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Offer: Mostly wood (Directly West of 216 SW 22.) - On a daily basis, more wood and various items will be set out. Just come by and help yourself. All types of wood...plywood, pine, pressed particle, oak, walnut, etc. Building is NOT marked, but it is directly West of a building 216 SW 22.
Photo of free Mostly wood (Directly West of 216 SW 22.)
Request: some things (Enid) - Ok ,,anything will help.helping Someone who has been thru a lot and gotten own place just has nothing at all inside..I mean Nothing...trying to surprise them with some things.. Offer: Snow skis (south okc near SW 70 and Penn) - K2 are 188 with Salomon bindings (left in photo) Volki are 177 with Marker bindings (middle pair) Volki are 188 with Marker bindings (right in photo)
Photo of free Snow skis (south okc near SW 70 and Penn)
Request: soda stream (Edmond) Request: women's plus size clothing (Paul's valley) - I need size 2X 3X in women's shirts size 1x 2x women's petite pants or leggings Offer: Women clothing (Moore/ down town okc) - I got all sizes and boys, girls, women men just message me the size and ill gather and send u pictures. Request: save electronics from the landfill (Norman Oklahoma) - I am on the lookout for unwanted stereo gear...amplifiers, turntables, speakers, receivers, tape decks, console stereos and the like. No contact pick up. Leave it outside your home if you like and I will come and get it within 100 mi of Oklahoma City. Request: Materials (Sand Springs and Tulsa Area) - In need of....building materials to redo my floor. The landlord literally put new carpet over rotted wood and it's a trailer so therefore that wood is not sturdy or long lasting to begin with. All the duct work is in the ground. I am just a mom that needs one person to stand up and realize I do deserve to help! And forward the help as soon as I am capable to that! Anything would help. My ex is waiting my failure to take my kids and I am fighting everyday to prevent it! Thank you Request: Tent for shelter (Downtown) - Any size tent or shelter Request: Car Stolen / Life Ruined (Broken Arrow, OK) - These photos are examples of what keeps me alive and happy in this life - my health, dancing and teaching it/encouraging health practices, children and the fun they have. I have also isolated myself from these things after having it all and the rest was taken from me over the last 3 yrs. I gained these things through hard work to begin with so I'm praying for the strength to do that again because I'm pregnant and now need/want a healthy life with more happiness more than ever. The little girl in the photo is one I ws one of the kids I take care of and tutor and is a joy, that is me dancing on aerial silks and the silver car is the car that was stolen in Broken Arrow, OK while checking out of a hotel - it was the same week I found out I was pregnant. I am from Arkansas, I teach dance and yoga there and am trying to settle down. My life has always been a struggle trying to make a living as an artist and traveling without much direction but some talent and love of a happy healthy positive life. I am a disciplined person and always on top of my goals. I thrived for the most part - even performed at Alice Walton's art museum and Times Square in NYC! But after helping the wrong people and not seeing the signs of the dangers around me, I began to loose everything meanj gful to me, isolated myself with shame, fell deeper into depression, lost focus and here I am today. In Nov 19 I I found out I'm pregnant. I bought a car and drove to Tulsa to tell the baby's dad and make plans for our future. I was checking out of a hotel in Broken Arrow when my naive Arkansan ways made me leave the keys in the car for one second, I turned around and the car was gone. I've since had to turn down jobs and struggle to get to doctor appointments. IF ANYONE IS ABLE AND WILLING TO HELP ME PREPARE FOR /INVEST IN THIS CHILD AND ME, A GOOD BUT SCARED AND VULNERABLE FIRST-TIME MOTHER WITH not much support from either side of the family and I was already on a downward spiral. But I have never encountered a better reason to get over myself in even a days time for this baby's sake. I'm ready to work and create a beautiful life/home. Things I need: A car - I'm also a mechanic so if it's something simple like overheating or cosmetic - I can handle that no prob! - computer (to help me get an online degree in cyber sec) - shoes (were all in my car when stolen) - baby stuff (also had a diaper bag in the car) - reusable diapers, car seat, swings, blankets, etc - stationary and things to help me organize - dance costumes, any clothes or shoes size 7-8 women's and maternity clothes - any exercise equipment to stay in shape while pregnant - a bike so I can get around without a car - a house in which to nest which I am feeling the need for! If you can live without or have extra of these sorts of items - anything really - please let me know! Even things I don't want - if you think I could make any money at all off of the items - even if it would require fixing - I would still love for you to contact me and at least offer so I can decide and also see someone cares lol. I am pretty resourceful!
Photo of Car Stolen / Life Ruined (Broken Arrow, OK)
Photo of Car Stolen / Life Ruined (Broken Arrow, OK)
Photo of Car Stolen / Life Ruined (Broken Arrow, OK)
Offer: sdhvmoeryvmo (Tulsa OK) - iwuvymeorjver
Photo of free sdhvmoeryvmo (Tulsa OK)
Photo of free sdhvmoeryvmo (Tulsa OK)
Request: Autobody & Auto Repair (33rd W Ave TULSA) - I am in need of someone that can help with auto body work. I had an accident a few months ago and cant afford my deductable. Need a "come along & Chains to bend the frame back. I have a like new bumper cover I need installed once frame is straightened. Also could use some wheel jacks to change out transmission fluid. Reach me at 918_704-4623 Any time or day will work. Just needing to get my car back on the road. Got kids that need transportation. Request: Various things (73049) - I am looking for various items for a friend of mine that just got their own place. They are looking for a futon, small short backed recliner, cube shelves, curved flower bed border, and plants of any kind. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Request: Chicken wire (73049) - I am looking for chicken wire to put around the bottom of my fence, so that my small dog doesn't get out of my yard. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Request: Plastic cat litter containers (73049) - I am looking for plastic cat litter containers to grow plants in. If anyone has any that they do not need, I would gladly take them off of your hands. Thank you in advance!!! Offer: Used Love seat (Near the college) - Moderate wear. You must pick up in claremore.
Photo of free Used Love seat (Near the college)
Offer: Bearded Dragon Terrarium Kit & more (33rd W Ave) - About 8 months old. Bought at Petsmart for $200 + cost of bearded dragon. Free kit. Serious Inquiries Only! Text nine18-7o4-four623
Photo of free Bearded Dragon Terrarium Kit & more (33rd W Ave)
Request: ps4, xbox, ps3 other gaming console (33rd W Ave TULSA) - I am a single father and have 2 boys and 2 girls. Im on fixed income and am in dire need. I bought a used PS4 last month on marketplace, came home and it doesnt wiok. Throwing erroe codes. No matter what I do Please anything helps..... Nine18-704-46two3 Request: Community Volunteer Work (33rd W Ave) - If you know of any charities, communities, developments or other non profit organizations, please foward my contact information. I am offering my services and wanting to get involved with organizations that help with community needs. Construction, food drives, prayers, big hro, big sis, AA, NA etc. Offering free services Request: Christmas decorations (Tecumseh) - My family does a Halloween trail each year and we'd like to venture out and try a Christmas trail next year. We are looking for any decorations that are unwanted. Even if lights only partially work, we'll take them! Any help is appreciated. Thank you! Offer: Car seat inserts (Yukon) - I have infant inserts to an Evenflo car seat. The seat expires this year and I’m still using it but will have no use for the infant pieces.
Photo of free Car seat inserts (Yukon)
Request: Car (Holdenville) - Need good reliable vehicle for single mom