Elizabethtown Freecycle

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Free: Computer Desk (Crescent Hill-Clifton area) - Wood computer desk with pull-out keyboard shelf and small drawer. Dimensions: 30" high x 47" wide x 20" deep. Flat screen TV, basket, and messy cords not included.
Photo of free Computer Desk (Crescent Hill-Clifton area)
Free: electric mower wouldn't start (Hanover IN) - 20" electric mower (Plug in) Greenworks 12 amp side discharge & bag. It didn't start & I wasn't working on it.
Photo of free electric mower wouldn't start (Hanover IN)
Photo of free electric mower wouldn't start (Hanover IN)
Request: Arts & Crafts Items (Prospect, Kentucky) - Help children have an awesome summer! I’m seeking craft items you no longer want. I’m working summer day care in the Louisville area and trying to put together a portable craft caddy where the kids can make great projects! Free: Fill Dirt (Bryan Station) - The previous owners of our house had raised beds in the backyard, but we're leveling them. Come get some free dirt--take as much as little as you need. Beds are already taken apart and we have a big dirt pile in the backyard. Dirt pile is accessible by pick-up truck. Free: Firewood (Beechmont) - This is wood from a mulberry tree cut down in 2020 so should be seasoned pretty well. come by anytime and feel free to load it up. Request: Crayons (Prospect, Kentucky) - Unfortunately, I gave away all of my crayons to another place, but I’m finding that I’m going to need them for my summer camp activity. I don’t care if they’re broken, if the rappers are off, I just don’t want them to be a little tiny scraps. I’m located in the GlenOaks neighborhood. Please email me at jengelha@aol.com. Also looking for any construction paper you might have that you don’t want any longer, if the amount is good enough, I will come pick up from you. Request: empty egg cartons (Lexington) - Looking for empty egg cartons. I have lots of chickens but not many cartons. Happy to share some eggs in exchange for some cartons. Request: Any Spray Paint / Bucket Paint (Berea) - It doesn’t matter if they are almost empty, old, clogged, whatever you may have helps! Free: Couch (Valley Station Ky) - Reclines on one end Request: Bicycle (SE 8th street, Evansville.) - Rideable. In need of transportation for work. Too old to walk 4 miles each way! Free: Pro-Form exercise bike (J'town) - White