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Offer: ArcamAlpha tuner (Trumpington) - AM/FM tuner. We now have a DAB one so this is surplus to requirements. Request: I need a microwave and an electric cooker ASAP (Leger Close PE27) - I have nothing to cook on or with and on very low income Offer: Cordless telephone (Ely CB7) - Pair of BT cordless phones plus cradles for landline. They have large buttons so suit all abilities
Offer: Wardrobe CB1 (Cambridge) - The back needs re-securing but otherwise in fairly good condition Measurements: 190cm height 143cm width 51cm depth Will need dismantling and reassembling as will not fit down our stairs - willing to help with this!
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Offer: Laminate Flooring (Trumpington) - Three whole pieces Howdens fast fit laminate flooring plus underlay for same. These are extras never used. Offer: Trumpington, Bike Trailer (Trumpington) - Lightweight bike trailer, (not child trailer) may need new inner tubes for tyres. Request: Child gates (Huntingdon PE28) - Hello Does anyone have two stair/child gates please that they no longer use? I would be most grateful and I can collect most times. Thank you Offer: Frozen clock (North Bretton) - Just needs batteries. Bit sun faded but works. To mount on wall.
Offer: Rug (North Bretton) - Think it’s got a bit of mould on it but it’s been inside for years. Colourful and quite long.
Offer: Record player (North Bretton) - This is very old. I couldn’t get it working with batteries. Maybe someone can with a power source. It used to play 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm. It’s probably from 1960’s.
Offer: Bird box (North Bretton) - You need to build this yourself.
Request: men's size 10 wellies (Hartford PE29) - hiya I'm looking for some unwanted size 10 men's wellies in huntingdon or St.neots please thanks Scott Request: Vinyl flooring remnant 1.60 x 1.80m (CB4 3) - Looking for piece of viny for shower room please. Does anyone has an offcut they don't need? Offer: Slippers red 37/38 (Littleport CB6) - Worn few days. Only suitable for carpets or non slip surfaces
Offer: Headphones (Littleport CB6) - Not sure if used or what for.
Offer: Dart board (Littleport CB6) - Bog standard. Old not used much
Offer: Mop (Littleport CB6) - Used twice. Did not squeeze as much water out as I'd hoped. Spare sponge.
Offer: Books for economic course (Littleport CB6) - Development econonomics based I think
Offer: Metal and Canvas Sun Lounger (Cambridge CB5) - This is a good quality sun lounger that just needs cleaning up a bit and would probably be comfier with a cushion on it (these can be easily and cheaply purchased online.) Looks very "I was in 'Nam" to me. Thanks for reading.
Offer: Outdoor Lawnmower Cover (Cambridge CB5) - This is a cover for you to use in the garden to keep your lawnmower dry. Well, I suppose you could use it to keep anything dry really. It's a good, sturdy bit of kit but heavy. It's gonna be up to you to get it out as I have a disability (I'm sorry). It's a thick waterproof rubberized material on a metal frame. Thanks for reading!
Offer: Garden Swing Seat (Repairs Req) (Cambridge CB5) - This is a really lovely 2 seater garden swing seat (it was actually quite expensive when originally purchased). However, circumstances have meant that it was left uncovered for a prolonged period of time. It now requires new "soft coverings" to the top and new cushions (easily and cheaply purchased online). It's quite a large piece of garden furniture so you're going to need either a large van or the wherewithal to take it apart. I'm afraid I won't be much help as I have a disability. It's a good thing though and with a bit of work will be a lovely addition to your garden. Be prepared though, my garden is NOT easily accessible so it's gonna be a nuisance to get out if left in one piece. On the up side...it's free ;-) Thanks for reading!
Offer: old knitting patterns and needles (March off Wisbech Rd) - assortment old knitting patterns and various size knitting needles, some must be over 50 years old, we are moving Wed 26th , be quick as they will go to landfill on Thurs, Offer: Double mattress (Newton PE13) - Clean, comfortable, sprung orthopedic mattress. The sort that doesn't require turning. Surplus to requirements. Always been used with mattress cover and topper.
Offer: Epsom salts (Ely CB6) - About 750g of a 1kg bag.
Offer: Vet wrap and gauze swabs. (Ely CB6) - 2 and a bit rolls of vetwrap and done gauze swabs.
Request: Wood (March PE15) - Wood or logs for wood burner will collect if local thanks Offer: M & S leather sofas (PE8 Hemington) - 2 seater and 3 seater brown leather sofas. Recipient must collect
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Offer: Breastfeeding Pillow (Cambridge) - Clean and hardly used. Good for the 'rugby ball' position.
Offer: *New* toddler slippers Size 6 (Cambridge) - Our little boy only wants to wear his wellies indoors...hoping it's just a phase. These were bought in John Lewis recently and have hardly been worn.
Offer: M & S leather sofas (PE8 Hemington) - 2 seater and 3 seater brown leather Recipient must collect
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