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Free: Twin mattress (Almaville, Rutherford county) - Used but in good shape. Free: Assorted moving boxes (Almaville, Rutherford county) - Approximately 15 boxes assorted sized. Take all. Free: Car Cover (112 Martingale Circle, Madison) - Fits a c-series Mercedes. Has a tear. Might recycle for another use.
Photo of free Car Cover (112 Martingale Circle, Madison)
Free: A Box of Stuff (112 Martingale Circle, Madison) - Box of metal white tubs, what appears to be leaf blower attachments, and what might be plastic shelving parts. Good for crafts or maybe a missing piece you want. The white metal tubes have been collected / taken!
Photo of free A Box of Stuff (112 Martingale Circle, Madison)
Free: Kitchen Sink & 2 Sinks (112 Martingale Circle, Madison) - Double stainless kitchen sink. Plus 2 bathroom sinks. Good condition.
Photo of free Kitchen Sink & 2 Sinks (112 Martingale Circle, Madison)
Free: Moving boxes (Almaville, Rutherford county) - Need to be picked up asap. Thanks Request: Refrigerator (Gardendale Al) - Any style in working condition Request: car in good condition (Gardendale Al) - I’ve been out of work since Covid I’m now able to go back to work and need a vehicle Free: Metal Futon (Columbia) - Black metal futon with pet cover. Full sized. Must bring someone to help you load
Photo of free Metal Futon (Columbia)
Free: Outdoor kid equipment (Cool Springs Area) - Old Lacross goal
Photo of free Outdoor kid equipment (Cool Springs Area)
Request: Two twin mattresses (Hamilton Alabama) - Twin Request: Living room or bedroom furniture (Hamilton Alabama) - Fair or better condition. Free: Outdoor kid equipment (Cool Springs Area) - Old Lacross goal, old swing set (we have the baby swing) and broken basketball hoop. Free to whoever will haul away. Request: Washer and dryer (Jackson tn) - Looking for a washer and dryer, currently don't have either. Request: Farm & Gardening extras (Saltillo, Tennessee) - In search of any old gardening tools, fencing, feeds, seeds, lawn clippings, etc. We are trying to start a small homestead. Absolutely anything is appreciated. 🙂 Request: Dolls all sizes no soft bodies (By highschool) - Arab, AL Looking foR all types of dolls. Hard bodies preferred. Barbie size to life size. Using for a nonprofit Request: ballpit balls (By highschool) - Arab, AL 256 Looking for ballpit balls for a non profit 640 Thanks 19 41
Photo of ballpit balls (By highschool)
Request: Hospital bed (Harvest) - My neighbor had two back operations last week. She desperately needs a hospital bed. She received a bed...rented... from insurance. Then they took it back because she couldn't afford the rent. Does anyone have one to give or loan her? Thank you, Wendy Free: Twin Bed Mattress (Madison off of Slaughter Road) - My children are getting too old for their bunk beds! Free Twin Mattress. It's covered in a plastic protective covering and leaning up against my mailbox. Request: Couch loveseat (Flint, Hartsellle Alabama) - Good condition any color Request: Running vehicle (North Birmingham) - Any color drivable condition . My name is Kerri Leddick and I lost part of my left leg I need a ride to get to the doctor etc ... My telephone number is (205) 922-5699 .
Photo of Running vehicle (North Birmingham)
Free: 3D Printer - Da Vinci 1.0 Aio (Zeirdt Rd and Martin Rd SW) - This was my first 3d printer, but I got a bit too ambitious on upgrades. WARNING: This is definitely a project printer or something you can cannibalize for other projects. Here are the known issues: 1) Motherboard is borked. I was poking around with a multimeter looking for where I could attach an additional fan or heater and accidentally touched both a 3.3V and 12V pin. Printer emits an annoying alarm upon turn-on. At least it knows it's broken. 2) Tried to upgrade the extruder and carriage to support an E3d V6 hotend, but instead left that in an unfinished state. Stepper motors, hotend, rails, and enclosure itself are in good condition. Da Vinci forces you to use their filament by embedding an EEPROM chip in their filament holder. A new chip is sent with each spool of filament. However, using help from the internet, I have an Arduino that is programmed to reset the EEPROM chip. This allows you to use cheaper filaments from other vendors. Arduino does not go with the printer, but I can show you how to program one for this purpose.