rusty, sitting in your garage for years- I’m interested! Request: Paper Shredder (Fortuna) - Looking for a working paper shredder. Hopefully, with a no contact porch drop off or pickup. Request: TV Stand/Entertainment Center/Wall (Fortuna) - ISO TV Stnd/EC/WM for 65in Vizio. BLACK or EXPRESO Corner Stand works best for our home. Offer: cook books (Eureka, near high school) - I have lots and lots of cookbooks of all kinds, especially for BBQ. Come and browse the "library" on our front porch and take as many as you'd like! Offer: Books, mostly (Eureka, by Alice Birney school) - Boxes of books, including romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery Request: roof flashing (North McKinleyville) - I want it for an art project, so can be a small amount, a bit beat up, etc. Thanks for your consideration:) Request: Bike tire rim (North McKinleyville) - Want to make into garden spinning art, so nothing fancy. Don't want to scavenge a working bike. Maybe you have something in your garage or yard? Request: Moving boxes (Arcata) - Looking for almost any size moving boxes, as long as they’re in decent condition. I can pick up! Thanks! Offer: youth bicycle (Fortuna) (Fortuna, CA) - Ready to get your kids outside? This is a 14 inch frame center to top. I would guess kids would fits kids about 8 to 11 maybe?It is a 21 speed but front derailleur not quite moving the chain to upper or lower rings but the 7 gears work on rear. It looks like a minor adjustment on front derailleur if you know how to do that but I don't. Rear brake not working great (maybe another adjustment issue?) but the front brake works really well so be careful if you use it! Tires and all else are good. When replying, please let me know why you want it. Thanks!
Offer: poly feed sacks (Fortuna) (Fortuna, CA) - AI have about 12 like this and a few other random ones. And will have more like this throughout the you crafting and sewing like mad during shelter in place? These are a woven plastic/poly 50 pound sack that can be made into tote bags, shopping bags, etc.
Offer: GREETING CARD FRONTS - Eureka (off Broadway pickup) - For ages, I've been collecting/saving greeting card (mostly Christmas) fronts for reuse or crafts or....whatever. Do you have a classroom or after school program, or anywhere else big or small people might want to use them to create new things? I no longer have a Girl Scout troop or even little ones at home and realized these can go. Request: Book (Near Zoo) - I am in search of a book by Monty Roberts entitled "The Man Who Listens To Horses". Borrowing would be an option too! Offer: Drywall pieces (East Eureka) (Northeast Eureka) - 1--12 feet long by 4 feet wide 13 pieces 4'x and 12' x a multiplicity of sizes Offer: Wooden chair (Ferndale) - Wooden swivel chair, needs some work, ready for pickup
Offer: Piano and bench (Ferndale) - Piano and bench, good condition, tuned. Ready for pickup
Request: Brush rollers for hair (mck (McKinleyville North) - I have just one 2" diameter and one 1 1/2" diameter brush roller. If you don't know what that is, you're quite young. Anyway, I cannot find that jumbo sized brush roller for sale anywhere-even ebay; the largest is about 1 1/2" diameter. So, I'm wondering if any of you old gals like me have any of those laying around from yesteryear that I could have. Any amount would be good, but would love several. I'm including a photo of one from ebay. Thanks-Jean
Request: clothes (Eureka) - hello i am looking for any used free clothes. i am 5'3 woman wear s-m womens and xs/sm mens.i have no car but if u want to drop off at my apartment we can do that contact-free. thank you be well :) Offer: styrofoam 41x65x1/2" (Trinidad) - Okay, here's an unlikely one, but who knows? I bought something online and it came packed with two HUGE half-inch thick pieces of Styrofoam. Maybe they could be used to insulate something? Any ideas? It kills me to just throw this stuff in the landfill. Request: Tumbling Composter (Fortuna) - Looking for a compost bin with a rack so it stays suspended in the air and can spin freely. Request: Fabric etc.... (Eureka area) - hi I am looking for fabric thread and other stuff for making masks please. Offer: Bathroom shelf (Ferndale) - Metal bathroom shelf that goes behind toilet
Offer: Elliptical (Ferndale) - Elliptical machine, has spot to put batteries, but works the same without the batteries
Request: Worm Composting (Fortuna) - Looking for Red Composting Worm Supplies: Red Composting WORMS themselves, shredded paper, paper shredder, coconut coir, sand, etc. Maybe you tried starting a composting big and decided it wasn't for you and still have the supplies? Or maybe you have a functioning bin or bins, but would love to help a newbie out with worms? Request: telescope and binocular (Eureka) - Im looking for a telescope and binoculars. Thanks I appreciate it. Request: Outdoor chairs (Eureka,south) - Want ANY chairs that can be outside for Dog Park! Will pick up as travel allows. 442-5545.