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Request: Drum for my little one (Mt washington) - I am looking for a big or’ drum for my little one. He loves to play drums on a five gallon bucket and it would be nicefor him to have a real drum. Thanks Request: Furniture Needed (Dupont, In. will travel) - Elderly couple on fixed income in need of couch, end tables, nightstands, lamps, chairs, queen bed (mattress & box springs NOT needed) Thank you for reading and compassion. Anything helps. Request: Maternity/ plus size (24/26)clothes (Radcliff) - Looking for winter, plus size 24/26 or maternity clothing. Just moved here from a warmer climate. Any help appreciated. Request: window dressing (Algonquin Neighborhood) - Looking for free brown curtains and black curtains. Offer: Designer frames (Algonquin Neighborhood) - Various styles and colors for males and females
Request: Small dinette table for 4. (Lexington ky) - Doesn’t matter Request: Speakers (Sellersburg) - 15 inch Request: Firewood (West 7th, New Albany) - I'll cut it to size, But nothing too green please. Request: Moped or motorcycle (PRP) - In need of transportation anything running will help Request: Washing machine (Somerset/Trimble/Burnside KY) - In need of a working washing machine, preferably a GE, or a washing machine pump/ replacement part to repair the one I have. The tag with the model number is missing on mine, but I am including photos of mine and model numbers of what I’ve found online that I think may work, however, I haven't taken it apart to actually see what it takes.
Offer: wood ping pong table (Crestwood, KY) - Free wood ping pong table with accessories. It is very well loved but still fun and functional
Offer: Firewood & Kindling (Jeffersontown, KY) - Free firewood, a lot cut to size some needs to be cut. Same with kindling. If you want more, you bring your own equipment and truck/trailer.
Request: Old laptop for my birthday (Clarksville) - Hi everyone today is my birthday an wanting an old laptop it can be Windows xp s3 vista 7 anything if it has wifi on it an working if it needs to stay pluged in thats fine i would just really like one to fill out job application do work on it an play games so if anyone has a spare one that would be the best bithday present ever for my 30th anyways its cool if not but i would be so thankful anyways you all have a great day Request: Clothes and food (South by river) - I just recently got out of a very abusive relationship and moved states with nothing but my son and what would fit in a bag were in desperate need of clothes food and small furniture. Request: Aquarium any size (Highview) - I would greatly appreciate any size aquarium. Complete accessories or not. Offer: Crib (Garage alley= state & pope st) - Free crib. In the alley between pope and state street
Request: a place to stay that could be (In Lexington ky) - I am looking for a place to stay a camper an extra room for myself and best friend havinga hard time just need a little help thanks Offer: Fridge (Center) - This isn't real pretty on the outside, but it works well.
Request: Hide-a-bed chai or ottoman. (42753) - I'm looking for a Hide-a-bed chair or ottoman. Would like it to be presentable and able to use. Please no dirty, ripped up, or trashed up. Ty Request: a full sized mattress (Nicholasville Kentucky) - Full size mattress.Asap Request: big and tall clothes (Lexington KY) - Greetings I'm needing clothes that's big and Tall. My clothes that I had had To be thrown out due to rodents and bugs. So I'm needing clothes that's big and tall for me to wear. Thanks sincerely Daniel. Offer: Cotton, Wool Felt, & Fleece Scraps (Crescent hill) - Large box of scrap cotton fabrics, wool blend felts and fleece. Request: a couple razor scooters with a (Lyndon area) - Needing a couple of motorized scooters with a seat. 2 Disabled people without transportation.only important thing is that it runs on electricity. Request: hand router and circular sawi (Lyndon area) - If you have either you can part with, I could really use them.Please let me know soon. Thank you, Lyndi. Request: Baby clothes for Maxximus (Edgewood Nicholasville Kentuck) - He's growing like a weed! He's 4 months old wearing 3-6 some 6-9. If you have some gently used clothes for this guy,we'd be greatful.
Request: swing frame (Lexington and surrounding area) - Dont care about the swing itself. Need the metal frame, any condition as long as it still stands.
Request: Moving boxes (Oakland/Bowling Green,KY) - Will be moving soon and in need of moving boxes. If you’ve recently moved please contact me to reuse your moving boxes! Thank you Offer: Curb alert! (Fern Creek) - All unsold yard sale stuff left at curb is free at 3:00 today. Tradesmill drive Request: couch (downtown) - im in need or a de condition couch