Escanaba-Delta County Freecycle

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Offer: Can coozies (Allouez) - Assorted
Photo of free Can coozies (Allouez)
Offer: land line phones (Allouez) - I dropped my landline and have several phones to give away. There are 2 2-line phones, a cordless unit, old style phones, answering machine, ringer amplifier, headset for handsfree talking, miscellaneous cords and a large button, volume control for elderly.
Photo of free land line phones (Allouez)
Photo of free land line phones (Allouez)
Photo of free land line phones (Allouez)
Photo of free land line phones (Allouez)
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Offer: Kid's race track rug (Howard) - I have a 40"x57" throw rug for kids with a race track for toy cars. The rug is in good condition, but does have a couple of pulls in it.
Photo of free Kid's race track rug (Howard)
Offer: Kid's coats and snow pants (Howard) - I have a bag of coats (size 10/12) and a pair of snow pants (size 14/16) to offer. There are several coats, including the winter coat in the picture.
Photo of free Kid's coats and snow pants (Howard)
Offer: Cordless phones (Howard) - Three Uniden cordless phones. Two of them are a set--we used all three of them with a splitter. These worked fine a few years ago, but I can't guarantee the batteries are still good. We have phone wire if you need it.
Photo of free Cordless phones (Howard)
Offer: Broken bread machine (Howard) - Bread machine no longer kneads. I think I overworked the motor with a too-dry dough (there was a smoke smell). Offering it in case someone out there wants to try to fix or replace the motor. I'm sure the rest still works (programming, baking, etc.)
Photo of free Broken bread machine (Howard)
Offer: Kid's bike, helmets training wheels (Howard) - I have a kid's bike that has good tires, works fine, but needs a new seat and the handle bars straightened out. I also have training wheels, which are in great shape (just dirty--didn't wash the mud off). Also, there are two bike helmets, one child size (red) and one youth size (silver). Take any or all.
Photo of free Kid's bike, helmets training wheels (Howard)
Photo of free Kid's bike, helmets training wheels (Howard)
Offer: River Rocks (Marinette, WI) - We have river rocks in our new home's landscaping that we would like to give away. Normally they sell for approximately $.35/pound. We do not know how many pounds/tons it consists of but all you need to do is shovel them up and they are yours for free. Please let me know if you would like to take a look at them. First come, first serve. Thank you.
Photo of free River Rocks (Marinette, WI)
Offer: Freezer (East side Alpine Drive) - Chest freezer doesn’t work