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Offer: Over the door wire pantry shelving (Bellevue) - Has worked well to store many spices, etc. and shelves are adjustable.
Offer: Mirror (Renton highlands) - 44" x 31"
Offer: Floral paintings (Bellevue) - Large paintings which cover empty wall spaces well. One is mirrored and made it great for hanging over a dresser
Offer: Sofa and matching rocker recliner (Bellevue) - Very comfortable set, corduroy
Offer: Tower fan (Bellevue) - Lasko brand with remote control
Offer: Shelves (Bellevue) - Sauder brand from Target
Offer: Computer desk (Bellevue) - Sauder brand from Target
Offer: Armoire (Bellevue) - Approx 64 x 41 x 17 wood armoire has been great for storage. All hardware intact.
Request: Old kitchen table (Vashon/Portage) - Seeking old (pre-1950's), wooden table, rectangular, unfinished, farm kitchen. (Something stuck in the back of your barn or garage for the last 40 years.) Request: Thinset mortar (near John L Scott) - Need just a couple of pounds to set the last few tiles. Offer: Building scraps - mostly wood (White Center) - Need scraps for building or art project? I’m hoping to not waste these materials. Some foam, stone, wood, plywood and old fence boards. CTdjh JfHuD
Offer: Building/Gardening/Art stuffs (White Center) - Lots and lots of various materials waiting to be used. Take as much or as little as you need. Materials I need to gift include wood scraps, old fence board, plenty of cedar bark(see pic), broken pieces of brick and concrete. Let me know how you can use which materials. CMDQ WDH FKx2
Offer: Spade shovel (White Center) - Good working order shovel. Wanting to give it to someone who could make use of it for light duty work. I used it regularly for years when a crack started to develop low down on the handle(see 2nd pic). Still plenty of use left in it but just not for what I need. Let me know if you can use it. Dr G2uk
Offer: Pots and buckets (White Center) - Some gardening pots and buckets with lids. Yes I did kill some plants. I hope you can do better. :) A few black plastic gardening pots and a few white clay(I think). Also a couple plastic ice cream bins with lids (2 gallons I think)
Offer: Dog bed and anchor with lead (White Center) - Well used dog bed. It is clean and flea free. However, that is why I need it gone. If your pets aren’t outside as much as mine it might be easier to keep fleas out. The corkscrew is bent but still works well. I would use it and the lead when out with friends when I didn’t want to worry about my dog running off or not having enough space on a short leash. My dog no longer needs. Email me and take one or both. H Offer: E-go lawn mower chute (White Center) - Unused directional mower chute. Let me know if you can use it.
Offer: Styrofoam cooler (White Center) - Let me know if you can use it and how.
Offer: Answering Machine (Lakemont/Eastgate) - Old school Sony answering machine. Size: about 4x7.
Request: Ironing Board and Iron (downtown seattle) - Looking for Heavy Duty Ironing Board and Iron for small Fiber Art Studio Downtown. Request: Old Curtains, Velvet, Cotton, ???? (downtown seattle) - Looking for used curtains, vintage is great. Wanting to use for quilting and Up Cycling. Thanks Request: fabric (downtown seattle) - Looking for clean usable Fabric, any size, any fiber. For quilting and Up Cycling. Offer: 12 - 32oz jars (Laurelhurst) - 12 of 32 oz. Jars. Clean and clear of labels from tomato sauce jars. I was saving them but found no use. I know I can recycle them but want to see if anyone want them for projects. Porch pick up.
Offer: JVC 32" Old School TV w/ Remote (Kent easthill) - Old school TV with a great picture. Note that this TV is very heavy and one adult cant carry it by themselves. The JVC AV-32D201 32-inch color TV comes equipped with a host of features that can turn ordinary TV viewing into a home theater experience. Picture enhancement features such as black-level expansion, a digital two-line comb filter, and Apacon circuitry enable the JVC AV-32D201 to produce sharp, color-true images. Audio enhancing features include Hyper Surround sound and dual front-firing, variable audio-output speakers that can be turned on or off from the TV menu. Hyper Surround processes any stereo audio signal by manipulating the phase relationships and frequency response for an authentic 3-D effect. Convenient features of the JVC AV-32D201 include a universal remote control, a multifunction timer, auto clock set, closed caption, and AV Compu Link EX, which makes the TV the center of your home theater system. If you insert a disc into your DVD player, your receiver will select the proper EQ settings, surround mode, and volume, and the TV turns on automatically. Two sets of audio-video jacks allow you to hook up a video game system and a camcorder. The S-Video input keeps luminance and chrominance signals separate to take advantage of digital satellite, S-VHS, DVD, and other high-resolution video sources.
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Offer: Group of assorted baskets (West Seattle) - Seven baskets, four with handles, all in good condition - please take the lot. Can also include a small bag of white shredded "basket filler" paper if desired. Porch pickup available.
Request: outdoor flower pots/boxes med to lg (w/25 miles of Federal Way.) - Looking for outdoor flower pots/Boxes for around deck and patio. Offer: doors, casing & baseboard trim (Kent easthill) - Assortment of used doors, door casing and baseboard trim/molding all in very good condition. Must be able to pick up and haul. One 32" door Two 28" doors Lots of door casing Lots of baseboard trim/molding
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Offer: Ceiling hung Oak Cabinet (Kent easthill) - Doors on both sides.will need to be picked up as I dont have a truck. Randall text- 206-409-5142
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Offer: Doors, casing and baseboard trim (Kent easthill) - Assortment of used doors, door casing and baseboard trim/molding all in very good condition. Must be able to pick up and haul. One 32" door Two 28" door Lots of door casing Lots of baseboard trim/molding NEED GONE THIS WEEKEND Offer: Kombucha scoby (Roosevelt) - Healthy scoby available. BYO container. Request: Floor Lamps / Lighting - seeking (U District Seattle) - I am in need of floor lamps of any kind, as long as they work. I just moved into a section 8 apartment and there are no overhead lights, so I’m kinda in the dark at night. I looked at Goodwill but they are pricey!!! Any help is much appreciated!! Can pick up in Seattle or surrounding. Thank you!